It's over. Bernie hangs his head in shame

It's over. Bernie hangs his head in shame.

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why, bernie won

What are the odds that Bernie’s victory in the Iowa caucus will be announced just as the Senate votes on whether to impeach Trump, and the caucus results don’t even make it onto the evening news?

Nobody cares

Buttigieg won.

Imagine winning the crowded Iowa field and nobody even realizes it. The DNC did Bernie dirty.

He won the state delegate count but not the popular vote.

It is the delegates that had Donald Trump to win.

actually bernie won


lol imagine posting this cringe cope

by winning

He does have plenty of practice at it.
Seriously, if the dude had a spine maybe he'd quit getting shit on.

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sorry to make you feel foolish but the fact of the matter is bernie won

thats how it works

actually bernie won sorry to burst your bubble

Bernie is the most popular candidate.

He's got the best shot of winning. And he actually gives a shit about the US populace, all criticisms aside. Dude actually wants the best possible for everyone and I really can't fault the man for it. He's been speaking his truth for decades.

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The guy is a total pushover which is why he won't win shit. Even if by some miracle he technically does, they'll take it from him and he will just stand there with his head down while his base makes a lot of reeeeee noises.

good thing he won

>He's been speaking his truth for decades.

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he already won. he's president now. your president

He's going to eventually concede to make way for, and even vote for Buttgieg.

Doing something repeatedly for decades that doesn't work is called being crazy.

Don’t play the “it’s the delegates that count” game.
If it came down to a general election, everything will hinge on how the Rust Belt swings, and Bernie is stronger than Buttigieg in the Rust Belt. Bernie has a long record of denouncing deindustrialization and free trade deals. Everyone knows that only Bernie would lift a finger to get American manufacturing going again, including Midwestern voters.

Go away meme-posting Bloomberg shill

I don't like the guys political view in the slightest and I would never want him as president, but I was to see him put his fucking foot down and tell everyone to go get fucked sooooo bad.

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puerto rico has more delegates than iowa, which by the way, bernie won

bernie's already president and this DNC shill thread is just liberals posting cope

>just as the Senate votes on whether to impeach Trump
user, I...

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Sorry, whether to remove Trump.

I kind of like Bernie Sanders, even when my political views are closer to centre, or even to many Republicans.


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The DNC may hate Trump, but they hate Bernie even more.. they'd rather take a hundred more years of Trump than four years of Bernie; because Bernie would tax their shit and Trump won't: it's that simple.

That's why we see them, once again, trying to sabotage Bernie's shit whilst this time with the added spin of also knowing that Biden and Warren are unelectable, so in order to save their careers they're throwing this literal who Buttikek into the mix and are prolly gonna let him take the fall as nominee.

The DNC is playing to lose, now.. on purpose. They'll rather bomb the party itself back to the primordial ooze than risk a Bernie precidency.

i'll tell you this, nobody's going bankrupt cause of medical bills in cucked ass sweden

I forgive you, user. After all, I do love you.

good thing bernie already won and is president now

what makes you say that?

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because he already won and is president now

same here.. the more I listen to him, the more I see that he really only wants to do actual good. All the "hurr he's an ebil gommie durrr" shit is starting to sound real old.

I want to like the guy, but Jesus, it's just hurts my pride as a man watching him getting walked all over constantly and thanking the people that do it to him.

I'd respect that.

I'm technically insane.

wait til you hear about this jesus christ fella

another jewish man who wanted to do good and was betrayed

dude had to play the game, at the time he thought it was the right thing to do. I don't think he'll take that shit sitting down again.

disregard that i suck cocks

> only 71% reporting

bunch of fucking zoomers

you idiots realize that 1 midwestern state doesn't dictate who is going to be president

i'm actually surprised buttguy got as many delegates as he did
> fuck warren
> fuck biden
> fuck yang
> imagine being bloomberg right now

but in the end.. the Jesus dude did win pretty big.

I’m from a future where op is gay

no problem dude, suck all the cocks you want; faggotry is an honest thing.

good thing bernie already won and is president now

the communist jew bernie sanders
it's like some retarded 97 IQ idiots never read the history of communist jews

no its okay, sucking cock is pretty normal now, its been like 60 or 70 years since that was considered a mental illness.

Last time he got screwed by the DNC, he threw his support behind the person they screwed him to hold up. I don't see it going any differently this time around.
I would LOVE to be wrong, I really would.

OK Joomer

time will tell..

scared Cred Forumscel is scared

Yeah, Buttigieg of all people beating him, Bernie will be dropping out by the end of May at the latest. Old dude is a has been that only rich white Gen Y'ners support.

Michael Bloomberg will be the nominee.

Bernie is actually being a cool operator.
He is being classy and not losing his shit. (Remember how CNN and Warren were trying to bait Sanders into screaming at Warren like a sexist scumbag at that debate, and Sanders wouldn’t take the bait?)
While he keeps his cool, he is praying that the grassroots see what is going on and come to his aid, instead of getting discouraged and giving up.

oy vey, this time the communist jews will create a utopia
not kill 60 million people
we'll get free shit this time

62% of the caucus results have come in, and most of the missing data is from the cities

bernie's already won, they DNC is just in COPE mode to downplay his huge victory

he's going to destroy buttgreg in NH

OK Joomer

Will be either a Bloomberg / Buttigieg Democrat ticket, or a Bloomberg / Warren ticket. Bernies entire base are pasty mayo skinned trust fund rich white people who larp as far left revolutionaries to rebel against their wealthy parents.

I'm a Trump voter and he would instantly gain my respect if he just publicly stood up for himself and pointed out the bullshit the DNC have been putting him through.
I'd love to see him hold a press conference, call the DNC a bunch of dirty fucking crooks, and tell everyone to write him in because he's not gonna give up.

Lets be real here... he isn't going to beat Trump whether you like it or not.

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True. About 67% of precinct results have come in, with Buttigieg leading the delegate count. Having a base made primarily of rich white kids with Mommy & Daddy issues isn't going to e enough to get the crazy old senile commie Sanders elected.

can't burn seven bodies an hour in a crematory oven
holocaust never happened
jews lie
goyim die (by the million)

>I'm a Trump voter
stopped right there

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Yeah, but Iowa was when Bernie made his first big splash in 2016 by almost upsetting Clinton.
The narrative his campaign could have told was that “in 2016, as a virtual unknown, I shocked the system but came up just short of victory, but now in 2020, I received the most votes out of any candidate and I am ready to beat Donald Trump, etc.”
But with all this chaos, the media can pretend the Iowa caucus didn’t even happen and Bernie wasn’t the winner

>sanders is a gommie, nobody on earth has public healthcare not even scandanavia

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Go back

How very Democrat of you. You need a tissue?

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.01 has been deposited into your account.

Congrats, CIA.

You last remaining handful of far left extremist Democrat party faithful are gonna pull a Jonestown-style mass suicide when Trump's re-elected. And no one's gonna be a bit surprised.

>>muh democratic socialism

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lmao thats the nerd who played a game for a living

no wonder someone who doesn't work for a living is against organized labor


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>jewish bolshevism presents itself as labor advocate
>enslaves the masses and squeezes them harder than czarism ever did
>kills 60 million people
> 2020: muh (((democratic socialism)))

you right wingers realize Trump's wife and daughter both fucked the Canadian prime minister and trump just hangs his head in shame when he's around, don't you?

who gives a shit about trump and his family of lying whores
he's just another zog lackey that creates TDS among morons like you


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Uh oh user is retarded

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If Trump wasn't president, I'd vote for Bernie because I'm a brokefag like he was and I can relate, but Trump knows how to flip money.

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You people are fucking crazy.

>Trump knows how to flip money.

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>implying it's not true

People crying over what they are literally voting for

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That’s just Bernie getting a taste of his own medicine. His policy plans would have that sort of impact on taxpayers.

Literally no one is saying that besides you and reddit. Fucking cringe

A gay dude named Pete Butt? Are Democrats retards?

Seeing Bernie bros hysterically and ongoingly defame the first gay president will be delicious. Liberal my ass.


They both have 10 delegates as of right now and all of the precincts that haven't reported are Bernie's biggest districts. Bernie won lol. The DNC is just trying to cuck him and slow his momentum and drag shit out as long as they can because they're scared shitless and he's dominating. Get cucked. (this image is from when 69% of the precincts reported and we're still only at 71%)

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They arent going bankrupt because of it in America. Understand the law before you make outlandish claims.


don't you worry your pretty little head. they will take away the votes from the winner and spread the votes to all others so everyone will have the same amount. welcome to socialism.

LoL yeah that can't happen, especially considering the Sander's campaign had their own app and precinct captains can easily look at submissions and tell within 15 seconds if they've been falsified or not. Nice try though.

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