Is user-ib being back up like some sort of glownigger trick or like whats going on here?

Is user-ib being back up like some sort of glownigger trick or like whats going on here?

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I want to share but I feel scared

It doesn't matter

Is what what?

What's the new url?



The new url is

Anonib dot ru

Translation: OP wants to share nudes of girls he knows on a previously taken down, controversial image board without undue worry of his shit getting traced back to him by the feds

> MFW it's been down for years and I'm almost fucking 30 so no one is posting any win about anyone I actually know IRL because we are all old as fuck now

privacy is an illusion

Dude it’s been down for a few months. Not even that long. Maybe a year tops.

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Thanks friends.

It's unlikely the feds would create a website that appears to be under Russian jurisdiction.

If you care more than check the whois details. But the best policy is to always assume the site is compromised so ride a vpn or tor. Even if the site is logging ips you'll be safe.

Additionally, feds really only care about child porn, and often need to prove you intentionally sought illegal material. Furthermore, the previous user ib was raided and you didn't get v& right?

Revenge porn is illegal in some states. And Feds only care about federal laws

These are my ramblings, and in conclusion practice security and opsec always. Without those you'll likely still be fine if you don't post obvious cp

On the bright side I was the first post for Utah

I was using anonme until they started all but requiring subscribtions. Now I use disc until they get banned. That said. Anyone got a good cord!

Negative. It's been at least a few years since it's glory days. I know, because I found my exes nudes right after I graduated college, which was several years ago. It was all over the news in 2016-2017

Thank you user. You're a kind soul

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i dont see any threads on that site in Cred Forums

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The word must get out for traffic

I know eh?
The whole place is an echo-filled ghost town now.

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Woah. More of her?

10/10 bait

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Just a chick I used to know who would keep me warm on these cold Canadian nights.

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its a trap by the russians

it was always a trick.

more tho

> .See more New Imageboards. Full list