S/fur bread

s/fur bread

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how come no one ever talks in these threads? Ill start.

How about that corona virus? WHat if we die??

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I plan to live forever.

I just hope it stays in cuckifornia. Wont be easy to contain with all those homeless roaming around. Unhygienic.

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damn chinese

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I hate that I'm attracted to this

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what's wrong with fluff? it's nice

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My brain attributes fortnite to sin worthy of the deepest parts of hell


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oh, I didn't realize that was fortnite related
never played the game myself

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You're ashamed to be attracted to incredible female bodies with interesting animal influences and cool patterns and colors?

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You're romanticizing it a bit too much, almost makes it sound like it's not a taboo fetish that's seen as related to zoophilia .

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Why would anyone be ashamed of the perfect woman?

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do we have more of this character?

going to be a lot less taboo soon enough
between VR avatars and shameless furry kids maturing

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Im already shameless woooooo

but need more furry sluts in my life

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I don't, sorry

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By the way you guys better buy tons of guns and ammo. Because corona virus is spreading.

Oh yeah and "food" i think, or something.

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darn the art work is wonderful on it

I don't think bullets are a good way to kill viruses...
I've got a remote place with some food I can bug out to for a month or two if necessary, I don't think things are going to get that bad in the west though

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bullets and alcohol solve all the worlds problems. It worked against the communists. Itll work again.

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I don't believe you.
VR isn't a good place to look for non-degenerates who influence society, the general consensus around furries is that they are closet animal fuckers, and since the best way to spread popularity and credibility for any cause is to make it attractive to people and the vast, vast majority of people who are furries are ugly social outcasts... it's not going to happen anytime soon.

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eh believe it or don't
you'll be in for a surprise in a decade or so, provided we don't all die of plague first

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Well zoos get a lot more exercise than run of the mill furries, so we are more attractive by default. Because of sex.

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>muh apathy
Yea alright. Ask a normal person what they think of furries, even a younger millenial, and you won't be happy. Even BDSM is more mainstream now because certain people open about it are attractive. You need beauty for any cause, especially one based almost entirely on sex. Without it, gg.
That virus isn't an issue in the West, influenza is more deadly.


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you can go

yeah the plague thing was a joke, I'm not worried about it
I suppose you might be right, especially if reactionary movements continue to gain momentum
from what I've seen the liberal portion of younger generations here sees furry and other fetish lifestyles as essentially synonymous with LGBT and champion them in rather bizarre ways

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Really? Where?

I hope it doesn't become LGBTZ. Z should be its own thing. Zoos are pretty socially apathetic, so I doubt there will be zoo marches or anything. Just change the laws to allow it and we can go back to being loners and screwing our animals.

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>Ask a normal person what they think of furries, even a younger millenial, and you won't be happy.
Have you ever asked a "normal person" what they think of furries? Because most people don't give a fuck, all my friends in high school knew I was a furry, one of my best friends was a female furry who was pretty popular, and hung out with 3 friends today who also know I'm a furry and don't care. You don't speak for everyone, and you don't know what people think because most people simply don't care and have no reason to. Anime has tons of furry characters and increasingly more so, TV shows, movies and cartoons have always had them (for both children and adults) and you'd be very surprised how furries are attractive because most don't go around telling everyone they're furries because they know that *very* small minority will act like faggots about it. I would know considering I had a huge crush on one along with many other people in my high school.

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Sounds funny. I grew up in an inner city NYC school full of niggers. Niggers dont have much personality or uniqueness. Theyre all kind of homogeneous. Thugga, nigga, nigga, is the general consensus.

I cant imagine a high school with people who have personalities like on TV, actually accepting furries. Maybe the worlds changing.

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Living in SoCal awhile, I can tell you furries aren't liked by the mainstream popular gays... or popular people at all. In fact the reason the trans movement is hitting a massive snag, other than political tensions, is even the left wingers realized a lot of them are just plain ugly, and lose their comfort in being associated with them. But I'd like an example where the LGBT are championing furries, whether it's a constant support or a one-off event?

Anime is strange, a lot of young people watch it today. Not liking anime has been a pretty big advantage for me when talking to older people and uh, female colleagues.

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I went to mostly black school, but there were still a good bit of white people. Many of them were kinda nerdy, so furries weren't. There were a few lesbians who walked around with tails on their purses. The idea that this generation doesn't know what furries are, and dislike them is extremely ignorant when we live in the most culturally accepting time in history.

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Exactly, which is why so many people know exactly what furries are and couldn't care less. I'm sure it'll only gain popularity and acceptance as well, not the other way around.

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>so furries weren't
*weren't uncommon. I'm super tired tonight

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Does anyone in here actually goes to furry conventions and shit?


Trans are really ugly dude.

I would for drugs but not for the actual convention.

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Forgot to post this.

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Judy hopps wouldnt fuck him because she has the male fox character. What was his name again?

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Idk, my ex blocked me on Twitter lol

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Heya, how's it going?

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not too bad.
just fuckin around in blender. fur is hard.
how're you?

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What is blender?

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Oh cool, yeah I bet it is hard.

I'm good, hung out with some friends today and played some games. I'm super tired now, I need to get my schedule fixed and start going to sleep earlier.

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free 3d modeling software that is unintuitive and complicated as fuck.

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Reminds me of crappy photoshop.

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have you tried 3ds max? easy to get a student licence

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Have an example?

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what do you mean? there's a lot of overlap, haven't you seen the leather and pony play guys at pride parades?

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can u make a render like this one?

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Digital art is so easy compared to the real deal, yuck.

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I maybe could manage something like that, but my texture/material work is not great...
also don't have much experience animating, but humping is relatively simple once you've got the rig working right

also zoo stuff is gross so no

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art is art
traditional mediums are still nice, but if you dwell in the past you'll miss out on some nice virtual environments soon

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dam was about to be the coolest guy on Cred Forums, until that last sentence. lame.

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Is there any hand drawn furry art?

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c'mon you should know better than to ask that
I don't have any good examples saved, but the most direct progenitor of modern furry art is arguably 70's sci-fi cover art

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i can't figure out how in the fuck to fix the blank patches. if i can't fix it, i'll just finish this model and call him mangebag.
they say it takes like 1k hours to master a skill. i only have 10.

this is easier than drawing tho. the tremors in my arms are getting worse, making drawing straight lines impossible.

i have used gmax, and 3ds max. i have a lot of time time in using those tools.
blender has a sculpting feature that i can use in tandem with poly modeling. also completely free and widely supported. i just find the user interface to be a pain...second to testicular torsion.

they could at least put a history log or something so that when i accidentally push a hotkey combination, i would know what i did, and undo it.
undo key doesn't always undo things.

must be real nice living under that cozy lil' rock of yours.

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not a bad attempt, better than I would do using sculpt tools, I stick with poly modelling and am learning to paint textures
wish I had something to show off but all of my recent attempts have been hot trash

I'm still learning the software but am finally getting to the point where working in the tool feels natural and I don't have to constantly stop to read documentation or look at screenshots to figure out where to find things

can't wait to see some more of your stuff, keep at it

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>70's sci-fi cover art
This I'd like to see

It is.

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this is a decent example, some of it is even more sexually suggestive

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Now you've caught my curiosity.
"C. J. Cherryh, is an American writer of speculative fiction" and this is one of her books...
This is a hard thing to search for, do you have any more "suggestive" covers?

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Nick valentine

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some more examples over here
I've seen several others when browsing second hand bookstores. I'm a big fan of pulp sci-fi and space cats are a common theme. Ever read larry niven? leiber's "the wanderer" might be the first notable work with the trope, even has a (brief) inter-species romance

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i'm new here...
it's a /trash/ thread whatever easy enough to find

This is the cover art of Godsfire. Another good sci-fi novel.

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I wish I were born before the internet era so I could have enjoyed my childhood with stuff like that instead of being corrupted by this toxic technology

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Now that you mention it, wasn't there a literal catwoman, Cheetah I think, in the Batman series?
Oh boy.

This is more retro than I thought. It's been around so long.

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it was before my time as well, didn't stop me from picking up books and reading
I had unrestricted internet access through most of my childhood too

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40,000 years and counting, furend

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Well I would have wasted a lot less of my childhood had I read more rather than spent my time on the internet, playing stupid games and watching pointless TV. I feel so out of place among my friends who all play games when I wasn't enjoying it at all. I hate my life and wish I could start all over.


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Written history has only been 5,000 years, unless you're talking about actual Upper Paleolithic era sculptures. We don't know enough about those cultures at all to understand what the meaning of these sculptures are.
Plus, 40,000 years of straight furry seems too much, there's bound to be gaps in this fad. I'd bet it was more mainstream in humanity during the ancient Egyptian era, and since then has gained traction in all cultures around the world.

Nothing wrong with TV if it's the right kind. There's more than just cartoons. History, Discovery, Science, and Military channels were all pretty good back in the day.

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Attached: 1506404403086.png (598x422, 370K)

I just thought TV was always stupid even as a kid. Sure, I enjoyed some history and science, but most TV seemed like garbage for simpletons which I loathed. I was so depressed I didn't even want to read and feel stupid for wasting all the potential every adult told me I had. Now I'm just another dumbass stoner furfag.

Attached: 1389166765876.jpg (725x894, 219K)

This is aboriginal, about 25-30,000 years ago.
But yea, it proves your point.

Attached: 34.jfif.jpg (750x500, 97K)

elements of anthropomorphism show up all throughout human cultures, but yeah it's a bit of hyperbole to try and label all off it as "furry"
still, furry stuff is definitely a continuation of a lot of the same themes that made the idea compelling to our ancestors I think
strength, virility, etc

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Attached: 1389166938700.jpg (1003x1264, 725K)

Attached: 1503230944185.png (1024x768, 909K)

Attached: 1503245799727.jpg (736x576, 160K)

> See more New Imageboards. Full list


Attached: 1580792202822.jpg (1000x1233, 115K)

Why should I even bother doing anything in life if I'm such a failure already? Does anything I do even matter?

Attached: 1389167088336.jpg (800x606, 98K)

you're still young, do things instead of lamenting about things you can't change

Attached: 1488420550077.jpg (806x1000, 222K)

I want to do things, I just don't have the motivation. I don't feel like I belong in this society, and never have. I genuinely don't know what's wrong with me or why I can't feel normal. I've never even felt happy around friends, just existing with a perpetual underlying existential crisis no matter how hard I try to forget about everything and enjoy it. Why am I like this, and why won't it change?

Attached: 1389167111000.png (394x950, 218K)

Now this is nice art, it's not porn for starters. But I like the almost hand-painted look, and the light shining through the dress in the space between her arm and torso. This is probably what furries would be today if it wasn't a sexual thing, some kind of cultural or religious symbology. A way to make your idea stand out I guess.

Therapy nigga. Get you some.

Attached: 33.jfif.jpg (1600x1000, 153K)

I did it for 3 years and it never helped. This is why I never take anyone seriously when they say seek therapy, it doesn't work even after being very honest with my therapist.

Attached: 1389167119785.jpg (540x941, 187K)

imbalance of neurotransmitters caused by genetic and environmental factors? there's not going to be easy answers for ya, you've just got to push through and make a place for yourself
define a system of values, what is important to you, what success means, and go from there

If it's a neuro athic issue he may need to see a doctor and have his brain scanned. Would also explain why therapy had no effect.


if you want you can join my cult
the Holy and Most Sacred Order of Floof Fluff and Fur

or HMSOFFF for short

Why not call it the Faithful Users of Recreational Resin-Infused Enjoyment Substances?

Or FURRIES for short
Seems to be pretty accurate to what most of you do in here anyway.

Well, that's a reasonable, intelligent answer unlike most of the bullshit people give me. I'm trying to better myself, but the pursuit of happiness seems like an infinite journey of mindless wandering.

Why are people so fucking stuck in the mentality that doctors are magic? Knowing my precise neurological functions don't change what's wrong with me because perspective is what dictates our emotions, but when you're as smart as me (not even bragging) everything seems pointless and dull as I watch people have hobbies like playing video games and watch anime and other forms of visual entertainment while I simply think, "this is such a waste of time" despite appreciating being around friends. My outlook on life has always been different than most people's because I see how bullshit everything is, that's all there is to it.

heh we're not all pot heads, just me mostly

anyway I'm off to bed y'all have a good night

Sweet dreams, furend


this is only a starter model...so i'm not putting any of emphasis on quality or style.
it's just to get me used to this clusterfuck of an environment.

i started using blender because medium wasn't going to be viable for animations.
you can export sculpts from medium, but since it uses voxels instead of polygons, it leaves these weird rips and tears all over the surface of the models that become clearly visible as you deform them. there is a workaround, but only if you export it at 100% resolution, which is like 10s of millions of polygons and faces.
also fur is impossible in medium, as well as transparent surfaces. like the lenses on eyes.

i've always wanted to get into animation.
3d seems like the way to go for me since 2d would require that i draw. which is only getting harder.

i wish there was a better option for modeling in vr.

Your neurological functions dictate your emotions. Your neurological functions dictate your delusions of grandeur. Your neurological functions have already been tested. Your neurological functions form your outlook.
>I see how bullshit everything is
You're not the first or only person to ever form that thought.

A brain doctor would be magic for your neurological functions at this point.

And what will they do then, smart guy? Open my skull, put some lasers on my brain and rewire it, then say "there, you're all fixed, that'll be $100k!"?

Couldn't have said it better myself.

lmao, and you think you're smart huh?

That's because you're fucking stupid too

>haha ad hominem haha
So tell me what these magical doctors will do

Thanks for proving my point as to why I don't take anyone seriously when they say "just go to a doctor lol." You can't even formulate an answer. So yeah, I'm pretty intelligent to know that wasting thousands of dollars on a doctor visit won't magically change how my brain works. You have to be pretty fucking stupid to think an fMRI will do anything.

They will try to fix you, smart guy. They will build a better profile, and they will try to fix you. It's not free. But you don't seem to be receptive to free help, so it'll cost you something. I can already tell that there are parts of your brain that could easily be fixed by some "soft programming". You'd need to be "pushed" to do things you could do for yourself. Minor changes in thought, in habit. Some lights, some mirrors. A little bit of encouraging the brain to thrive again, to do half of the legwork that exogenous chemistry would need to complete. There's only one slight problem.

The "soft" side of your brain is so walled off from any moderate attempts at constructive reprogramming, that the windows of opportunity are few and far in-between. Even if someone wanted to try un-cracking your egg, that part of you probably wouldn't let them. And that's why the problem could very well be more systemic and "hard".

You might really need some lasers in that brain of yours. It's that, or this.

You could just give him lithium and that would be gg, but if you actually want to fix him permanently you'd need reconditioning as well as drugs to help with neurological damage if there is any. The issue is he clearly doesn't want to be helped, but he's of course in no mental state to make logical choices about his own health. If his family really wanted to they could get a court order.

So, they'll tell me things I already know that I can read in books from libraries or bought online to change my behavior? How is that useful? Putting a laser in my brain sounds like a really bad idea and waste of money I don't have.

I've been on 16 medications and none work because they're all bullshit, including lithium which is the worst of all. They're drugs like any other, just manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. I do want help, but everyone is different, and some people are medication resistant and non-receptive to therapy because our brains are all entirely unique neural networks that require individual assessment, desire to change, and sometimes far more vigor to do so than others. What it comes down is it that I'm very intelligent and another creature of habit, therefore changing habits when I can easily view problems with people and society is not easy for me. My brain simply works so quickly that it's easy to get lost in trains of thoughts and negative emotions. It's like trying to piece together a very challenging puzzle when most people do easier ones, if you will, as our brains are essentially three dimensional puzzles already. I've been through a lot of rough shit in my life, and recovering from deep psychological trauma and abuse is not easy, but one thing I know for sure, most people who have been through every type of abuse and neglect I have end up in prison or have it much worse. I'm pretty fortunate I'm somewhat stable and rational, all things considered.

fucking internet, stop makng me want to cream inside huge human-shaped drawn animals with very fluffy butts

>they'll tell me things I already know that I can read in books from libraries or bought online to change my behavior
You haven't changed your behavior by yourself yet. You haven't even really budged since the last time someone ran a battery test on your behavior. Have you read Nietzsche yet, Dash?

I doubt it.

It's very useful. It's one of those books you can read. It might even briefly halt that pesky subroutine of yours that's firing right now.

>I do want help
Do you, though? Every brain is still a brain. Especially if you distill it into a network like that. You just need to train it better. Feed it better data. Keep it from using all of the CPU cycles to repetitively process the wrong outputs. You call yourself an intelligent creature, but you can't utilize the limited freedoms you already have in a better manner. Others have. Your explanations are contradicting one another, as they go on.

If you can't afford a laser, why can you afford to lament that you can read books to change your behavior?

Behavioral modification is an ongoing process, not an absolute with an end. I'm ever changing which is evident by my lack of insults towards you and others. Previously I would only insult people, argue when I'm wrong because I didn't care, or simply dismiss statements with something along the lines of "ok retard" (which is still fun because it's the easiest response tbh.)

I have not read Nietzsche yet as I spend half the day sleeping, and the other half indulging in crippling internet addiction like porn, YouTube videos, and talking to people here and Discord. I'm still trying to break that habit, and want to read more which I would have done more of had I not spent much of my night with friends.

Of course I want help. I'm just bad at receiving it because I've always been a stubborn, bullheaded bitch and want to do everything my own way because I know I'm intelligent enough to do it. It's a character flaw that's very hard to change because it revolves around letting go of a superiority complex and unwillingness to change itself.

I dunno, I'm only like 1/4 of the way through my life I guess. I have many years ahead of me, and don't know what the fuck to do with all of them.

it only matters if you make it matter.

the world is a convoluted trove of unwitting ignorance and major imperfections.
it's up to you to become your own light.

we are a lot alike.
seems we're both a strange combination analytical and intuitive.
the only difference mainly being you are much more extroverted than i am.

i know how easy it is to get lost in the negatives.
you have to force yourself to look at the positives, and get lost in them too.
the key to overcoming this is mentally placing yourself in situations where you can use it to your advantage.
it's stressful and difficult, but it can be your strongest attribute when you master it.

idk...it's kinda difficult to describe, since i had to learn how to do it myself. i never had therapy, or even money for that.
just a bunch of iterative trail and error shit i had to work out myself.

I'm honestly very introverted in person. My online persona is extroverted because I can formulate my thoughts with much greater clarity, and for as long as I want. In person, I'm quiet as a mouse and have always been the least talkative of my friends which I've really never had a whole lot of anyway. But yeah, I totally see what you mean.

I'm definitely trying, and what helps most of all is talking to like minded people, honestly. That's greater therapy than an actual therapist because if gives me time to reflect upon myself and my thoughts, something I probably do way too much of :/

Therapy has been a waste of time when most of my depression comes from my self image, particularly having twisted teeth and a messed up jaw because I was a crazy little fucking daredevil as a kid and crashed my bike as a young adrenaline junkie. It completely fucked up my image, and I can't stand looking in the mirror or imagining others looking at me. That's really where my depression stems from, and not having the people who care about me listen to what I know will help me, not what they mistakenly believe. Therapy doesn't fix teeth.

I really need to go to sleep now. It's 6:30 AM here.

Thank you for all the help and support, everyone. I really appreciate it, truly.

Good night, furends.

>Behavioral modification is an ongoing process
You say that, but you seem stuck on a loop. You've been here before. We've been here before. In time, you will go back to the first half of the cycle. And I've observed that a number of times already.

I can even bring you there.

>Previously I would only insult people
>argue when I'm wrong because I didn't care
>or simply dismiss statements with something along the lines of "ok retard"
I'm not going to say it this time, but I think you think you know what I was going to say.

If you're not reading, you're definitely stuck in a loop. And you know this, you've already said so. The last time, you gave reasons for why you weren't doing things you said you could easily do. Things that would improve your livelihood and pay for those brain doctors, and more. Now, you're saying that you've been too busy indulging in addictions
>bad habits
than going to the book. You've already said you've been trying to break bad habits in the past. You're still saying that you're trying. But what are you trying? Sleeping all day won't help you. Echo chambers won't help you, that's likely correlated to an underlying issue in your psyche. You haven't even picked up Nietzsche, not even a cursory glance. You must know all this. You don't want help, Dash. You're too programmed in your ways. You are stuck, because you are stubborn. And your stubbornness is reinforced by being stuck. And that cycle reinforces all the other negative things that reinforce the cycle. And you won't actually do it on your own, because that's not what you're going to do today. Or tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that. You will not do it. Not unless there's some extreme, outside effort involved. You don't even have time as a real excuse, Dash. You can even say that when you're lucid enough.

Dentists fix teeth. Therapy recalibrates images of self-worth. Realistically, if it's not a health concern, you need only the latter to thrive.