How hard is it to stab someone to death?

how hard is it to stab someone to death?

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Depends on where you stab them

as hard as your penis when you are stabbing them

answer! absolutely i do

if you can already beat them in a wrestling match you're going to stab them to death
you kick the flight or flight response and are fighting adrenaline off the bat so make the first cut count in the neck or femoral

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Depends on with what and where.

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assume leatherman or swiss army knife

Easy and hard. It's not like in the movies. Most of the time it takes quite a few stab wounds, with cuts even more unless you know what you're doing, of course. Most murder victims of knife attacks have upwards of 15 wounds on them.
Not like in the moovies.
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Honestly depends on what you’re using.

Would be hard to kill someone with a pen knife, but you could also do it in one swift stab to the wind pipe.

While you could slash at someone multiple times with a Bowie and it’d take awhile for them to bleed out depending on where you cut them

If you stab someone in the groin or the armpit theres a reasonable chance they'll bleed out (in like 30 seconds if it's in exactly the right place). Obviously doing that might be easier said than done.

>assume leatherman or swiss army knife
Those have short blades. You wouldn't even have a good chance to hit an organ with a fatty or a thick coat. That's fer stabbins, of course. Torso stuff.

Also, hospitals are top notch for this stuff and people often heal.

Also also, don'tt be a dick and attack anyone. That goes after this post too

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so i imagine bleeding out is the killer, but you can lose a ton of blood and not be dead.

14 percent blood loss before major side effects
>site healthline com
leaterman blads can be 154 cm long

>154 cm long
pic related

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They have 5ft long blades?

That's not a knife, it's a short sword.

Unless you mean 154mm, which is more like 6"

>That's not a knife, it's a short sword.

nvm leatherman wave blade is 7.37cm by lets call it 2mm by maybe 2.5cm . so we have 7.40*0.2*2.5 cm

so each stab is 0,2*2.5 cm hole or 5mm^3 i estimate i can get 1ml/s out a 1cm^3 hole so i can get 0.5 ml/s out of 5mm^3 hole.

human has 5 liters of blood at 14%
so 7 dl or fuck si converstion why can't it be easy imperial units.
700 ml

Depends on where you stab them.

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it would take roughly 23 minutes for a haemophilia to die from a leaterman wave knife wound time decreases per stab wound but is limited to veins size and number of veins hit ie 16 stab wounds in one vein same as 15 stab wounds

oh shit i forgot to include pressure, fuck you Cred Forums you peasents i got a shortsword bottle opener screwdriver combo

Just a good jab with a sharp something about 1.5-2" into someones jugular could easily cause them to bleed out if they don't get medical attention. Same with femoral artery.

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