Age, cunts fucked, loved

age, cunts fucked, loved
>31, 5, 1

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32, 2, 1

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26,18, 3.

German here.

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am asian pencil dick user


19, 13, 1

Learn Muay Thai and take steroids. Become Sagar/Jet Li/Bruce Lee. Never too late. Study Lao tsu


29, 3, 2

26,4, 3 . girls i fucked are not the 3 i loved outside of 1

Do incline hiit sprints. Standing vertical jumps. Vinyasa yoga. Find shit near U. Do it. Do weed no other drugs. Google t-nation know usa are permenently retarded hahah

Emotional bargaining. You didn't love them. Love implies PIV sex or genetic secession

she likes it so i'm ok for now

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Nice conversion

30s, 29, 7

Oh man the smirk smile. Diamonds every time keeper. You might not be tho

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These are 5/5 bodies btw but the mind makes it the other 5/10

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Soul/spirit/weed etc might cover you a +1~


Marry anything equal to Ur own rating else breed bastards and/or leave

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26, 54, 2

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Just jog with her thirty minutes a day 5x a week and ull keep her. 2.30hr total a week sweating

Oof onesiesxxxxx MY KRYPTONITExxx

20, 1, 0

Plus sexontop of this. Free sweating minutes doesn't apply to count tho hah

Quicky? xx

Girls when U lose Ur vCard U become a second rate citizen to any future prospectus. White girls U become a third cause America's moral degeneracy and intellectual mil gov genetic retardation compromising the entire English race.just the way it be until America nukes itself this century


25, 13, 3

27, 10, 3

White males
Asian females
Black females
Asian males
Black males
White females

34, 7, 2

22, 7, 1

[email protected] U can stop stalking me now it's been two decades U compromised by Thomas Woodrow Wilson blood go be with Ur second pick miss Watson. Drake v dragon bleugh

Filthy schizophrenic dumb retarded psychosis criminal. Suicide. Do it retard. Schixo loser old hag shit in Ur cunt whore yes I know U put Ur own shit in Ur own vagina cause that's what Ur seeds worth

20, 1, 3

22, 2, 1

Get off of Warframe and stop being a pedo, Kevin

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34, 35, 2

31, 9, 0

28, 10, 2

26, 21, 2

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Post more of this gook

25 15 1

40, ~80, 2

More of she?

21, 50+, 1

28, 17, 3

White male in the midwest

35, 23, 3

26, 6, 2

42, 0, 18

20, 2, 1

> 26, 5, 1

26, 20, and 3?

Damn she cute.


33, 55, 3...

Believe it or not, it is somehow pretty easy to get poon as a somewhat successful lead guitarist in a metal band when you're in your mid-late 20s... They weren't all babes, but the low-hanging fruit will kinda drop itself in your mouth.

lift bro dont date over 25

not at all mate..will be 36 by sunday..maybe 37 by the end of the month
i was on 25 this time last year and i broke up with my gf and just said fuck it...imma try and fuck as much as i can..were they all great? no...but some of them were really great..crossed alot fo things off my bucket list

based schizo poster

44, 20, 4


ull want olly lifts. start slow. make it primary hobby ontop of weed, games, music, socialising. google john cena shemus warm up. go from there into powerlifting forums etc. find the pro ones like and etc. go slow. after 3-5 months u can start gearing up.. get legal t-boosters (no drawbacks like roids), make sure u work out ur macros.. get good i was born a dragon. u just played a part.

>21, 0, 1

21, 1, 1

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summer i will walk into ur home with a knife and kill u corpse

>22 , 5, 2


What's the secret to getting laid? It seems a lot of y'all managed to do it despite being Cred Forums posters

this person has fragile x syndrome and mimics not being a subhuman retarded schizophrenic filthy animal dog

37, 18, 1

Don't be like the people you see here. Many of them are straight up mentally ill. I've taken long ass breaks from Cred Forums in my life, like year long breaks. I'm only here for California nude threads for the most part and my general rule is don't comment so you can have less of these people rub off on you

30. 14. 1.

27, 106, 4.

Lot of one night stands, friend with benefits arrangements, open relationships, and ghosting.

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28, 0, 0. Tfw.

>23, 1, 1
Weren't the same though. I didn't even kiss the one I loved

21, 3, 5

you must be an ant


35, idk... around 50, 0

Women aren't special. They're just people. Take the pussy off the pedestal and just approach them as you would anyone else. As long as you treat women like people instead of mysterious feywild creatures of the wood or beautiful sex toys to be ogled and fondled, you'll be alright. Show her the same respect you would anyone.
Learn how to pay a woman a compliment. Don't comment on her body, comment on the things she expresses herself with. Clothing choices, accessories, makeup, her taste in music, food, entertainment, etc. Haircut or hair colour can be good, or can come off as creepy. Don't try to use that compliment as a wedge to force a conversation open, give them in passing. Again, try not to comment on her body. It typically comes off as creepy... And definitely do not comment on the way she smells. Not unless you're already dating.
Don't be a goof, remain aloof. If you're the nervous type, just bear in mind that there are two possible outcomes to approaching a girl. Either nothing about your day to day life changes, or you hit it off and see where it goes from there. Approach her. If you fuck up, there will be other girls, and there will be other opportunities. It's okay to show a girl that you're interested in her, just don't lay it on too thick. As long as you conduct yourself in a manner that suggests you're not hoping too hard for any outcome in particular, you'll be fine.

TLDR: Treat women like people, show them respect, remain aloof, compliment her for the ways she expresses herself.

Oh, and get better at eating pussy.

What does that mean?

wrong man.. collectivization aint special
individualism is
love requires mutuality and reality
its geospatial-temporal dependent
we live in dry times...

ur brain small ur body small

22, 5, 2

Wow those are some nice holes, way to go!

>21, 3, 5
i know the feels

23,0,prob too many to count

29, 16, 2

30s, low 20s, 3

emotional bargaining. that aint love krishnamurti love&atb=v207-1zk&iax=videos&ia=videos

27, 18, 1

>40's, 16, 2

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lol fuckin loser

19, 1, 1

I don't get what would give you that impression, but sure. Let's go with that.

25, 24, 2

You really think so? Check out this huge load I am about to upload


picture aint worth shit when the language is this garbage ala thanks america

cause ya dumb bruh

26, 29, 2. Married to 1 of the 2.

24, 2, 1 (for 5 years now)

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Can’t imagine how anyone could possibly care but 42/46/3

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29, 11, 3

>Women aren't special.
Full stop. Everything else is bullshit.
They're just the needy cunts they are.

>mfw: 60+, hundreds, 1
Had roughly ~25 relationships, poly ones too. Fucked anything between 9 - 90 in my days back then. The one I truly loved was in my late teens, an unreachable Jehovah's Witness.
Be ALWAYS on your guard when it comes to females.

99, 0, 99

30, ~16, 2

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19, 30+, 11

18, 3, 0

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oof kitten xx

jim wendler 5/3/1 pdf
cannabis1-3 days a week
incline hiit sprints

no other party drugs

make GVT ur supplementry/assistence

oh fuck you can jerk off? my mistake carry on king

You're focusing too much on your exterior being. Focus on your interior being.

20, 7, 1

Thank you.

Enjoy your AIDS zoomer

25, 14, 2

rothbard agd pdf

How? How can I focus on my interior being?

gg ZBcnvN

Post your body

wtf lol? Did you want me to upload this directly to you or something?

no you autist how did you even assume that. Go back to never being loved nerd

nah im vip

180 squat
220 dl
100 ohp
under 13 second 100m

Everyone has stopped believing you

6’6, 205lbs, Redguard

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somebody squash this ant thanks

v asthetic but make sure you're hitting legs too

you're 280 lbs, too fat to squash yourself?

I’m with you fellow vertically inclined brother.

whats ur location right now im in brisbane city wanna meet?

>no reverse image results
hey nice bro

> See more New Imageboards. Full list...

45, 33, 4

>How? How can I focus on my interior being?
Have "nature" challenge you; see an awesome sunset and sunrise, w/o smartphone on you. Stand quietly inside a 'teeming of life' forest, march across snow drifting plains in the deepest of winter-wonderland, just you and your own thoughts. Then do it with a trusty friend of yours.
The rest comes on its own.

Thank you. I’ve always felt like there was a void in my being. I’ve been trying to compensate for it with all these superficial and meaningless things.

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1989 born

2007 2/10 her born 1989 leigh
2009 2/10 her born 1993 jaci
2013 0/10 her born 1995 jordan
2015 5/10 her born 1993 claire


Then what?

20, 5, 1.

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25, 16, 1. Haven't fucked the one I love.


the way of all things

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murder america


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I'm this guy...

And I seem to be holding the record here.
And this is 100% real, not made up
But the factors that contribute to my number being so high are:

>I'm not very attractive, I'm brown, with a big dick. So girls will mainly fuck me on a drunk Friday or Saturday night, but not really want a relationship with me.
>I had my heard broken, so I don't even WANT a girlfriend, I just want to fuck bitches and record myself fucking them on video...
>I fuck basically any woman that will let me, meaning I fuck fat chicks, uglies, and even grannies. I don't fuck black women though.
>All I do is basically message tons of women on POF, Tinder, Bumble, OKCubid, and Badoo. (Whisper hasn't really yielded much results for me)
Here's a screenshot of me basically texting 100 women a day on Google voice. I just use my computer as I can type 80 wpm...

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Once you drop the indoctrination about women you have been fed your whole life, you'll realise just how human they are.
Ironically, until this point I would also add that it is difficult to genuinely love.

>31, 7, 3


>42, 16, 2

31, 1, 1

ur lifes worth as much as ur women are to me.

> 20, 6, Not really sure kinda feel like I thought I loved my first gf, but with retrospect not entirely sure I did.

me or the women?

You know nothing.

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28, stopped counting by 30, loved 3
Pic related my gf (20yo)

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i know the most out of anyone who has ever existed on top of this i am the gatekeeper to my successor bar no other. i am god, for now, as i choose. in full dictive directive and control. u are nothing.

the best moments in life are watching her get dressed in the morning and kissing her on her way out ^_^ x

Uhh... what?

40, lost count, we don't love dem hoes

You value nothing.

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You stand for nothing.

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Gayfag? The Pest moments are when you put you peepee into her vagine ;-)

You believe in nothing.

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29, 1, 1

You ARE nothing.
As such too shall you perish - nothing.

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33, 90+, 1

29, 80something, 1

37, 3, 1

and u aint even worth that


hurdle rates people

next time just make the post but dont hit reply same effect egocentrism

18 2 0

32, 7, 6.

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>26, 4, 1

#4 is a keeper


are you fucked? you better be late 30s what kind of tard loves 7 people

u just kno

>Then what?
This may sound wired, but it will come on its own. You are you. No one is alike. Alone by the sum of our experiences in life. Today's world wants you to consume and be cookie-cut.
But life is nothing but a challenge. You adapt or you perish.
Think about this: only for the past 100 years we have an abundance in food, shelter and creature comforts (in the western hemisphere).
But nature/biology doesn't work like that. For the past 10,000 years we were challenged in one way or another. Such challenges (and their subsequent experiences) form bonds and relationships.
Which is why all 'older cultures' and societies had 'rites of passages' which incidentally were demanding challenges.

Not nowadays. Passing college graduation isn't a rite of passage in the commonly understood sense. It's a challenge no doubt.
We're too much sheltered in today's world. "Safety and security", "born in a box, growing in in a box, learning in boxed classes, living in boxes, working in a box, coming around in a box with wheels and ending up in a box after all"
The Key is to experience and to overcome a 'wholesome' challenge.
Sports are unfortunately an insufficient substitute for that.

cereal monogamy so 2 of those were thousands of times but i dont think that counts

20, 3, 1
Lost my virginity at 18 after being the biggest virgin possible throughout high school, only women I talked to were teachers and relatives.
all it takes is some confidence and a bit of drink Involved, dont be too picky if its just a fuck, first bitch just laid there like a carcass but i nutted so idc

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oof yum cun xx

cum bucketsxxx


What band were you in?


mew i love u forever x keep ur ego, but if u need my help know i wont think im better cause of it or something, i want to help u, selflessly, always, it is no issue to me, it is my life, i love u, n i love urs, alwaysx forev x

ps guys dont ever take an easy root its literally NEVER worth it

24, 30, 2.


24, 12, 0

27, 16, ive only ever really loved one girl, but I’ve probably lied about it a few times regretfully.

23, 4, 0

33, 3, 1

28, 50 to 100, 0


24, 70-90, 1

19, 3, loved one of them, but in total, loved about 5 girls

22, 7, 2? love is hard to pin down but i definitely havent felt it in years


yeah the idea of these threads is to give u something to think about, this the platform/medium yw xx

32, 26, 3

26, 35-40, 2-3.
Serbian beta.

19, 0, 0

also important to remember where ur semen machines been; responsibility, accountability, at least awareness to cover ur own ass

contract formation for contraception includes 4th trimesters.

31, 2, 3

I thought I could never love again until I met 3. Now that I know I can, I never want to again.

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Disgusting ass, fake face

20, 17, 1

Learn anyways, never stop improving yourself

check urself loser

32, 6, 2

Coool. Can't see it anyways.

>honestly who counts.. 25+ probably

34, 9, 2

cant c it happening either never did its been literally 3 months of my time = different person 100%

22, 1, 1 (same one) was love at first sight

The desperation of this thread is hilarious. Sad, desperate faggots talking about pussy never had IRL, lol......

19, 0, 2

Yeah, yeah, I'm a cuck, whatever

26 0 1

24, 16, 2

Sorry I don't understand

I didn't lose virginity until I was 20, 21, I don't remember

54, 0, 0

36, 40, 3

19, 4, 2

31, 80+, 3

Serious question. How do I pick up/ get in contact with girls for just sex? Do you just find them on tinder?



>20, 2, 1

27, 0, 0

get drunk let them lead relationship progression

then its about u not 2 u
ad infinitum

How far should I take the relationship? I just ended a 2 year relationship with my gf and am looking for some pussy


do a season of iron and build up the bro equity then hit it

give ur self 20 declines before ur actually worried about it

cannabis heals
alcohol destroys
let her be destroyed


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37, 21, 2

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30, 27, 2

33, 12, 1.5

28, 76, 3

23, 10, 2


Surprised how low your numbers are but this is the incel board...

36, 7, 2

20, 1, 1

25, 1, 6

it's been a rough life anons.

30, 6, 2

look ur real numbers be 1-0
go for 2-1

work for it, ur 25, when did 1 occur? give urself 25+ that many years ago to find it

25, 4, 2

Go away mati noone likes your thot ass

22, 5, 3

38, 23, 2

33, 12, 3.

State wins your welcome gg/QF9Qaq

Sounds fat


30 year old boomer

Cunts fucked?

Idk anymore at least 30 or 40


Tbh I don’t think love exists

Who's this stupid bitch

30, 80ish, 0

27, 40+, 3

Boomers are not in their 30s kiddo, I thought summer ended.

i know 68 year olds with down syndrome who are leaders of 10,000 employees and bank 75b/yr ama

31, 4, 2

High quality stuff, cockwrench

18, 3, 0

Are you his much of a newfag the 30 yo boomer meme is like a year old at most

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24, 11, 2

29, 12, 4

Pic related

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1989 born
meet her me diff
2007 18 18 00
2009 16 20 04
2013 18 24 06
2015 22 26 04
2019 25 30 05

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Anything but. It's already different. I'm apathetic where I used to worry about everything. I got a ginger girl hooked on me who says she cares about me, but I honestly don't give a shit if she disappeared tomorrow.

life taught me only one thing

only what is in ur hands is real

also schizophrenic down syndrome johnathon fragile x syndrome (he looks like a retard google h p lovecraft and thomas woodrow wilson and fragile x syndrome he looks like that) has caused my a disc herniation, broken calf, and broken bicep. seeing doctor tomorrow but my bodies been permenently retarded by a schizophrenic down syndrome with psychosis. usa is guilty on literally 100% of humanity and being eradicated. murdered.

permenent retardance

>27, between 25-30, 2

I'm a raging alcoholic so my memory between 22-25 (when I was in my formative cunt getting days) is blurry.

>28, S A B J C R K J H H D S A D, S H S

24, 25, 2

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26, 14, 2.

I still love you Jenny, I always will.

hear you user. woke up yesterday in a hotel room with no wallet and saw that I spent nearly 900 dollars in total the day before. Fuck I hate alcohol.

23, 1, 1

24, 2, 1

What the fuck were you on when you posted this gibberish?

23, 12, 3 (fucked only one of those 3)

ur being murdered


24 20 3

holes a goal

20, 11, 1

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30, 7, 2

Number 6 was mind blowing

Number 5 was a petite strawberry blonde that loved making out with 6. Regret not getting a threesome out of it. L

I was abused growing up and I'm mentally unstable because of many, many years of isolation and abuse. I don't think I'm capable of love. I'm not joking either. I watch people die on best gore, death addict, liveleak, almost every day. I don't feel many emotions because I was forced to turn most of them off years ago. The amount of screaming, arguing, fighting, and hate I've been exposed to has made me a numb potato man. The only times I feel normal is when I'm in an extremely aggressive fire fight with an OPFOR. For some reason that shit is like my medicine. It calms me down.

23, 7, 2

Just one out of hundreds?

34, ~80, 8

25, 32, 4

34, 75, 2

20, 0, 2.
Unrequited as always, user.

35 / ~30 / 3

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22, 6, 0