Do girls always know what they're "doing" when they're around their guy friends?

Do girls always know what they're "doing" when they're around their guy friends?

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Always? No. That is too definite of an answer. 90% of the time? Yes. They do know exactly what they are doing.

Yes, especially when they do it in front of your friends.

Yup, pic related she's asking for a good ass fucking.

SEETH incel.

She's literally just wearing shorts?

you're a cuck if you wouldn't do anything in this situation

? It's just shorts? Are you so starved that seeing a bitch in shorts makes you chimp out?

Shes literally flaunting her ass.
She both knows and doesn't know. Or society is so depraved that shes been inculcated with the ridiculous belief that this is not only normal, but healthy.
When I was a teen, we called any girl/woman parading around like that a cock-tease and a slut. For good reason.
Go ahead and call me an oldfag. That doesn't mean I'm wrong.

This is sad

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>the only reason you wouldnt try to fuck her is because your wife or girlfriend has sex with other people
Excellent logic right here. I mean, I get what you're saying, but it's clear by the way you say it that you're a real fucking id.

When women do this it's sometimes a tease and sometimes just being comfortable. Anyone that has cats knows that they'll sometimes stretch in a way that points their ass at your face. That doesn't mean they want sum fuq. It's just a gesture that expresses trust. They know you wont attack/rape them if they turn their bacl your way.

Depending on context though, this can also mean that a woman wan sum fuq. Context is everything though

"doing" what exactly? Other people aren't responsible for your thoughts and perceptions, unless they are actively attempting to present themselves in a sexual manner, then no they don't know what they're "doing". I used to play vidya games in that position all the time, what's the fucking difference if you do it without a Y chromosome?

No. You just want them to know "what they're doing" so you can use it as an excuse to make a move on them when, in all likelihood, they would rather you not.

Definitely depends on the person, but from the way you phrased it, it sounds too incelly

being comfortable meaning she's okay with a dick inside of her too at that moment

bruh is that gta III

whew this thread brought out the SJWs pretty quick.

so you agree she wants it right?

>only an sjw wouldn't try to fuck anybody they see laying on their stomach
How big brained of you to notice

Time to start killing fags and trans

I have plenty of girl mates that I've shared a bed with and hung out with alone a bunch, if you reduce women to sex you're retarded and miss out on half the population as friends.

Yes. And what they're not doing, which will always be you.

>proud of still being virgin user
>calls others retards

>"girls never want me to make a move on them"

healthy outlook

I've fucked many of these 'friends'. You're still retarded.

i believe you.

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