Celeb thread

Celeb thread

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I think her pussy is so tight.

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That's terrible :(. Hope you still got enough rest

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lmao it was just a weird dream I'm always on time to go to shit.
I slept a few hours longer than usual so I should be alright.
Can't wait to play Granblue Fantasy Versus today,.

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me want feet

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yourself can get it

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I love ______

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seriously, did you post that picture like it was the face you made while saying what you did? cause i can't stop laughing.

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ofc I did. I keep lewdface Emma for it.

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pathetic - even by b/ standards

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Weird dreams are always the best. Enjoy your game when you play it!

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Chad's cock

now i just wish i hadn't asked

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Granblue Fantasy Versus is a great game. I loved playing it

I want Maise

Where is hersh
Where is smilefu
Where is purefu
Where is morsey
Where is pix
Where is will
Where is c
Where is mj

good to hear. Looks really fun

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I wish Laura would be my friend

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What a nice flag.....

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They're all gone. This is like one of those episodes where they focus on background characters so they can cheaply film two episodes at once, like the TNG ep Lower Decks.

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what does this imply?

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>Tfw you're not the protagonist
>Tfw I'm a background character in my own life

You should try playing Charlotta , she is fun.

Who would the protagonist of /celeb/ be?
I already know who the villain is

QT and mommy. The perfect balance.

Some of the best stories happen to those who assume they're in the background of a world meant for other people. Worse places to be.

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I'll try her but Ladiva looks really cool so I wanna play her. Everyone at locals seems to wanna play Lowain tho.

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Let me see her naked just once.

I cant blame you. Ladiva is cool. personally I love to play the less picked characters.

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Well she's shat out a kid, so I highly doubt that. Nothing ruins a woman like having a kid.

there are no regular members good enough for that


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Where are all of the new nude leaks? That's all I care about.

I like most of them

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I get you. I just play characters I like I guess. I play Terumi in BlazBlue just cause I like him despite him being bottom 1.

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Need haiz hugs

( ಠ益ಠ)

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I wonder what the next scene will be?

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Great idea. Play the characters you like. Terumi was also my guy in BlazBlue

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lmao nice. He's the worst in every game apparently but he fits my playstyle and I like his overly edgy design.

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The return of Hersh (please)

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ᶘ ᵒ ᴥ ᵒᶅ You can Lacey eating ice cream on the pier.

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The redemption arc these shitty threads don't deserve

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He suits mine aswell but if I want to play comp , I had to find a new one to play.

( ಠ益ಠ)

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Watcha doin there beady

can I be her slave

( ಠ益ಠ)

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anyone 4 disc?

I think that's the only way it's going to work out.

Digits deserve a good pic

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Had the best BB player in my ocuntry watch me play him once that was awkward.

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Oh , What did he say ?

When did she become a semen demon


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>Semen Demon

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:[ < - me

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My croosh

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old used hag falling into liability now time to terminate to cut on the repayment

nothing lol he was just watching

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mfw exam today

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It isn't glamorous work, but the celeb thread is a cornerstone of the community. I have to give back!

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You'll do fine. :)

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( . )( . )

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>The perfect balance.

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>posting thumbnails

I have deep shame

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Could be that had a little talk afterwards :)

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what did she mean by this?

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A little harsh don't you think?

>I still haven't watched the latest season of Sabrina.
Just KMS already. :

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:) :/ :(

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if u look at the photo of her in vougue where shes on the couch with her arms cross over... thats her, why is that her? 1 reason. me. the rest is the contamination of humanity. you must burn alive. i am owed 1xherlife


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Honestly these 2 webms about sum it up.

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It's gonna be ok. :)

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true but he was just waiting for the setup to be free.

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First she melts your heart, then the rest of you falls much more quickly.

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Ummm... okay?

They're pulling out all the stops now lmao
But it's good to know that Kiernan is open to wearing such sexc clothes on screen. :#]

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Ah , I see. You think you will compete in tournaments with Granblue Fantasy: Versus ?

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Yeah that shit got worse every season lmfao. Next one she'll just be nakey for no reason.

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local tournaments yes but don't really travel much.
Might go to vsfighting maybe.

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:) good.

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yeah the universe actually got fucked by us not being together now we both opting out so ur even more fucked and it aint on us

dont ever stand in the way of love and kill all subhumans


Oh , I will be at vsfighting.

O u O

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oof nakey ;_;

no sleep, best sleep

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You/we already are.

The exploitation of The Kiki is no laughing matter.

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No sleep just leaves you more spare time to do the things you feel like doing :)

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body means nothing. its where u go in each others arms is all that counts

these people will never ever know what real love is
u must lobotomise ur association and mental consideration of connections to them permenently.

they are sitting there talking about her in double speak - its schizophrenia.. theyre retarded. schizophrenic guilty ants that dont realise they are. never going to do real work in all their life. think at best they can comrpomise for tollerated acceptance throughout the generations.

kings and generals rome history


note they will not want this, seperate the connection u must all the same.. neuropl

self betterment, real , tangible. what u want for ur daughter u do for u

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u r held accountable to that truth internally, no one else will raise her for u. thus u will raise urself properly.

Will anyone ever experience true love? Hopefully sometime before I get too old.

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no sleep, today exam >_<

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I don't want her to be exploited. Now that you mention it, her being still so young and being nude on screen already would probably make me feel bad.

I take Kiernan's well being over nakey any day. c:

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Love to go back in time and have her sit on my face with that teen bush.

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I won't

u exchanged truth for fake money u get what u pay for u made ur bed now u lie in it


ah nice I know a bunch of ppl irl who are going.

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─ノ( º _ ºノ)

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Why did you cut her fuckboi

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Letting it get you down just makes it worse. Just focus on comfy feelings.

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(o _ o) TFW I'm already too old.

Lemme hold that boob real quick.


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oof worshipable xx

if ur not responsible for ur own actions u have no personhood no consideration anyway

ugly cunt

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see this is real life to ur people ur less then ants

this is worthy of 69 ass tongueing
still wouldnt lift a finger for it


Yeah , Last year was my first time and I liked it so this year , I will go again.

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Trump mvp :) you right

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each individual unique it is that deductivity from which inductive inclusion occurs/flows/doesnt. not oh shes got a fat ass i need a fat ass. thats schizophrenia. ur not her. SHE has a fat ass
different to YOU . stupid cunt. no overlap. you=/= (not equal) to her

no hoper subhumans

now im not ignoring u ur like hurrr durrr feedback loop. ingrained schizophrenic trash

pig fuck meat

u have a 107 year interlude geolocality of fragile x syndrome white people schizophrenic intellectual mental retardation rock ur living under. rest of the world sharpens its knives. die retarded cope

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Is that some radiance I see?

Have you been drinking?

>The last thing you see before she 187's you.

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:3 ty

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different considerations apply and are for different people








subhuman pig ants ur part of the baggage train ur the first thing to go u will never last


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cannabis u schizophrenic bitch retard

psychological concreteness

Attached: lacey-chabert-PIC-HWB04490.jpg (1200x1840, 142K)

im not ur leader. im not going to save u. im here to tell u r all condemned. try texas and california. make sure ur ready to get ur hands dirty. someone post the pic of that chick making the house with her foot up. thats a celebrity. ur litearl dog meat schizos.

usa is being murdered


retarded shit the camera lense is the give away


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Here you go

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Have you been to vsfighting before ?


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u better hurry up bitch if u wanted to do that little self sustainability property. ive been studying that shit for 30 years. i expect equality

lieing schizophrenic cunt

the dissapointment i feel for her whenever i see a picture of this cunt

because she is smarter, more attractive, and more successful than you?

This episode of Celeb Thread was definitely a filler ep, but I'm trying to figure out whether this was an isolated incident or if we're in a full on filler arc.

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i have more
virgins fucked (shes not even one includes fingered)
tournament wins
money (real)
desirable suiters
then her
less bleach and bath salts consumed
you have down syndrome

chad being a salty bitch earlier was a decent episode

name 3 philosophers go ill wait(not)

I thought that was a rerun.

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Kek what he do


just a common trope this season
talked shit about kateanon and pix

Most of the cast left and we're circling the drain of cancellation

mind full of garbage no room for reality
literal oxygen theives
consuming resources for no benefit
shouldnt have been born


I'm literally that plotline from the office where the camerman starts getting involved and you know it jumped the shark

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i beleive in ur love though little kitten .xxc

when did that happen?

weightedly worth more then life itself combined :

>before I get too old.

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3-4 hours ago
you know how he gets when he's intoxicated. needs to be the center of attention.

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Attached: DDF9B4A2-D0F4-46E9-8919-A6B20B7756F9.jpg (1071x1406, 684K)

I think you will like it. The crew is friendly. food is delicious and the other players will help you if you need any tips.

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up ya ass

Attached: DCjanz.jpg (1000x1500, 263K)

Attached: 1257523655677.jpg (3168x4752, 745K)

Attached: 29C37565-25CC-45DF-9CB6-662A6A0A2982.jpg (1464x1830, 1.51M)

Right in the fucking feels there


Attached: heart.jpg (1024x1600, 121K)

This is what i need right now

her jobs to accept ur all worthless, task fulfilled, trust me on this, and discard u, if shes not strong enough to do that then the problem contains the solution and shes not strong enough for what me and my seed require.

Attached: 11F9F254-7FD8-4816-A48A-F7C54F59F48F.jpg (2400x1600, 899K)

Attached: 6601C058-A9ED-467D-8273-9323031E459F.jpg (2489x2102, 942K)

Attached: 1069e8b.jpg (2027x3000, 799K)

> See more New Imageboards. Full list...


Attached: F740C482-E1A4-4B5C-ADD8-FFB8CBCA01BA.jpg (3700x2516, 1.87M)

yeah I'm already involved in my local scene and stuff so I've got a group to go with so I'll probbably head down.

Attached: 0tom6ckq6fm31.jpg (960x957, 137K)

does ur mind hold these people to be ur equal?

do u understand its some of ur own fault and thats what u were paid ur sheckles for?

american genocide*

Attached: collapse inc.jpg (3507x2480, 727K)

it is great if you have a group to go with. I went alone last year and missed my friends.

Attached: Jordyn Jones 13456a.jpg (1024x1820, 207K)


My heart legit hurts when I see jj
Imagine taking her to a Halloween party

What is that, US military presence?

wonder if she giggles when her dad motorboats her

yep. us empire, right before collapse due to hyper inflation currency debasement. right at the same point as rome was before it did. this century baby.. plz come and hug me so i know ur safer

nothing about u repulses me.. just intrigues xx but i want to be where u want to be and the path of such.. thats what i want..


I’m all good, I live in a grey spot : D