Do you like German girls?

Do you like German girls?

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me too

My Girlfriend is german, yes.

what is she like?

She is the perfect woman for me basically, short, brown hair, polite af, so loveable, hate mass immigration

Only problem is trust issues but I'm helping her with that problem, but it's because she has had some shitty male figures in her life

nice ass?

Nice digits, and yes fren

I'm German so all my GFs were German, so yeah, I guess I like German girls.

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My girl is german too, and I'm from Wales Uk, I have this fetish were she speaks german to me while fucking i have no fucking idea why but fuck me it makes me diamonds

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does she ever give facesits?

JamieYoung is a qt
Her and her boyfriend make nice videos

Yeah am it makes me diamonds man

what is her scent like?

Which one u wanna fuck?

Kik sweetgirl2507 for more germans

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All of them

It's kind of sweet and I'm obsessed with her man, White German women are the most beautiful and the best thing since Hitler

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Such a qt. Another good Germ girl on pornhub is Leoniepur

she's the same as magicmuffin in OPs pic!

I know! I wonder why she has two accounts


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I want a feet in face handjob from Magicmuffin

linafay / gb schlampe looks a lot like my ex. same nose, same unapologetic enthusiasm for anal.

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Do German girls have unique butthole smell?

Refugees seem to like German daughters.


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No, but I love German boys.

They have ruff cornflake skin. So no! Their hygiene is really awful as well.

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Depending on the region, you find olfactorial traces of copper, led, oak wood or gravel pit. If you fail to recognize any of those smells (or a combination thereof) be careful, you are butting a fake german.

Good one, Igor.

I'm German and almost none of my girlfriends were German. Petty boring stubborn and humorless girls except for a handful of exceptions if you ask me.

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What kind of girls do you prefer?

Can't say I have one. If you're talking cultures, every one has their plusses and minusses, and if you're talking looks, I have even less of a preference except that I prefer beautiful women over less beautiful ones, except they're smart, which I find sexy as hell.

To me it's almost always preferable to get to know more exotic people, that's like my only rule really. There's more to discover, your partner will leave a bigger imprint on you, you'll take a peek รผber deinen Tellerrand, eventually you'll find out more about yourself.

But first universal rule of course is: love who you love, whoever whereever.

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Well if you don't date Germ girls, then who do you date?

yes where to find a cute nazi waifu pls

What is it with these guys being oddly obsessed about foreigners' sexual activities?

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no preference, jut like I said

Perhaps you should've looked for gf's outside of your immediate family, then.

I want to sniff her ass

That is so a witty and totally unforeseen joke XD how do you come up with this stuff? Though I don't quite get the incest reference because as I said dated mainly girls from other countries... from that perspective, it makes your comment on incest look a bit forced - but hey, whatever floats your boat!

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middle one, maybe far left and right

Fucked four german girls all were fun

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she looks nerdy and kinky - more pls

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2nd from right then 1st left stacked like pancakes

She's hot! Unfortunatly I have to go for an hour...I'll be back

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gb schlampe really opend up a new world for me: girls who are not classical pretty but compensate through horny attitutde.

the ones from west germany smell like banana

Had 4 german girls, they were all pretty awful. Now i avoid them as good as i can


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same bro, she thinks every man cheats
including myself

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I'm german and well I loved one once, when I still was in school, but she didn't feel the same for me. Now I'm married to an (at least currently still) american women. She'll drop her american citizenship as soon as she can tho


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back again. keep her coming please

Where is that? Looks familiar to me.



It's my penis clone.

Mega German gg/QF9Qaq

what url is?

Kik sweetgirl2507 for more , pics are to big for Cred Forums