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Relax, Skippy.
It's only 5 more years.

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Clinton is looking a lot better than last time I saw him

nah clinton actually has a normal body-mass ratio

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No he doesn't lol wtf

I guarentee i pay more taxes than you. Im just not a short sighted albino apalachian nigger.

Wow you're deluded

Shut up faggot.

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Oh man, I straight had a laugh attack when I read this. Thanks user.

I corrected this piece of art.

Rapist is Hoopin in Hell now

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beat me to it

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trump killed epstein to keep him quiet

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Not even close, Thomas Jefferson was known cereal rapist.

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cereal wasn't invented until the early 20th century, retard

You know god damned well the next guy would have been an Epstein client, and the guy before and the guy aft... oh right.

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The Dark lord reigns! HAIL SATAN!

>Excellent quality

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>Father of Lies is a Democrat
Yep, not surprised

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I like the implication that LBJ, Regan and Clinton weren't ever elected.

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just not believable when it's well known that he likes blonde bimbo types. like is he a pedophile or did he fuck Stormy Daniels? I believe the Stormy thing. Trump's sexuality is a circa 1993 playboy magazine full of Jenna Jameson's airbrushed titties.

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Keep reelecting retards! Enjoy bush 2. I'm glad they cucked him.

and I suppose he didn't bone his daughter either, right?

You may fantasize about him so much that it seems real to you but I can assure you it isn't

He got wiped by Buttigieg in Iowa - a dude with barely any history on the national stage and barely any support. Bernie's gonna drop out of the race by May.

Good point. Buttigieg won the Iowa delegates and has already seen a massive spike in donations over the past 24 hours. The rich trust fund white Millennials that make up 99% of Bernie's dwindling base will get bored supporting yet another failed Bernie run & back the inevitable Warren / Buttigieg ticket.

Your leader

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so you're not from the USA?

We don't have a rapist as a leader from where i'm from

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you probably do actually

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Just sayin...

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the first president to be impeached and also re-elected. gonna be an interesting tidbit for the history books.

Might as well had a faggot throat singer for Speaker of the House. Cry all night and day about how your little gavel don't get shit done in politics let alone a place where the men work, fucking wrinkly cock juggling bitches.

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The first? Are you real? Trumpers are worse than I thought!

Hahahahaha... tears... Bwahahahahahaha.....

You sir. Are a dumbass!

Donald is the antichrist!

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whoever made this I want to skin alive and then force them to eat their own skin, and then kick them with the force of Ronaldo in their unskinned testicles.
Either that or it's a satire of the manchildren who confuse their multi-billion dollar focus-group designed franchises with anything in the real world - in which case I say: Bravo artist.
But if it's for real, then skinning time.

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You're stupid

It's "shithole", re-tard.

William Jefferson Clinton, him in Arkansas and the accepting bribes via sexual favors to pardon women. He is the king of all rapists

who is bill Clinton then? dumbass

Is there another?

no u

I love that not only do democrats make these goofy declarations, but their mindless fans eat it up and regurgitate it as if true.

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Evangelicals don't have crucifixes in their churches.

first? are you sure? cause we used to have slave owners for president...

45th. He might be the 45th rapist we've had as president

The only goofy one is your leader and you

True. But this one thinks he's the greatest. He's pathetic. Others have done greater things for instance lincoln. He is one to admire.

Ukraine is so lovely in the summer!

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Who is Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings.
Figures you uneducated leftist fucks don’t know your history.

is he? grade school left out some important things about lincoln such as: he selectively freed slaves, and later tried to get them to leave america. And I'm sure there's more, but I'm not going to research it. I doubt highly that anyone who has become president was a "good" person.