Is it bad that I idolize them? I can't help it. They stood up for themselves

Is it bad that I idolize them? I can't help it. They stood up for themselves.

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“Standing up for yourself” isn’t always the strongest thing to do. A strong person deals with it or finds a way to solve the problem. A pussy gets a gun and shoots up a school because he’s too much of a pussy to do anything else


Cunt, you don't have the balls to do what they did.

how is killing a bunch of random people and then yourself "standing up for yourself"

It seems you don’t understand what it means to find a solution. Grow up and realize what’s right isn’t alway what you want it to be.

Stood up for themselves by shooting unarmed kids?

Hitler stood up for the world bro get your priorities straight

Shitty bait, go put a gun in your asshole


Except they weren't even bullied. They had several friends, had prom dates and everything.
Eric was just a narcissistic megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur and Dylan was a major depressive that constantly wanted to be liked by Eric to the point where he was fine with everything because he wanted to die and would have probably killed himself anyway. They didn't even target jocks, they killed indiscriminately and even let a few jocks go. Eric was a sociopath just trying to feel something, and immediately gets bored after the rush of killing wears off. You can tell on the tapes.
I'm very fascinated by them, but the people pretending they were some anti-heroes is just fucking hilarious. Even their journals are some of the whiniest trite shit ever put to paper.
Get fucking real.

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They missed their chances of raping the cheerleaders before shooting them.

You must be one weak ass beta to think that is how you stand up for yourself. They pulled off the biggest beta cheap shot of all time which makes them gigantic pussies to be honest. They didn't even have the balls to have a shootout with the cops just shot unarmed kids then put a bullet in their brains. Wow such bravery.

It’s not bait if it’s true.

>find a solution
>kill random people and then yourself
Jesus, Copernicus, what an incredible solution. Shame they didn't cure cancer before they painted the library with their defective grey matter.

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Anddddd welcome to Cred Forums

You goddamn retard. Dave Cullen's book was proven to be false.

>Couldn't get laid

>Stood up for themselves

They were kids too, dumbass! Those kids beat them up!

Not at all, there's several sources backing up those claims. I never even read that book, I did most of the digging myself because as I said, I'm fascinated by them.
They weren't some underdog kids that struck back, they did a fair share of bullying themselves like doxxing and threatening Brooks Brown. Oh what, they got called "faggot" by a few other kids? So did everyone else, boohoo. Eric was just an egotistical faggot that couldn't let anything go.
Eric did fine with girls, both him and Dylan even got dates for the prom. The chick Dylan was with was kinda cute.

Brooks Brown said Eric and Dylan were bullied. Dylan never threatened Brooks. Idiot. Also, none of them had girlfriends. They died virgins.

That's not even a proper response to what that user said. What?

Yes it is!

OH no their poor fee fees got hurt better go shoot a bunch of people with no chance of getting hurt back

>Is it bad that I idolize them?
Common consens is yes.
My opinion is no. Y? Cause I don't care. I don't care if its gonna happen one more time. Another shooting in america isn't going to affect me

You will not be remembered. You will also die alone. They are heroes.

He absolutely did, it's a matter of public record. He cracked Brooks' windshield and he wanted Eric to rightfully pay for it, so Eric got all asshurt and posted his details on his website along with threats. This is a matter of police record even before the shooting because Brooks' om reported it. It's also a fact that they both had prom dates.
For you "idolising" these guys so much, you sure don't have your facts straight. You're just imposing all this shit on them that simply isn't true because it fits your narrative.
Everything I've stated is absolute fact. You can't debate me on this, I've researched the hell out of Columbine. You're just a pathetic fanboy that wants his narrative followed. Again - get real.

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These guys started it all tho, the real OGs of super beta males with guns

Ha, Eric didn't have a prom date, you idiot. I know waaaay more about Columbine than you. Stoped reading right there. Read more, kiddo.

I want you to know that you are nothing. I know so much more about Columbine than you. Don't respond to me, dog.

He did though. I'm starting to feel like you're baiting me though. The record is public for anyone to see and fact check, and no amount of "uhhhh no" will change that. This is the last (you) you get from me.


I really don't care, taking value from being remembered is pure vanity and stupidity. Something you seem to have a lot of. Now run along and go write your feelings somewhere else you waste of meat

based knowledgeanon working the mentally ill columbinefag into a lather

Anybody can get a gun and shoot people. Only a pussy will hurt other people because his feelings are hurt. Maybe you need to grow up.

You literally know nothing dog

Lol are you seriously retarded enough to try and tell me that murdering people is what’s right? Dude, you need therapy.

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I am not mentally ill. Just a warning, it is only a matter of time before I reason with my cigarette and lose my wits.

It wasn't a prom date necessarily. Eric went to the movie theater instead. I don't really care about Columbine but even I know that.

>lose my wits
You lost those a long time ago user


If this has been your wits youre better off shoving that cig up your ass and prancing about like the faggot sleeve you are

This. /thread

Especially unarmed people. Oh wow, how brave and great, slaughtering unarmed, unprepared randos.
They were mentally ill cowards.

Interesting way to start a thread, Opie. Of course no one with a brain is taking you seriously, but the subject matter is intriguing enough to re-open the ongoing convo about this historical tragedy. Good stuff, bud.

Personally, in hindsight, I think these kids are a couple of idiots. I was in first grade when this happened. The reason it's significant though is because it showed the country that children in the new millennium were going to be scary. Just look at what happened with the Trayvon Martin murder; sure it's not the same, but it resulted in a kid the same age as these two nimrods getting himself killed. It also started conversations about subliminal messages in popular music and violence in video games. 1999-2001 was a weird time to be alive, right before another world war took place.

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Same difference, it was a date.

I know you are a dog the gig is up

No user it was the guns
the guns did all ofthis and the guns are the proplem
stop giving this guy's credit, they dindunuffin!

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I am not mentally iill.


Sure seems like you are considering how defensive and obsessed you are about telling us you aren't

Evidence says otherwise.

they gonna tell you everything is fine.
the kids are alright.
dot kill people tho.
not kool

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>respect them
>idolize them
Hmmm no

their journals are honestly some of the cringiest shit ive ever read
i mean all teens tend to be tryhard idiots but goddamn, even i wouldnt have been that fucking retarded

Respect what, though? You could talk to a bitch with BPD and get the same experience.

Dylan's journal is beautiful.

You can do the easy thing, you can do the right thing, sometimes they're the same. But sometimes the right thing is the hard thing to do, so no it's not good you idolize them, k hope you mature to not make the same mistake as "standing up" isn't always the answer. Biting your tongue and being successful regardless is a better answer here.

Fucking kek

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yes you fucking faggot.

It's bad. They were two, killed 13 cunts and got shot themselves in the process. Breivik killed 77 by himself and he's still alive. Follow a good master.

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I would say Eric. The dude had a shitty oc in there of a demon dog with muscular arms on its back with gatling guns.

You idolize incel fags lower than any autist here on Cred Forums? Yeah I'd be pretty upset about myself

They're pretty cringe tbh

Eric's was even worse than Dylan's, what the fuck?

It's not hard to kill 77 toddlers, my guy.

The youngest "toddler" was 14.


Oh man, that makes it better. Still unarmed.
Start a firefight with a police department, maybe then they'd be anything but cowards.

You're too much of a pay pussy to do what is right you mean.
You're the type of people who cause society's to fall.
You are weak.

Oh yes, nothing stronger than shooting random people and then yourself.
Maybe punch the motherfucker in the mouth that was giving you shit, if you wanna be so tough. Gimme a break. You're just a poser on Cred Forums.

Thread is filled with fags rip

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all i can say im never opposed to shit like this

no one has ever agreed with me

but fuck it

Make like your idols and an hero.

Oh no, it's gore, I'm shakin' in my boots. Someone, please stop mentally ill OP!

They acted like men and took out the people who pushed them too far. You fucking piece of shit wannabe alpha moral fag

True heroes.

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I feel attracted to Dylan. I feel his pain and his sadness. He was just so beautiful to me

>idolizes two retarded incels who: were bullied for being worthless cum stains, got big mad, got big guns to "stand up" for themselves, got big kill or two, got spooked, and shot themselves.
>13 killed among two people. Good KD/R, but weak ass assisted suicide medals.

You idolize losers, user.

Nobody pushed them too far though. They were just crybaby assholes that killed random people. They never stood up to those that bullied them. When they got called faggots, they sat the fuck down and took it from whoever said it. You were already debunked in this very thread. You're so mentally ill that even your insults are just jumbled messes.

Imagine the person who typed this post. Yeesh. Follow your crush, dude. Maybe you'll see him.

I'm for "fight club" but not #ProjectMannheim

go to gym, get buff -- take no shiznit… #KDMF

Id rather you put your dick in my asshole

Post your asshole. We might be able to arrange something.

God damn retard use your brain

Why? because you're not popular in high school?

Fuck man grow up. Kids are dumb get used to it.

I was bullied hard in school, daily and worse than any of you weak shits today.

I graduated, went to college, have freinds and a wife now.

Barely a millennial btw, not a boomer. There wasn't any bully awareness when I was in school.

Sitting here agreeing with this shit makes you worse than any of those kids you hate.

This. The best revenge is success, and if not that, at least confront the fucker that actually gave you shit. Taking it out on people that have nothing to do with it is just limp-dick coping.

You're right you're mentally retarded not ill

Boohoo, you mad at the world cause reasons?

Fuck you're weak man. You're mind isnt set in reality, your an internet dwellers, probably popping ssris and adderall fantasizing about shit that never existed years back.

You are a sheep. Exactly what you think you are not.

Not to mention if he confronts that fucker when they're both grownups, the fucker would most likely apologize for been a dumb kid.

I'm surprised Cred Forums was wholesome enough to BTFO the pathetic OP. I guess Cred Forums isn't completely dead.

true mega chads. My real idols



The fags probably fucked eachother before doing that. Only a pussy solves their problems with weapons and not fists.

Yes, they weren’t even bullied lol their entire life was misreported, Eric was actually a massive bully and Dylan was his depressed sidekick he could easily manipulate. All these bullied misfit kids look up to these guys when in reality they’re the bullies themselves lmfao

notice you havent argued anything besides plugging your ears retard

Not at all. But remember that it's a lot better with your bare hands.

Spoken like a true tard

Yeah, it's pretty funny, Eric would have shit all over the people who look up to him.
Just goes to show how many people actually look into shit they're interested in instead of just building a narrative that suits them.

Not an argument, you deject. You fight like a nigger and the only way you can get any form of victory is through suckerpunches and cheap shots. Fucking poseurs like you are the worst.

this is exactly the reason why blacks are better lovers!

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> be me
> went to columbine during shooting

Fuck you. I hope you literally get cancer.