What's your current magnum opus

What's your current magnum opus
Do you think it will be topped in the future?
If so, what is it?

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Seriously I reached page 10 and none of you faggots decided to post your greatest achievement
Truly shows how worthless all of you are

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I rooted for trump and he won. Can be topped when he wins again next election period

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I have perfected my art of making mooshine and sold it for a healthy profit, along with shining compliments. I hope to top it one day by making the Golden Elixir of the Gods.
May no man have a reason to go sober.

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I live a life of mediocrity and I fucking love it. I don't give a shit what people remember me for as far as I'm concerned the entire universe stops existing when I die

I wrote a five-part greentext about screwing my 21 yo sister which has been copypasta'd for over a year. I might greentext one about me and my mom, but i don't know if it would top that.

>internet related things
I fucked catie wayne (boxxy) during the time she was famous. I basically found her after over 9000 hours of doxing and befriended her, then dated her, then fucked her, then started giving her advice on how to post to her "sphere" scene.

>real life
I'm writing a book which will change the world

I went from unemployed to earning 5-6k per month from my own business net income.

I went from uneducated moron to a guy with multiple certificates and a portfolio that makes recruiters wet

I support my own household as well as my family

What the fuck else am I supposed to do on this planet?

share your secrets user, I'm doing my first run next week

I can't just give out my secrets all willy-nilly like, a lot of it is experience based in the distillation process too.

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like I'm gonna profit off of your secrets. I'm just a broke college bloke trying to drink cheap

It's not about that, it's about having something that's uniquely mine that you can only get from me, ya know?
I'll tell ya the way I started out though, I got a 10.1 gallon trashcan, sterilized it, put in 8 lbs cracked corn, 8 lbs of sugar, .8 oz yeast, and 8 gallons of water.
I have the whole process on some old notes if ya want 'em.

What do you do? And what kind of book is it gonna be?

I get what you mean. It's kind of like your baby that you raised in a way. If it isn't too much trouble, the notes would definitely help. email is [email protected]

I sell private security supplies to guards and enforcement officers, vests, shoes etc.

And the book is a philosophy drenched sci-fi novel. It'll dilute religious notions and instead propose new ones.

The're not a ton to it, I'll just write some of 'em here.
Put your cracked corn in first, 1 gallon of boiling water and then 1 gallon of hot water.
Stir that up and then stir in the 8 lbs of of sugar until it's good and dissolved. then add 1 gallon of cold water. My mixture was about 100.7 Degrees f. at that point, so I added in 5 more gallons of water about 95 degrees.
Total ended up about 97.5 degrees which is good for activating the yeast. Add in about 0.8 oz of yeast, sitr well, then put some breathable cloth over the top of it and let it set 7-14 days, when it stops bubbling it's ready to go.

What kind of still are you using?

I just got a 5 gallon still off of amazon, has a thumper keg

I have reached pinnacle masterbation

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so I'm guessing as long as the stoichiometry is sound, I can just do the same process, but in a smaller ratio

That'll work just fine, make sure you leave about 4" of room at the top so the mash doesn't burp up into the worm. Make sure not to get it too hot and just keep checking what's coming out so you can keep the heads/hearts/tail separate.
The heat and knowing where you're at through the process is an experience thing. Oh, you probably won't get any with such a small run, but I always toss the fore shot to get rid of any methanol and any junk that didn't get cleaned out of the worm or the tail from the previous run if you're doing consecutive runs,

Yeah, I actually just made a 20 gallon batch yesterday doubling the recipe.
1:1 ratio all the way through their perspective proportions is a good rule of thumb I went by starting out.

Well I'm sure I'll get better at it as I go. I appreciate the help, hopefully one day I'll have my own perfected moonshine baby I can be proud of.
May no man have a reason to go sober.

My friend and I have made four albums in the last five months. We made one in three hours. We're still working on the fourth but as far as I can tell, this fourth album is our most cohesive and unique piece so far. I feel like we could do better, even though I really enjoy every track on the latest album.

Post a song on vocaroo.

Jokes on you.

You'll never know what was so great.

Good luck and enjoy friend!

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When will it b out?

Yeah I'll like to know too

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