How are you holding up?

How are you holding up?

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Rather well honestly. Bunch of shitty situations, but I think I’m finna finally come out on top.

I play gta3

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My parents are dying.
My son got taken by the state because my wife left me for a nigger and neglected him.
CPS and the Judge refused to let me have him and have already adopted him out and I'll never see him again.
Wife also took my pet cat and the cat died.
My car broke down.
My best friend stole 4,000$ from me.
My business is on the rocks due to increased chinese knockoff and cheap brown labor encroaching on the market.
That combined with my wife's alimony settlement and I lost my house and had to move into a cheap studio apartment.
I found out I have cancer.
All over the course of the last year.

I'm peachy.

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Meh, kinda sick. Not too bad tho.

Kinda been hard this past year raising a baby with my wife and I both working full time jobs and no family nearby for a thousand miles.

Got some prospects on a new job back in my homestate and my in laws there are willing to sell us their house for what they still owe, which is less than half what it's worth. But idk if I wanna leave Arizona.

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Literally the best in years and I wanna help people now. Not in the best situations recently but I'll survive.

My sons mother left me, and moved to another state taking our kid with her.
I fucked up my tattoo artist apprenticeship by not having the cash to pay my dues since I was paying towards rent at the time.

Then her dog got taken to a pound by my current roommates because he wouldn’t stop whining so much because he wasn’t with his mom.

My girlfriend now broke up with me this week again, that makes 2 times this year so far. She calls me crazy, and labels me with mental disorders that she looks up in her spare time in the DSM-5:

She calls me names, and beats her head against the wall as a coping mechanism from when I undoubtedly witll piss her off again because everything I do, even staying silent is wrong or will be a bad behavior.

Recently found out sexaomnia is a thing and realize that me initiating sex in my sleep isn’t a normal behavior.

My suppport system is all but gone, my family all dipped and are doing their own thing, so if I keep fucking up this relationship I’m going to be homeless, bye I’ve started taking 6 to 10 anxiety pills a day now because I’m always on edge and think that everything that I do is wrong.

All this in happened in Arizona

Im not.

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>Be me 23
>no job
>no GED
>no gf
No friends
>have to live in the middle of nowhere

>I'm doing just peachy Cred Forums

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Bruh. A little advice.

Find a job. Lowkey save some of your earnings. When you have enough put aside, use it to disappear. You don't need a shit person like that to fuck you up further.

If it's at all possible to shack with family or an old friend, fucking do it. There is absolutely no way that just asking around can be worse than what you're already stuck in, right?

>stay strong stranger

I'm tired, I own my own business and made 5 figures last month, which was supposed to be a slow month.

Saving money to buy a house and when we move in I'm going to propose to my gf.

Overall good, just a bit exhausted atm.

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This photo for everyone feeling low

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Just got a gf after being a suicidal coomer for years, so there's always hope user. Don't give up. Don't give in. Remember to drink plenty of water every day. It'll get better.

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doing alright i guess. been depressed for a while. getting ready to move into a house tho so thats nice. cant find a decent woman and have basically resigned myself to sleeping around because i dont have a steady form of attention(its fun but id rather just settle with a single person) and im struggling to find more work. i basically make enough money to sustain myself but not enough to make any actual savings for the future. so overall im good but pretty stressed atm

i feel horribly alone.
have been heartbroken for 3 years over a girl.
have been on dates and gotten laid between 5 and 10 times since but nothing has stuck.
started seeing a new girl in December that i really like but she told me she feels emotionally dead inside because she's getting out of 7 year relationship. my uncle died in in January. it sucks because he always believed in me and gave me way more credit than i deserve. i fluctuate between wishing i was dead and melancholy. my heart goes out to all the guys going through divorce. i can only imagine how awful it is

jeez, dude

After a month of unemployment, I finally got a job offer. It pays well and starts Monday. So, pretty well actually but if you had asked a few days ago it'd be pretty shit.

Not all that well. I'm having things moving forward in my professional life but the woman I'm dating, she has not replied to me since Friday. And I haven't texted her every day, but every couple of days. I really do like her a lot and I want to be there for her, and she does know that, but she won't reply.

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I'm sending some good thoughts your way holy shit

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Living with my parents at 25
Working for them but only making enough to pay rent and the people I owe, I don’t smoke cigarettes but I get second hand from my coworkers (family hired workers) I work 6 days a week without benefits and I’m looking to move out but due to the housing problem here in the territory I’m better off moving into the men’s overcrowded homeless shelter, of which my female friend works for.

Oh fuck dude. I'm so sorry. My shit fucking problems are nothing. I wish you the best. Keep up fighting it all and get something back, your son, some money. I wish you the best bro. I know that you're amazing and can do it. It'll be hard as fuck and it will be a journey but I believe in you.

I am just tired, everything I touch, everything I try, either results into nothing or crumbles like a house of cards, nothing makes me happy anymore and I drown myself in thoughts what could have been, hadn't I been such a cunt.

Similar here, this will hurt, but prepare for disappointment, hurts a bit less

I'm sick.
My mom is an alcoholic.
I graduated with a math degree and no real way to market those skills (no coding experience, no stats knowledge, not business skills etc.).
I'm unemployed but currently looking around.
Will have to go back to school to get a shitty masters just to get the necessary skills.
Fuck I'm dumb.

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I'm doing really well, thanks for asking fren OP. I got a gun this week. I made a full length album two days ago. I'm working on another album at the moment. I'm feeling healthy recently. I'm working on my farm. All my problems are my fault, I could probably fix them if I tried. The only problem I have is smoking half a pack a day. Life is dank.

I'm prepared. The worst thing is that she's been outspoken about her feelings for me and it's been intense, which I like. Though I think that she may feel overwhelmed with her feelings for me. I don't know for sure but it's what I've been able to deduce

don't, you'll get raped and/or injected with a used syringe

i wish i was joking

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>t. Mac DeMarco

I live far up north so the chances are damn low considering no one wants to be outside when it’s -35 Celsius. Not as many drug addicts if there are no highways connecting the town to transport hard drugs

Fuck, the worst thing is that I have likes her since I first met her, about 10 years ago. We used to hook up like some teenagers do, just making out and touching. Now we got back to hanging out and we have moved on to oral sex but she got too anxious to actually have sex. After this I just haven't heard from her. And I know that she isn't the type of person to see multiple people at one time. She's told me that she feels depressed, I want to help her and I want to he with her. She's expressed that she wants to he with me, in a very close way. But I think that she is torn between her wishes and her sadness. I do. It know what to do.

Fucking great

Eh could be better. I'm 20 weeks pregnant and I feel like the hormonal part us finally hitting and that shit is really fucking me up

You're a female, you don't have to bother if you don't care but do you have any comments or insight about my previous posts listed below.

I've had diagnosed depression too. It still didnt stop me from being with someone I wanted to be with.

I always tell anyone that if a girl is mak g no effort to reply back to you then just ignore her and let her be the one to contact you.

I dont care how "depressed" you are or how fucked up you are.
If you like someone you make an effort and you at least reply back to them when they message you.

If she doesn't then dont keep kissing ass.

Peachy as always, how about yourself?

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I feel like I have the same mindset. I always have but with this girl I want to reach out. She is the one I've wanted for so many years.

You're not pregnant Tom, you're just fat. Stop eating so fucking much, Jesus Christ.

honestly, on the verge of a massive break down. thanks for asking op, I hope you're doing alright.

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kill yourself faggot lol

It sucks but I think it's even worse to hold on to a girl who clearly doesnt want to make an effort to speak to you.
Know your worth user.

Well my names not tom.and yea. I'm pretty pregnant. The ultrasounds of my son say so lol

Me too, brother... Me too.

Doing pretty well, honestly. I'm worried about my school situation messing things up though.

Actually I’m kinda good I’m in school but I did something just completely random. I wrote a 20 page informative research paper and was able to convert into a short book that actually got published :)

If anyone’s interested you can read it free on kindle serious problems of mass incarceration in the united states&qid=1580890560&sr=8-1

holy fuck man

Going well.

Got a new job, it's just a simple minimum wage fast-food job but I like it more than most jobs I've had.

Hoping to start saving and work towards my passion projects.

>haven't had a job in over 3 years
>still live at home
>no gf
>daily suicidal thoughts of getting a sharp kitchen knife & stabbing it into ny neck.

Hopefully it will get better

Only reason I clicked on the link was for the dubs.

That sounds like a long and painful way to go, isn't there a quicker way?

Not good

graduated but burned out

job as cook
>pic related

need a way out but it's hard

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Yes, like getting wiped out by a bus or semi truck.

I am going to die soon

Just kinda cooming for the sake of cooming at this point. brb gonna krill myself

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I went from a top of my class academic to a self pitying addict in a bout a year so you decide.

god i wish that was me

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really bad. i feel like everyone is doing better than me in this freshman year of college and is scoring internships and is just having a better life than me.
big social issue I'm in right now:
I'm dating a girl right now but she's not exactly my type and what pisses me off is my good friend scored this hot ass girl who is like 100% my type. it's so aggravating because she (perfect girl) and i are now friends and we snap each other everyday and she helps me with writing assignments. the girl im dating right now is a communication major who specializes in writing (she helps me with writing stuff as well), but she has this huge forehead and has tiny tits. what sucks the most is that the girl I'm dating is very prudish and says "I don't do hook ups", meanwhile my friend's girl is like a total freak on the low. friend's girl comes from a rich family, wears all the brands I like girls to wear , is like 5'9, is very fit and has like a 10/10 face.

girl im dating is very fit as well, but is significantly shorter (5'5), and tells me she keeps debating whether or not to have a relationship with me because she has this research internship, has to work a job at a downtown store, and wants to have a social life
with her friends on top of that. but she always texts me and says she really likes me and wants to keep "dating" me.

I don't know what the fuck im thinking dude, i've never been in a relationship before at 18 but I don't understand why I feel the way I do about this situation.

I don't want to give off too much info bout everything she's expressed it like she want an entire life with me and I like that. The she drops off the map.shit she that knows I want to move to back to Europe and she texted back that we should do it, and we should move together. Obviously this sounds crazy,

I'm sorry about your son fren

I'm 24. Life doesn't get any easier. Stop making excuses and be honest, that's the main thing. Even if you lose a friend or friends, if you can't be true to who you are then life will keep shit kicking you.

You can be honest, but also be nice about it, that's the difference most people don't get.

ive had these fucking shin splints that wont go away. they seriously impede athletic performance. i cant do shit like i used to. fuck my weak shins. i could dominate if it werent for this bullshit

i know this feel all to well and im only 18

Really good, thanks. Just finished a nice bowl of Tonkotsu with a cold beer

I know what that feels like, best you can do is just make her comfortable, make her think you are the type of person that's worth it, or better yet, be someone that's worth it

Hey, user. This is gonna sound cold but try to think about it this way: The alternatives to losing your son were: Split him with the coalburner mom or be a single dad. I know you think single dad is the noblest option, but maybe the kid will get a better situation from his adopted family. Single dadhood sucks ass.

Doesn't take away the pain but hopefully itll help on the journey to move forward. If you can beat the cancer, everything else is smaller than it seems.

You may need to abandon attachments and move, as soon as you financially can. Start clean.

That sounds like a good opportunity but only make the leap if you have 100% confirmation of both job and house. Make sure current employer doesn't find out your plans

I kinda needed to hear this, I'm trying to force an upswing lol. When I have the energy to fight my depression, I just wanna help people too. My heart feels so big, faggy as that sounds. I wanna be that person again.

Barely i had to put down my dog yesterday an i had to be strong for the rest of my fmily....

Leave the chick, and I really mean it. I have a similarly fucked up head to you. We can NOT be with people who press the button that makes us wonder if we're good/normal/sane people. We need to work on ourselves until we can say that we are good people and actually feel like it isn't a lie, and surround ourselves with people who reassure us that our effort is not in vain.

Leave the bitch.

>owns business
>wife neglects son landing her in hot water, CPS takes son.
>Judge denies custody to father

[spoiler] doubt [/spoiler]

Advice that helped me in this situation:

Acknowledge these two things FULLY. Acknowledge first that you are not 100% stuck in this situation forever. Argue all you want, you know there is SOME chance that with effort you can change it eventually.
Acknowledge second that you don't fucking have to. You don't have to live a life that society considers fulfilling. If you reach a level where you have like 2 friends and vidya and you're happy, fine. And that might be easier.

These two truths, that you can improve your life drastically but that you don't have to, can set you free in a way.

Slow down, when possible. And I urge you to give it 3-4 months at least after the move before you propose. You'd be shocked how a change of scenery or lifestyle can change a relationship. Not tryna fill you with doubt, just ya know.... look at all the "well she left me and took half my shit" stories on this site alone. They can't all be dumber than us.

Remember not to make your happiness dependent upon your gf user, she'll feel too pressured. And try not to vent too much of your mental shit to her, she'll act like it's fine but she'll start to see you as a burden

You need to work your way into a "hey let's just pool our collective feels and just be around for whatever each other needs and one day if we feel like humans again we should get serious" situation with this girl

My brain is constantly reminding me that one day i will die and everything i do is meaningless, but it coule be worse i guess

Thats what you get for being a racist

I'm in my second semester in college and have no fucking clue what I want to do with my life. I'm majoring in CS but I don't really have a passion for it. I'd like to play music for a living but everyone basically tells me my best bet is to but myself in debt and wageslave until I pay it off and die. I'm honestly thinking about dropping out and going to trade school. At least that won't kill me with debt, and also unions and low unemployment rates mean if just have to work hard (which I did before college)

I'm just confused about my direction.

I'm working on it, is the best I can say.

>rent a friend's spare room
>full time job, $18/hr
>used to have great sex life, small but tight social group, then I took an arrow to the-- nah my best friend fucked my GF and I walked away from all of it
>sex has been off and on for 5 years since, I really need to get over the trust issues it gave me
>stoner, recently started drinking daily, might try to quit though because I'm gaining weight
>one friend, who I live with
>work in an hour

I hope your gf or wife leaves you for a nigger so you know how it feels lol. It's like showing up to work one day and they replaced you with a special needs worker

Feel that. Here is what I will say
Trade school: You will work harder but you will have to worry a lot less about job security and money
College degree: Except for a few specific fields, you have a good chance that your degree won't help you get a good job and who knows what your job security will be. However, you might get lucky and get a better job/more rewarding job than a standard trade.

That's the gamble

Not so great dude. Was really messed up when gf and I broke up, I ended up quitting my job which was not a great idea but depression so.. been laying in bed for a month now. Good news is they just dropped the final cut of Blade Runner on Netflix. So I'll probably watch that a few times.

On the bright side though, for those that need to hear it

>OMAD diet is going well, stay busy and the hunger isn't so bad
>woke up early today so I'm high as shit before work, I'll come down a bit before the shift starts and use eye drops
>listening to George Carlin on audiobook, great writer legendary comedian, two of his books are on Youtube
>got a window cracked because the chilly breeze feels good

Live in the now, Cred Forumsromies

Tried to smoke and drink myself to sleep last night and ended up over doing it.

Started losing motor functions and consciousness and thought I was going to die so called gf and yelled for my dad to help me.

I was experiencing a different dimension or something man.. the whole last year of depression and anxiety has led to this.

Dont remember much of last night but I'm pretty sure I was laying in a pile of my own puke piss and shit and refused to get up.

Not bad op and all, the relationship i dreamed about three and two years ago with a hometown friend still feels like 2 months but we're coming round 9 now, still perfect. lost a lot of the speciality getting here, still wanna slam the other redheads in my classes, hard to focus on doing the academics that who i am inside wants to say i do but can't start doing.

Nice dubs. These times come in waves, it's cyclical. You'll have great swells of positivity and then bad shit will make you spiral down. Just remember that the more you work on yourself the faster the good times will come again, but no need to stress. They will come again.

Your gf okay with you? How have you guys been recently

imagine being all these fucking normies having premartitual sex. I mean it, wheres the appeal its all frivolous and temporary. Wanna know whats eternal, joining the army getting training and then using that to go join a "freedom fighting force" or a pmc and commiting war crimes like a badass

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Not sure if I'm having a stoke or you are

A wizard has graced the thread

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I FUCKING RELATE TO YOU DUDE. This is Cred Forums, so far all these fucking people are coming across as normie tier trash with half of these discussions.

Fuck off and go back to plebbit to talk about relationships and shit. a true Cred Forumstard doesn't need women and knows a rifle and the knowledge on how to make dirty bombs is the real source of happiness in life. Go Kacynski or go home faggots.

go fuck yourselves if your putting your self worth in a women. Go to the gym, become celibate and sleep with a whoman after marriage. Anything else is hedonistic and trivial.

can your wizard skills teach me how to roll dubs.

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can a wizard kill people and still be a true chad. I think so mr.normalfag

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She's amazing, honestly not sure why she's still with me tbh.

25 and haven't worked in a year and 3 months. Recently diagnosed and medicated so hopefully I'll start to recover soon.

You have to admit that the most Cred Forums move we can make in this situation is to tell you no, fuck you, suck a tranny cock, we're being newfags and nobody can stop us

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idk ive just been here since 2008 so I think this is all gay circlejerking "OOOO LIFE BAD BECAUSE NO GF" like come on pussies. Man up and go terrorize.

I think somebody needs to Good Will Hunting hug you

>You're a female, you don't have to bother

this is why you're depressed, because you're a sexist

stupid idiot

I'm aight.

I am a Chink living in East Bay California. Am 16 and a Junior in HS in a school thats 70% Asian and Indian so it's pretty competitive.

But I'm not a good student as I had 1 C+ in Sophomore Year and I had B's (and some As) this year so far, despite me not taking any AP or Honors classes.

It's the Second semester of Junior year, which is the most important part of HS. I've had a long habit of procrastinating and to be honest I feel that I'm a failure since my parents really invested in my education (as all asian parents do) and I have not utilized my opportunities.

I know this shit sounds petty, but going to good colleges as an Asian sucks and I'm nervous of my future since I have so little planned out.

So yeah, I'm a chink junior high schooler and I'm nervous for my future. Any advice guys?

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>Am 16
enjoy you b& chinky

I used to be suicidal and depressed, and I’m sad sometimes now, but still I can’t figure out any logical reason to live other than to keep other living people happy. What’s the point? I don’t just want to work until I can afford to stop, then die.

Thank you user