Do you think banning phone posters would improve the quality of Cred Forums?

Do you think banning phone posters would improve the quality of Cred Forums?

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100% yes

At the rate they already get their entire cellular tower IPs banned, you won't have to

Ok, grandpa laptop!

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1000% yes.

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What's the difference between the object a post originates from and the quality of the content it contains?

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>he doesn't have his own pc
Your faggot ass can't make mspaint memes on your iPhone shithead. You wonder why OC on Cred Forums dropped in recent years? Because smart phones are a dumbed down version of browsing the internet which allows morons access to the internet that don't contribute or do anything
Phone posters don't make their own memes and don't bother to type out anything longer than a twitter post. Greentexting is also dying because the average phone poster doesn't have the attention span necessary to greentext a short story

I think banning all the porn bots would help. Half-life event was great while it lasted.

As if you're missing out on memes or something. They aren't even good. Show me 1 good mspaint meme.

Besides that there's still room for quality discussion to be had if threads weren't all porn

Phoneposters can't deliver quality content because of the gimped browsing experience they have to suffer through. They're pushed into tween grade texting.

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> " Do you think banning phone posters would ... whatever " ;

..... and how do you propose that Cred Forums might enforce a ban on phone poster ?
It isn't against the rules in the first place, and even if the Global Rules were amended to prohibit phone posting, it would make absolutely no difference.

The Jannies & Mods can't be arsed enforcing the existing rules most of the time as it is - they certainly wouldn't attempt to implement a ban on all phone posting.

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I want the black dick crew and politics crew to get banned, yeah. They think they're manipulating people but it's just fucking repetitive crap. Add something like "Only a fool would believe astroturfing works here." below the warning back from when we messed with football.

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No just porn and pol posters

But especially the phone porn poster.

you can't even do this because your mom won't let you save pics on the iphone she bought you.

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hmm maybe but could alleinate the new round of internet user. on the one hand a terminal makes it easier to vist other site pull infor build oc without losing visual stimuli of target

don't do it the free speech and access for all of Cred Forums makes it great

be phoneposter

will you:
respond with a clever shooped variation of OP's pic? no, because your phone doesn't have a good image editor

respond with a clever pic that's related to the theme? but attaching pics is so hard, so no

reply with "LOL FAGET"? yes. because that's easy to type.

>Show me 1 good mspaint meme.

you probably don't remember the alison mspaint threads. it was before your time.

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I'm a phone poster and I'll tell you right now autocorrect and phone typos lower the quality significantly more than if you fuck up on a keyboard


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No. The world is dying and there is no upward direction anymore.

Not necessarily, but we do need to require an image with every post, oldschool style, and r9k system for both the text body and the image. Really cut down on the faggots that are not actually into the imageboard culture.

We need a separate no-phone internet to filter out all the zoomer bullshit

a lot.

Yes, it definitely would and I’m a filthy phoneposter.

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upper left hand corner, also I can use discord bots to further edit the image(even if I do hate the extreme furfag trannys that host it). changing colors sharpness ect. dont always have time to turn on my laptop login wait for faildows to load fully, open my browser. even if gimped I can either post via the apps other anons made or by website with way less lag, luggage, and errors.

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yes please. I wouldnt mind having to keep a good folder of templates and pictures if it meant keeping the lazy larpers out.

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No, but region banning the entire Russian IP range would.

Drop dead! Go fuck yourself! Pig!

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Pathetic Fag! GTFO!

probably. maybe just ban em from posting things but allow reading, as most of the phonefags probably sit on the shitter while browsing b, so at least let them have their "toilet literature"

Get your own Cred Forums fag

Demons are coming for you! NOW!

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>reddit space
Gay retard detected


I honestly wouldn't care, but all my nudes are saved on my camera roll + I like to use Cred Forums when I'm not at my pc.

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But how else will I shitpost when I'm not at home on my PC?

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user is right. What killed b is all the porn threads. All the others are just the same - Andy sixx, shitty ylyl, whatever else. It’s not Random any more, it’s predictable. And shit.

Checked dubs don’t lie.

Your mom reads!

You know you miss my good threads. Stop fucking with me and there'd be more.

user no please i dont want to take my desktop to bed

Probably not.

Most automatically generated content is done by computer. Most fringe elements of society can't afford a computer. Anyone could figure this out themselves but this is a burnposters pretending to be concerned posters thread so what do you expect.

Yes most tweens post from their phone. Just point them out more you pussies.

> Checked.
> Based.

>killed Cred Forums
chemo is STILL the best medically available treatment for cancer kek