What the FUCK has Rush Limbaugh done to earn a Medal of Freedom?

What the FUCK has Rush Limbaugh done to earn a Medal of Freedom?

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Help spread propaganda lol


Ah, truly the American dream.

He's a super kiss-ass.
So great...


lie and spread propaganda for glorious leader donald

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He's a great man, and you would be wise to listen to him.

prove it

Fight to deprogram the soy boys leftists that are indoctrinated in our school systems

Triggered you and many others and made millions doing it.

The dude is dying a shit death and he's famous. It was gesture and no one got hurt. Maybe Trump is a fan too, idk. Either way, if libfaggots are mad about i' was worth it.

>spent his entire career opposing leftist encroachment on our constitutional rights like freedom of speech, and the right to bear arms
>LEFTISTS: "WTF has this guy ever done for freedom? He's right wing, fucking hang him!"

t. leftist logic
I swear, progressives all ought to be post-birth aborted.

It's prima facie.

triggering you faggot

How can the left claim to be American if they aren't repiblicans?

served israel and zog for his entire career
team red jews vs team blue jews
pick your poison, america


becoming IRL Jabba the Hutt

RIP Rush

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youre going to need more than barack obama to fight this war in your head there m8

About as much as Obama did to get the nobel prize

It just sorta zeros out the value of said medal from this point forward.

lol as if quid pro quo is itself illegal. It's the context. And in the context of holding congressional appointed tax payer funds ransom until a foreign entity investigates a political rival, it's very illegal.

Now it's time for you to reply and show you don't care about democracy.

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Pissed off OP

Not wrong; but I cherish having listened incredulously a few years ago as he insisted that smoking never killed anyone.

What did Ellen DeGeneres do?


“Firsthand smoke takes 50 years to kill people, if it does,” he said. “Not everybody that smokes gets cancer. Now, it’s true that everybody who smokes dies, but so does everyone who eats carrots.”

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holy fuckin kek

She became an ugly man

>no one got hurt.
Trump defames the very meaning of the Medal Of Freedom, and thus demeans our American values, but tell me again how this hurts no one. It hurts our credibility, and thus hurts us all.

whataboutism? this early?

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This is the hypocrisy and projection the GOP uses to trick the less educated and oppresses the masses.

Yeah. Given the Modal Of Freedom by an impeached President LOL such honor

can't answer the qeustion?
>hurrr whataboutism!!! how dare you point out hypocrisy

>if libfaggots

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Never even heard of this award till last night tbh.

How about these ????

Oprah Winfrey 2013 Barack Obama [35]
Marlo Thomas 2014 Barack Obama [21]
Lorne Michaels 2016 Barack Obama [10]
Ellen DeGeneres 2016 Barack Obama [10]

what they did is they kiss ass to RIGHT president

If whataboutism is simply pointing out that it's at the president's discretion who receives the award and that there's a long, illustrious history of it being given to people who hardly advanced the state of the country, then sure. I'll accept the criticism.

But you just don't like Rush and you want to be critical. And that's OK too, complain away.

he spreads the truth

The same thing Obama did when he won a Nobel Prize.

He made it through the state of the union without crying and throwing a tantrum.



trump just literally destroys the value of whatever he touches. Imagine being someone who actually earned that medal and knowing fucking rush limbaugh has one too.

Hopefully die



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Dope heads aren’t typically known for their de-programming

Yes, I'm sure That Girl feels her award is tainted.

your mother too .... idiot

except thats not what happened... at all. but keep coping fag

Sidney Poitier 2009 Barack Obama [5]
Meryl Streep 2014 Barack Obama [21]
Steven Spielberg 2015 Barack Obama [27]
>Robert Redford 2016 Barack Obama [10]
>Robert De Niro 2016 Barack Obama [10]
Tom Hanks 2016 Barack Obama [10]
Cicely Tyson 2016 Barack Obama [10]

It is already tainted

What those 2 did for USA ???

Fucking idiots


How does it feel to be so fucking delusional?

How could he be investigating a political rival when we asked for the investigation a year before Biden announced he was running for president.
Was it illegal for the Obama administration to wire tap Trump Tower while he was running for president?
>Running for office means your cannot be investigated for a crime (only if you are a democrat)
t. dumb fucking leftists

Awesome you watch CNN.
>Orange man bad

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You already lost commie shitheads. Cope.

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He's written children's books on the founding of our nation.
He helped Drudge become famous. If it wasn't for Drudge we wouldn't know how to properly use cigars in the white house. If it wasn't for Rush, Drudge would not have gotten the media exposure.
He points out asshat moves from both parties. He's not just a republican shill.

That's a ton of Kool aid you drank.

Trump triggering libs.

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Made sniveling bitch libtards like OP cry non-stop.

(((JEWS))) are oy'vey'ing hard.

what makes that bad?