Xray thread. back again from last night

xray thread. back again from last night.
only gonna do like 20-30.

-dr jenkins

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just posting replies now from last night that im not sure were seen.

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please do her

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Are you able to uncensor?

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This would be great!

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What a hero you are, doc

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Should be easy!

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my bad guys i was in the middle of something. doing these all now.

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Trying to see some pierced nips pls

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Please and THANKS!

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can you do this one please?

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nothing to see on the bottoms.. damn pads

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ugh not much there

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Is this doable?

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maybe this?

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xray pls

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xray please

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not the dr, just learning and posting my practice

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um im not sure what you think is under there is under there

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I second these 2

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How about Michaela

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I don't think you know how this works. they're not supposed to be wearing knight's armor.

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I second this

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lace never works. I can try and it will take a long time and doesnt turn out well

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i seriously want to know what is going on with her underwear

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another one of my rookie ones

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that was good. now use the levels to bring the tone to the brightness of the skin and then use color balance or channel mixer to make it match and youre golden



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looks great thanks!

Can you try this?

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i started to do this and felt torn so no - just not sure on the age. i mean based on the phone she def is of age now.. but in the photo, not sure

probably the safe call to avoid, OP.

nothing there bro

is this possible?

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Is this doable?

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ok so normally lace, thread like this etc is pretty much impossible... see

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but i got something

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ahhhh my apologies, I know very little of x-ray. thanks for showing me what happens!

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Oh damn! Lucky this time


can you do this?

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already did it.. did you even check?

Sorry doc. You’re the man

why did I laugh at this interaction?

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my fuckin man

because it was funny.

Maybe this’ll be better

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better howwwww? it's pitch black and you got me csi'ing titties man... fuck

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I know jack and squat about x-ray, thank you for zooming and enhancing the best you possibly can. You a hero.

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she's got the big pink puffies that are impossible to see in xray

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Please try

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she has something hiding between her boobs and i cant figure it out. now its driving me mad.

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well, ill wait around for a few more minutes until i finish my beer and im going to bed. email me sometime, i get lonely.

[email protected]

are any of those xrayble?

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I wanna see Hana's tits

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Reveal her tits please user

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She already did half the work for you son


If you idiots weren’t so horny, you’d see that the guy is gone.

And it just leaves me wanting the rest!

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Ill post more of her if u XRAY


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X-ray? Top is see through it seems

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Love her

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Please someone try this

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