UC girls you have fucked

UC girls you have fucked.

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Her ex alex_mangubat prob has wins. She cheated on him

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with you?

With blonde prick in above pic

Are you her ex then?

Ex is alex_mangubat

I messaged him. I want to see what he says


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Any response? Have game plan?

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No response yet. And no

Go to cal?


Fuck her mouth. Got any?

What school you go to?

Kno other chicks?

She’s hot. You fucked her?


no but I know someone that did

Any nudes?


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She gotta nice body

keep going

I kno. Im tryna hit

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any of her pussy?

no. she dont send that

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Hope you do. Please tell me you got more

What else would u do

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I’d love to pin her down and cum deep inside

Nice ass. Any video?

she’s into swallowing

no sorry

What else is she into

keep posting the nudes...

Doggy style

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she's perfect, dont stop..

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fuckin lucky


what's her insta?

Y knight

Doggy style her till I cum inside her. Keep going...

Love her tight body


Last one

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Perfect ass. You'll be posting more next time?

No I mean that’s the last one I have for now

Gotcha, she got a name? Until next time.

Any UCSB sets?

posting names gets you banned I think. Her name starts with a D though

More of her

Can you vola dump all you got of her?
Im tryna fap here

Check the thread. I posted everything I have of her

i don’t kno what that means or how to do it

Did you already post everything you have of her?


Post some non nudes of her?

Did you already fuck her? What did you do to her?

the pictures at the top are the only selfies I have from her

I tried but not yet. mostly we just sext and I see her around sometimes

how'd you meet her? did she at least suck your dick yet

She a freshman? Soph?

not yet but I might meet up with her soon


I'm rooting for you bro
How did you meet her?

what sorority is she in?

she dated my friend


your friend got to fuck?

yup. he told me about how she is so it got me wanting to fuck too

Good luck bro. I hope to see you on here again soon with some more wins

Thanks bro. When I get some more I’ll come back to a thread like this

UCSB sluts please

What ethnicity is she? Looks like middle eastern or mexican?


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USC whore

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do you have any non nudes from like her FB or insta?