Cont. Creepshot thread

Cont. Creepshot thread

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OP Here, here's my stuff from last thread. If some other people post ill dig up some other stuff

god I wish you had better pics of your old waifu. Do you still talk to her?

Sometimes, we still play league of legends together but I haven't really tried to get her to send anything

Does she still have the same boyfriend you mentioned earlier?

Vid from pic related, anyone have it?

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No she actually broke up with him. Don't want to send pictures of her face but she's fucking gorgeous. Immigrated from Nepal, lived here since she was like 12

vid related

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I do it all the time, tho now its cold here :(

If u wanna chat or share stuff on discord hmu: GooningLoverMcFap#3815

user share the video she is hot

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fuck I am so dizzy that I don't even want to coom anymore

same, jesus

I remember trying so fucking hard to get a stable capture of this

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I have never taken a creepshot, but yeah I could imagine if must be difficult

Kind've I was talking about in the last thread, don't really do it anymore. My biggest issue is that I was terrified of being caught so I often had a lot of shaking shit photos, and I was using an Iphone 4s so you know

Have you ever expressed interest in your little waifu? Or do you think she would never be interested in you?

We really briefly dated a while back in my freshman year, but it sort of fell apart when she joined a magnet school and I stayed in normal HS. I'm not an idiot, was in AP classes and all that but she was really fucking smart.

That's where she met her other boyfriend. (actually a guy in our 8th grade science class)

After she broke off with him I didn't really have the nerve to start something with her

Pic I meant to include

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wow cute butt! is that her?

Nah some pic I found on a fourm

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OP here, think this thread is pretty much dead so ima leave it with a vid I found on here a couple years back

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she seems nice, any more pls?

are you both asian bros? Anyways is your friendship so good that you don't want it to end? She must talk to you for so many years for a reason. Most women will never make a move on a man

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Assuming you were talking to me

No I'm fairly white, but she I just really hit it off after we found out we both played games freshman year.

Despite all the pictures I took of her I really love her as a person, but I don't want to fuck up talking to her.

I think she still talks to me because she trusts me, but I'm not really sure if she sees me the way I see her.

I just popped a booner
is she latino?

disco full of those creeps from changing cabinets from ~5/6 months ago discord gg/PUwN7G

>is she latino?
Kek, retard.

Yeah you're in the friendzone, especially if you're talking the way you are. Made yourself too available for her. Gotta have her make the chase. Best you could MAYBE do is fuck one of her good looking friends

what do you mean?

I guess I could try harder, but I'm with another girl right now so that would be kind've fucked up to her

Ah yes, the one letter difference

He = latino
She = latina

Think latino is used when describing men

oh lmao thanks guys

Trading videos for other oc material. Must know the person you secretly record or a full on creep and record strangers. Kik:catnip710

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oh nice one bro. At least you aren't single while she fucks multiple dudes, I was thinking the opposite. because of where we are right now

I know I'm talking to Cred Forums here but I seriously doubt shes having sex with multiple guys

I meant the two boyfriends you mentioned earlier. For whatever reason I was thinking you were surrounded by shadows in the background while she got slammed but I am mistaken

Is this a gossip thread? Wtf

Don' t creep threads usually take off pretty quickly? or am I ruining it? I have lots of pics but just too lazy to post them since I have already coomed

Not latino. Mother of 3 child

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This is a cont of a previous thread lost a lot of steam

Sexycandidgirls dot com
Creepshots dot org
Candid.blogspot dot org
Candidbodies.blogspot dot org
Girlsinyogapants dot com

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My old supervisor amazing big ass really attractive beautiful blue eyes God what I'd do to fuck her and make her my baby mama

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*candid.blogspot dot com
*Candidbodies.blogspot dot com

Oh I see, I just enjoyed talking to the bros tonight sry

thanks for posting some OC, I have saved them all. Any face shots? or is that asking too much

still here friend? I must coom and coom again