How on Earth can white "men" compete against this?

How on Earth can white "men" compete against this?

Pro-tip: They can't.

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checkmate libtard

Asian and latino dicklet men can't compete with 7 + inch penis hung white men and we can't compete with 10+ inch penis black men. It's just a walk of life.

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Smart women know about the risks of burning the coal

What niggers crave.

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for every nigger that thinks he has a big dick, there's a puerto rican waiting to show him what huge really is.

Women care about dick size about as much as men care about tit size or ass quality. Yeah maybe you brag “dude her tits are fucking cash,” but at the end of the day it barely matters.
Height, face, frame, money, power, status, sense of humor, intelligence, and general utility (can he fix your car?) all outweigh dick size, and by a large margin. Maybe one day niggers will understand this. It might help fix their retarded ooga booga muh dick culture.


brains > penis

Non-blacks are likely to:
Have no criminal record.
Obtained higher education.
Learn to speak the language on the land.
Can actually play instruments.
Earn more money with an honest day's work.
Grew up learning what's actually respect.

There's no successful black "nation" in the world and there will never be one.
And no other country want black people.
They hardly ever contribute to society.
Black people can't even assimilate. Instead they destroy neighborhoods, communities, and themselves.


No one cares about your nigger faggot cuck fantasies you weaken humanity just by existing


Imagine thinking all women want is to give a shitty 1/4th bj or having their cervix pounded for 10 minutes, no thnx

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For all you /b virgins out there: in real life the vast majority of white women hate black men because of their vastly inferior intelligence and terrible body odour

update your bot, you faggot chink. black dick love is over, its now about ugly whales.

OP is a gay male, and he's been spamming dick threads with long copypastas about ''sissy whitebois'' for a while now. He's not into the women, but he still posts them for two reasons:

1. Women are there for self insertion, while the pictures are entirely centered on the black males and their dicks
2. Even though he's gay, he likes being emasculated, so he paints black males as someone who gets all the girls while ''whitebois cant compete''. This reinforces the idea that he's not a ''real male''. Its pretty much the most common sissy / tranny / bottom fantasy.

These threads are entirely made by hyper sexual trannies / sissies who fetishize black males for their own agenda. Its also a form of exhibitionism where they need to shove this shit in everyone's face 24/7. There are spammers who has created tens of thousands of threads, and they'll keep doing it because they have been consumed by their own sexuality.

African Americans the superior race

Here are some facts that back this up:

1) Higher test scores than whites when the test isn't culturally biased.

2) Commit fewer crimes than whites when not placed in a culturally biased setting.

3) Better at sports than whites.

4) Hung like horses. The average white guy is four inches and skinny as a pencil.

5) Better lovers.

6) Treat women better. A higher percentage of whites are convicted of domestic abuse when African Americans are not subjected to police that use culturally biased law enforcement techniques.

7) Funnier.

8) Better dancers.

9) No African civilization has ever committed genocide.

10) African American scientists have come through with the most scientific breakthroughs.

11) It is impossible for an African American to be racist. They can be prejudiced but not racist because in order to be racist, your ethnic group needs to be in power and whites have all the power in the United States.

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Just an hero yourself with this tragic copypasta

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If niggers are so smart then how did whitey get the jump on them?

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Like they have for centuries -- with money and power.

OP, I genuinely feel for you. The overcompensation is taking over your life. Therapy seriously can help.

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thank you, last time i was confused cause of vids about cucking, i wrote here and by answering in so mean ways you made me understand i don't wanna be a cuck, so thank you again to all

OP, for real, why don't you like black women? What is wrong with black women?

iik ug ug

>1) Higher test scores than whites when the test isn't culturally biased.
Tests aren't culturally biased
>2) Commit fewer crimes than whites when not placed in a culturally biased setting.
Like in their own shithole, crime riddled African countries?
>3) Better at sports than whites.
Better at some* sports
>4) Hung like horses. The average white guy is four inches and skinny as a pencil.
Race has absolutely no correlation with penis size, nor does height
>5) Better lovers.
In your opinion
>6) Treat women better. A higher percentage of whites are convicted of domestic abuse when African Americans are not subjected to police that use culturally biased law enforcement techniques.
You mean when police ignore their wife beating bullshit because they can't be bothered with the paperwork
>7) Funnier.
Low IQ humour almost exclusively based on overreacting to everyday situations with silly facial expressions
>8) Better dancers.
If you call twerking dancing
>9) No African civilization has ever committed genocide.
They sold their own people to genocidal slave owners
>10) African American scientists have come through with the most scientific breakthroughs.
absolute bullshit, provide sources
>11) It is impossible for an African American to be racist. They can be prejudiced but not racist because in order to be racist, your ethnic group needs to be in power and whites have all the power in the United States.
That's very straw man version of the definition of racism

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I like a big fat dick as much as the next girl or fag, but it’s like #18 on my list for potential suitors.

Imagine being the lunatic that drew this.

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>OP is a gay male
This. All homosexuals have got to go.

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lol its kinda funny if you ask me.

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It's pathetic, racist, misogynistic, incel and subversive, all at the same time. Funny would be a picture of thew guy they drew it.

> Jamal has 9 inch cock and works at KFC for $12 / hr.

> Leonard makes 100k a year in finance.

How can Leo possibly compete ???

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>mfw my name is Leo but i have an 8 inch

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You know these guys are gay IRL, right?

Imagine being a grown man and choosing to do your hair like a 4 year old girl

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b/ is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

kys faggot


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imagine worrying that drug fucked porn sluts are getting railed by drug dealing minorities lmao.

Guys can we please stop bickering back and forth here. I'd like for a strong black man to offer some legitimate advice on what we as white boys can do to compete with those massive black dongs.

Bruh, pull your head out of your ass

there is no competing. we just need to give our women to them

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give up

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>I'd like for a strong black man to offer some legitimate advice on what we as white boys can do to compete with those massive black dongs

99% of black dudes are wondering the exact same thing

Do you really think this is the answer? There has to be something we can do to stop these savage African warriors from taking all of our white women without having to give them all up.

we cant compete

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ug iik ug ug

where can i get these videos?

do i need to go to piratebay?

Niggers tend to enjoy sexual relations with only the fattest and most abhorrent of thots because their wide, ape-like nostrils and jutting foreheads are repellant to even a mid-grade woman.

Since when is game of thrones back on? i thought that show was canceled...

found it online for free in like 2 min. would post link but you are a retard if you cant do it yourself.

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uhhh, no....

being a half-nigger myself. i can tell you that's not entirely true.

We'll fuck whatever we can get our hands on.

Most of the time, the hot ones are already married or being fucked by some jock white or black guy.

I've fucked 98 women. And a large chunk of them have been 5/10 or below. Fatties, grannies, and uglies.

There were a couple of drunk 10s in there.

dont get the reference

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>mother of dragons

My wife’s opinion on black men. Apparently every black man that ever tried to hit on her had BO/bad breath.
I’m white, hung, master’s degree, good dad, black men don’t intimidate me.
I will watch IR porn because I’m kind of racist and I think it is degrading to the paid women and that is hot. But real women, or at least women sane enough to not put sex vids on the internet prefer white men

How will white bois compete?

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If you have quadroon kids I imagine their chances of landing a ten will be even better. You're not a nigger, pal. You're just an user that stayed in the toaster too long, and thanks for sharing.

>>I’m white, hung, master’s degree, good dad, black men don’t intimidate me.

Yea.... sure, user. We believe you.

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not being an animal ?

Are there any kind and generous black men out there at least willing to share some white women with a poor small dicked white guy?

cringe racebait thread





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Bigger nigger alpha males dominate beta bitch white boys in any sexual display of dominance. It is always clear that superior mighty ebony members deserve more praise than jealous faggot white beta males. Niggers have more testosterone, and are more suit to breed with women. I, faggot white boy, will forever yearn for bbc in my hungry ass. I, faggot white boy, pledge my soul to serve bbc cum gods for all eternity. Gay for big black nigger dick forever. Gay for big black nigger ding dong for life. As a true faggot beta bitch ass niggerloving inferior white boy, I, faggot white boy, hereby dedicate the hard work of my caucasian ancestors to forever to please the mighty ebony member that is a giant big black cock. I worship niggerdick as my true lord and savior, and would gladly slurp up yum yum nigger cum any time any where from any big black penis. I pledge my beta bitch ass to alpha male African black sacred seed semen that the superior BBC cum daddy muscle black man will ejaculate into my inferior bitch ass filling my bum with his liquid love. I shall spasm in absolute faggot ecstasy, as I acquire the closest thing to heaven on earth, a huge black ding dong squirting its warm baby batter deep into my desperate hungry faggot ass. All hail large African nigger doinkie dongs for all eternity. May my wife sister mother and other white females continue to be dominated by the sheer lust that every member of the white race experiences in the presence of a hung masculine black cock. May my girlfriend and my own ass get fucking wrecked by nigger daddy cum BBC lord. White boys are all secretly gay for the thought of a thick veiny long juicy black cock that could give our girlfriends way better orgasms than we could ever imagine with our puny pink teeny weenies. All hail mighty African purple penis power

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Baiting like this just adds to the problem, its not funny you're literally just making anons become cucklords fuckign coomers, its HILARIOUS

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...any other questions?

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There's no competition

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smelly niggers

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If she pulls anyharder the things gonna slide off

Nigger dick!!!

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Have you ever been with a girl? Anyone who has knows that length isn't that much of an issue unless you have a micropenis. It's thickness that's the thing. And the ability to use it. Having a horse dick is only going to complicate matters, lol.

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Dam right


more blacked waifus plz

fucking kek

If you say so...

In the ancient times, it was a shame to have a big dick, while it was considered a peasant feature

Yeah, cause you spent all your time fucking the senator's wives and daughters. Course it was looked down on.

OP's mom in the 70s.

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You mad?

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found the dicklet.

go be an incel elsewhere white boy

Hi. I've seen you've created another kike propaganda thread. Here are some options for you:

1. Get the fuck out

2. Get the fuck out.

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I wonder how much your jew overlords pay you for this everyday spam

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Nothing, we gotta do something while our girlfriends are busy...

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how come white pornstars demand 3 or 4 times the money to sleep with black men if they love them so much

So hot

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Busy to suck black dick i guess

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Answer: Nordic blood
Your "big dick" is considered average if not small to us.

I fucking love watching my wife work over a big black cock.

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I don't, I just join them by being a warm hole for their cocks

It's always the same webm and the same caption. Please kill yourself in all seriousness. And all you faggots replying to a new andy sixx meme consider the same too. N I G G E R S


I'm happy to be one of the white boys who accept this, and even welcome it.

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BBC is the best. Look at how sexy that looks all shiny....not to mention the size but it just looks better then white cock. Obviously I'm addicted to it through porn but I am totally into it now. Already trying to plan my gf getting a black bull.

All white “men” are only good for getting bred

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The only way white boys should cum

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Remember, the people who make these posts are horribly insecure sad individuals. They have nothing going for them, so this hatred and resentment just builds and builds. They feel the need to attack Whites because we are everything they are not. It's just pathetic. Rather than improving themselves, they try to drag others down to their level.

Does ur loved ones if u have any know u love nigger dick?

Such good white boys

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I have a theory i want to test and survey. In my own observations and experiance, intelligence and penis size are related. The smarter you are the more likely you are to have a small pecker, and vice-versa. Thats why asians are usually small and nignogs have big ol' peckers, to make up for being dumb.

Asians are usually around Or below 5’7 no shit your dicks gonna be small.

me> Its simple. I want her pleasured as much as possible and it would turn me on to see her with a black bull since thats what I've been enjoying in the porn I watch. I trust her enough to experience that and I think she deserves something I can't give her. Bring on more webm!

It's good to want what's best for her

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best webm I've seen, ty! I want this for her BAD

I want to be MANHANDLED by big black cocks. I want to be impaled through my ass and then thrown around by the cock, flipped like a spatula flipping a pancake. Then I want a cum blast.

i wonder what celeb s had black cock

Hot and same

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I love how shiny it is and how its soft while still huge. My gf needs a cock like this

Wait fuck, I got quints?

Love it

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Did this with my wife. Wanted to see her with a big giant cock. She was hesitant but eventually agreed. Found a guy that fit what she would go for and got a hotel room for the night. He came by, they fucked and he left. It was her first black guy and she said she did enjoy it. Watching her try to take his giant cock was one of the hottest things I've seen.

I want to be a good whiteboy too master.

Clean it up, white boy

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yeah I know she will love it and I will too. I love talking to her about while we are fucking.

Andy Sixx? Who's that?

thats just fucking precum! Imagine the load on this guy. I want my girl to suck it up

That's how it started for us. Things we talk about wanting to do/see while we are fucking get talked about later when we're both not 'in the moment'. Had a lot of good experiences.

8 inch dick
University degree in comp sci
Hot emo gamer gf
Own my own house at 23

Hows that crippling poverty going Tyrone? Truth is whichever African nation spawned the nig in ops pic is still a degenerative shit hole and always will be. Whites created civilisation and took the living piss out of Africa for a few hundreds years until we felt sorry for you and stopped.

I love these threads, stop trying to demoralise my white bros, they know they're superior.

Also for the record most data indicates a similar average penis size for black and white minus a few African and European countries which pull ahead. But the overall average is 5-6 inches.

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>smile for the porn money

Porn hoes sure do love money.

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Attached: Fucking_BBC_145.jpg (1600x1067, 265K)

Attached: Gangbang_Girl_167.jpg (1067x1600, 242K)




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Whoops I forgot to actually put sage in the options box

Not every white person is racist fag. I'm white and I wish my dick was big but it doesn't make me racist.

>I want my girl to suck it up
You know you want some of that too, white boy

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At least we're not niggers

i hate niggaz

Holy fucking cope.
Have you ever met a black person?
You gotta be white as hell and maybe a Semite.

lol what a fucking dork

fucking HOT. My gf would love doing that

my gf was made for bbc

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Dude bitches dont give a fuck about dick size. If a bitch is obsessed with dick sizes she definitely has a mental illness (daddy touched her) and shouldn't be fucked with. Even then shes not sleeping with someone based on dick size shes fucking the dude because her pussy is so loose she cant feel anything.

Tl;dr women only want money. And to suck all your assets dry

Also fuck white white girls anyway. They are the drain of society

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I'd love to watch my wife take a BBC

If you're reading this you're aware that this threat is being promoted by Jewish people in order to get beta white males to just fall in line with their plan.

Obviously women do not prefer black losers and posting a picture of random porn stars doesn't do anything so please go be Jewish somewhere else? You're the reason we are getting more attraction. :)

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God I love being white

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I am DYING for my gf to do. She's into it too now so it's just a matter of time

fantastic tits and what a great bull to have

post more

I've never watched, but asked my wife to descibe some of her past experiences with black dudes. On one of her old cell phones, she has a couple videos taken with a guy she dated around the time we met. 2008 cell phone technology, not great by today's standards.

My wife is built to take big cocks. Great ass and hips and amazing tits.

i am not a "dicklet". my dick size is perfectly fine.

my gf has an excellent bubble butt, she works out a lot but she has small tits. A little saggy because she had a kid years ago but still looks good, great nipples....pussy GRABS cocks

Is she made for my tiny white dick or for bbc ?

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Can’t stand the rhetoric or petty name calling in these threads. But I love the porn. Amateur is best in my opinion.

My god that's huge... Imagine how uncomfortable that must feel in tight pants. Can cum even travel that far without getting stuck?

I know who the chick is, but what is the scene? Is this from Blacked Raw?


Someone please just send me bbc and blacked porn

Kik gramrock66

By bleaching on the ebony women

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no it's not

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Attached: 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.jpg (640x415, 52K)

yes it is

Attached: bdsmlr-775935-l49ARdnPow-og.jpg (960x1280, 139K)

amazing cock. The kind I want my gf to have

not your dick Asian faggot

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I want you to commit suicide nigger lover


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Just submit, and you may recieve a blessing like this.

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A. that's a pencil dick
B. it's not your you Asian micropenis loser
C. niggers are slaves and white men are superior

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that's not even big you pencil dicked subhuman

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You cant fool us, we know youre spending your nights like this

Attached: 726468.jpg (640x853, 55K)

we all know you have a tiny Asian dick Tenda Spencer

Attached: th1SK2MNN7.jpg (474x711, 49K)

commit suicide already Tenda
no one loves and no one ever will

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got more ?

got a livestream of your suicide?

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What's the competition? Every woman I have ever been with thinks niggers are ugly. The competition is over before it's started.

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keep dreaming

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>all searches in english
my arse
buncha larps

White boys are pathetic,..

Black men are not incels.
Black men don't masturbate to cartoons.
Black men don't spend time on Cred Forums.
Black men are confident and funny.
Black men are not weeaboos.
Black men are manly.
Black men don't dress anime shit.
Black men are not furries.

Now ask yourself why white women are going black, you bunch of losers.

The entire region has a massive refugee rape problem and their politicians decry anyone who acknowledges it as racist. That’s like quoting Anita Sarkeesian as an example of what all gamers think

Comfort, technique and intellegence during sex.
A 4-5 incher will create quite the writhing with the correct technique and foreplay, which blacks are seemingly incapable of.

It is a matter of a big bottle of cheap wine that'll get you drunk, or a smaller bottle of finer wine that gives a better experience overall.

niggers are slave incels and you are an Asian faggot microdick

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Jerking to superior Black cock on Kik

Kik is JamesP07130713

>technique and intellegence during sex
Where does one learn such power ? also does it can achieve dick drunkness (when she's so worn out that it's like she's drunk )?

Sex is a skill, of course. Incubus City learned me that.

Reddit may be fucking cursed with sissies but they have a subreddit named r/sex, you can pick up some tips there.
I am unable to understand your second question, but I'll try: With enough endurance, determination and lubricants, you can wear a lass out in pleasure.

shut up nigger slave faggot

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Should i binge the subreddit now or you got a method and tips that work everytime ?

dick drunk :

Binge it. Ask for tips. Or just casually browse it now and then.

My tips: Do some kegel excercises, liberally grease with foreplay, a generous sprinkling of love.
I am also a virgin, I just want to come well prepared, you see, so I am, indeed, studious.

Also yeah I think you can get a lass dick drunk if you do it right. But why would you want to give them a big bottle of cheap vodka experience when you can give them some of the finest wine ever made experience?

Essentially, yes you can, but you could get more satisfaction with something else.

Fuck thats hot

I don’t have a cage but i always cum soft to these

>They can't.
They're actually very competitive with women.

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