How does this make you feel whiteboi?

How does this make you feel whiteboi?

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glad they take the fatties... also scares the normal girls from getting fat

Sad that she can’t afford a bathing suit that fits

So true Bro!!

Clearly she has nothing to offer other than her body which will be obese by 35-40

It seems you have to post this just to reassure yourself.

That chick is banging hot and of she herself will be fucking fine like wine for years to come.

Anyway like the vast majority of women I've met, I have just as much chance of tapping that ass as the black guy does.. the only women I've ever met that were strictly black only are the ghetto ass hoodrat trash bitches. Hotwives and don't matter most primarily go BBC only from manipulation by their husbands.

Posting in a white nationalist recruitment thread

>fat arms
>rolls of fat on abdomen and upper thighs
>will age like fine wine

If she isn't in the gym 3x a week she's not. Stop projecting cuck.

I’m happy you’ve found love.

Makes me miss The Cove

Good for him. Both cucks and distasteful racists are strange to feel the way they do about it.

It makes me feel like that guy is five foot six or that girl is six foot two. Both really terrible heights for their respective genders.

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is he a manlet or she an amazon?

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So so glad, I would hate to keep the genes of a girl so stupid she'd fuck a nigger in the breeding pool.

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im a white guy dating a hot black girl so i dont really care lol

Like there is no clean sex and neither good things real women or hope in children.

I go to the gym 3 times a week, it's not hard bud.

Like voting for a billionaire rapist who is going to let industry poison my drinking water while racking up the deficit to record levels.

That you a white boy who's ashamed of being a little dick faggot so you compensate by liking bbc