This is it Cred Forums. I'm at the end of my line. I've been unemployed for almost a year and my savings are all gone...

This is it Cred Forums. I'm at the end of my line. I've been unemployed for almost a year and my savings are all gone. I havent eaten in 6 days and I've spent the last 2 throwing up the water in my stomach. Friday I intend to OD on a stock of pharmaceuticals I have built up over the past few years. I'm 21, a virgin (only been in love once but she wanted to marry before sex) have multiple mental illnesses, and have been committed to mental institutions 3 times. I'm leaving behind a sister and niece that I love very much and my best friend who may or may not kill themselves after I do depending on how he handles it. I won't stream it for fear my niece may see it one day (I'm not trying to fuck up someone before they comprehend death/suicide). My last question I suppose is how should I spend the last days of my life? I have $5.80 and half a tank of gas. What should I do before I die?

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Been there man but if that's the plan why don't you go sell that car for cheap and find some fun things to do for a few days? You could take a trip to a new place, you could get shitfaced or blown, I mean user at least try some fun self destructive shit if you're gonna end it (but I think afterwards you'll realize there's good shit out there)

>inb4 LARP fag

That's not a bad idea user. I might just do that. Thank you

Half a tank of gas?
Buy more gas
Rape a school girl

Drive to a place with a nice view. Enjoy the nature around you

You could sell me your car I need one user

No problem friend let us know how your partying goes! Since you've got the time read/listen some mindfulness philosophy shit too, Alan Watts, Eckhart Tolle, Miyamato Musashi

Walk as far as you can

Sell car, hire prostitute.

If you think you can an hero after getting your dick wet, then all the best to you user.

Buy your niece a farewell present.

just say hello to everyone you run into and be really friendly. Pass on whatever go is in your heart before you die. Go to a church. Rape a school girl. Visit a zoo or museum. Watch the movie "Come and See" because its the best movie ever and you need to see it at least once before you die.

I hope you change your mind. Godspeed you.

What's wrong with PBR ? This guy seems pretty cool. I don't use social media either

One of these things is not like the other...

This guy's got it

Buy a Cred Forums pass

kill some niggers with your car

let me know how it goes too man!

>stock of pharmaceuticals
Sell them you retard.

Mental institutions are the worst. Been there. Why did you get locked up?

I would recommend not dying and instead trying to get off the pharmaceuticals. Suicidal thoughts can be a side effect.

What were you diagnosed with/prescribed? What are you planning on ODing on?

Buy TSLA calls faggot

Buy a lotto ticket and bum some smokes off someone. Maybe give the lotto ticket to your niece or something.

You havent eaten in six days, but you havent pawned your phone or computer or stopped paying for wifi?
Just get a job loser. There’s literally more now than ever, you’re just being a first class, first world bitch who doesnt want to work at a fast food joint or something.
If you’re complaining your gonna kill yourself over being unemployed and arent actively seeking or taking any job you can get.
You dont deserve to be employed.

You can literally jerk off on camera for money, if youre that desperate, thats how easy it can be. You’re not even trying.


I dont think Ive ever taken psych meds that havent increased suicidal thoughts, now I just do deal with the depression like a normal person, with alcoholism.

Twice for failed suicide attempts , a third because I OD'd on benzos while partying and it was an assumed suicide attempt. I've been off the meds for a few years but since I was 15 I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder with psychotic tendencies, generalized anxiety disorder, multiple personality disorder, and avoidant personality disorder with . The pills I have on hand are seroquel, zoloft, xanax, aripiprazole, vraylar, citaprolam, vyvanse and a few others. Basically tranqs to put me to sleep, uppers to burst my heart to hell and the rest are for good measure

You're too young bro.
Please don't do this to your niece. It will affect her life forever.
All of your troubles right now will pass, and I don't mean with death. Please reconsider.

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>I know someone online better than they know themselves.

>Multiple personality disorder
Larp detected

Lol what a textbook deflection

Would you prefer I explain my particular type of depersonalization or just use shorthand most understand?

It's DID now

everything in life is exactly the same. Only death changes us.

For five dollars you can go buy yourself a nice Nickle Bag of some sticky Beelzebub's Boogers and smoke it with your favorite bong.
At least go out in a bang and do a juggling marathon and juggle until you struggle for charity.