Serious Discussion: What, if any, are your problems with girls/women?

Serious Discussion: What, if any, are your problems with girls/women?

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always CHASIN chad

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Loud. Just in general. Men are much louder when they want to be, but women, at least when talking to other women, fucking yell instead of just talking normally.

they smell funny

everything media says about them is a lie.
they are more protective, they are more empathetic, they are less violent, they are more faithful, truthful etc

They don't have penises. Also they talk too much.

Yea, pretty much this! Married 15 yrs and always telling wife she’s to loud!
And they overspend!

My niggga.

>2020 not having a quiet trap gf

They all expect a man of better genetic stock than themselves. Given preferential treatment, undeserved liberties and advantages everywhere but want to complain about being oppressed and lobby for even more privileges. Uphold the dominant social order, no matter how corrupt. Instinctively betray their own when times get tough. Life is a free ride for them if they can just manage their weight yet 50%+ get fat. Inflated self-image but no self esteem and think they're treated unfairly. Feel entitled to marry the best looking guy that ever tossed them a fuck when he was drunk and horny. Want to be able to kill a human child growing inside them for no reason other than convenience. Thinks you should fail in everything forever if you weren't born perfect. Hates people who went through great effort to improve themselves, considers them impostors. Can't understand true friendship. High-minded ideals like honor, loyalty, courage are alien to her.

Drama. They always bitch about how much they hate their friends, like literally anyone would give a shit

They cheat.
They lie.
They complain.
Nothing you do is ever good enough.
They always want more.
They're loud.
They're annoying.
They don't put out enough.
And in the end? They will take you for everything you have and leave you with nothing. Fuck women.

Traps are even worse than women.

They expect a free handout.

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Fuck up faggot.
go fuck a woman that looks like your mother

>Thinks you should fail in everything forever if you weren't born perfect
>ideals like honor, loyalty, courage are alien to her

>They don't put out enough.

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The way they’re treated like royalty their entire lives if they’re attractive. Most girls I’ve met on tinder just really suck at conversation. I find that most dates I’ve been on in my life have largely consisted of me having to do all the talking and crap and it’s really obvious why. Attractive girls are always hit on by guys. They don’t need to start the conversations or whatever, so their talking skills are complete trash unless they’re drunk and around their girlfriends, then they’re loud af and just spewing idiotic nonsense. A guy can go to a gym and work out for years where as a girl can go to the gym once every 2 weeks in tight pants, lifting 2kg dumbbells and post a thousand photos of it on social media as if she’s a fitness expert. It’s like.. nice.. you’re not fat? Good work. Young women are just stupid in general, despite them studying criminology, beauty therapy or whatever it is they’ve got listed on their dating profile instead of their actual job which would be working as a check out chick in a super market etc. If you were a girl and looked about 4/10 you can just apply makeup and look like a 8/10 model. Because if this, women have such a retarded ego. The innumerable amount of ugly sluts on social media is astounding considering how many of them actually aren’t that attractive, it’s just the selective camera angles and make up. Not saying all women are fucked in the head but easily 9/10 of them are.

Same problem I have with everyone else. pretty much sums it up. Humans are generally selfish fucks until they leaen better. Most never do though, regardless of chromosomes, genitals, colors etc.

I guess if I had one problem specifically with most women it'd be their periods. It's just fucking gross when you think about. Blood and viscera leaking out of them. You ever seen that shit? It's got fucking chunks in it sometimes. Not about that redwing life

Lol, go get AIDS

Have you tried not dating boring fucking idiots? There are plenty of awesome girls out there if you just know how to find them

I tell my wife she's too loud all the time and she gets so offended. Sex is worth it though.