Finally came from prostate play. Not mind blowing, but pretty good...

Finally came from prostate play. Not mind blowing, but pretty good. I know how to do it now and will perfect it hopefully.

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How did you do it? I tried many times but it never worked.

I for real thought it was bullshit until I had a freaky girl finger me while giving me a blowjob. She actually knew how to do it and the combined sensations made me cum.
it's real and kinda neat dudes. Don't let the idea that "it's gay" keep you away from experimenting with yourselves

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That's pretty fucking gay, homo


My wife doing me with her fist i have long orgasm about minutes. Women know how to do it.


it is not gay only trolls without girlfriend jealous

enjoy your colon cancer

I fingered my own asshole as a kid. used to toy my asshole with my sisters tampon. I figured it's not gay, it's just masturbating. Then one day i decided to experiment with other objects. Ended up deciding on a toilet plunger with a condom on it and tore my colon and barely told my mom. I have only played with my butt once since then. I think I don't do it anymore because I'm a little homophobic and germaphobic and the whole experience kinda left me shaken. I might do it again if I can find a girl to do it with.

I've become kind of an expert on this, ask if you have any questions

wish my girl would just google what to do or some shit

she just fucking stabs me n im like bitch what if i just fucking start stabbing your ass with my finger huh?

colon cancer is not about fingering ass. it is about bad habits like eating mcdonalds drinking alcohol or consume too much meat with sugar. wake up and study something

You must've forced it extremely hard.. my gf enjoys being the dom so I let her peg me with her 8in strap on and I've never experienced any issues. And is it really gay accessing your main sexual organ the only way possible? No it's not. Performing this does not mean you're attracted to the male gender. It is simply unlocking full sexual pleasure. Any guy that says its gay has not had an orgasm through prostate stimulation. It's on a whole other level.

Instruct her. Theres no embarrassment in doing so. I got my girl into pegging and general ass play.

Why don't you just gently tell her what feels good and what doesn't? Afraid of appearing weak? If she doesn't know what she's doing doesn't feel great why would she think to google anything?

tl;dr - you dumb fuck

Tell me how to achieve it! I tried with a dildo and the Lelo Loki but still nothing :(

This is gay propaganda
You can get anal fissures just from a finger, it is designed for exit only
There is no anal orgasm I've tried many times over years
Lots of pain, bleeding, and hemeroids later I can say there is no such thing
I am a "straight" man with an open mind who was excited to achieve this secondary orgasm
I tried
For years
Through blood and hemeroids
Don't be like me
Don't fall for the gay lies
They get pleasure from inflicting pain on eachother
Gays are evil Satanists

That’s because it’s bullshit. (((They))) made it up to make guys try gay stuff and be degenerate. Just like convincing us that females can “squirt” from orgasms. It’s a Heeb psych op, don’t fall for it.

Buy a 4in soft dildo w lube. Prepare with a finger, then two, then begin using dildo. Beat off like normal while fucking yourself with dildo. When you're close, stop using your hand just the toy, and come strictly from prostate stimulation. Eventually completely lean away from beating off and strictly use the toy. It'll happen easier and sooner than when you first start. Sometimes my gf will fuck me with a strap on and I'll cum immediately without using my hands, not even completely hard lol

Fellow aryan, thanks for saving me a post.

Yet there are videos of guys doing it

I'm sorry that you've never experienced anything pleasurable from ass play, but I promise it's real. Like I said, never had any ruptures, fissures, blood, hemorrhoids etc. when I get railed by a strap on or get fingered while recieving head. Don't let this guy scare anyone off^^

you are especially idiot.

you can talk to each other they are gays because they dont looking on single girl porn or lesbian.

I got myself really horny and used a combination of toy and hand. Finished with the toy. This is kind of cheating but I needed to confirm I was hitting the right spot. Now I know where to use the toy.

Ironically what I used to get mine tonight. I think my prostate is deeper than normal guys. I was able to hit it with the tip and it made me shoot

You would kno u faggot

They have dozens of videos of guys having hands free orgasms.

Whoa bro. You gotta wash your hands and cut your nails or use a nice rubber or silicon toy. Don't be meAlthough I would like to know about your experience with Satanists gay or otherwise. How do you know Satanists are evil?