Walk into your home

>Walk into your home
>You find Greta Thunberg standing there
Wat do???

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Take her to School.

Call ICE

Start littering in my own house

Call the truancy police

is she naked?

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God Fucking Damnit.

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Fuck her like an ape until dawn, then turn her out like the progressive bitch she is.


Get her help because those pedo handlers she is surrounded by are keeping her drugged and fucking her autistic brains out

That supposed to be something bad?

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That german girl makes Greta lick her pussy every night

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Make sweet sweet love to her booty hole

We discuss representative concentration pathways and then make out.

Kill her with climate change. Shes obviously breaking and entering.

She's old enough to legally leave school, she has no obligation to actually attend

Light the fire. It’s peak summer here right now.

sit her down & explain how the real issue is the toxic waste pumped into rivers & oceans by third world countries & commercial fishing nets left behind which make up 90% of the oceans plastic. I remind her we can never stop climate change & will have to adapt but if the ocean dies so will everything else.

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In b4 this guy gets banned for global trike #1 and disputes it saying he never posted cp because global rule #1 says posting requesting or discussing ANYTHING against us law is a ban but when you go to the actual ban page it says rule #1 is for cp only

With that cute austistic smile, I'm gonna hug and tickle her a lot.

Please no no make lewd wholesome fanfic.


One Word: Anal...

Call the cops and tell them a deranged foreigner with a strange accent is holding me hostage in my home, then watch the cops take care of her once and for all.

Tell her either we're fucking or I'm fucking. Then tell her to prepare her anus cause I'm going in dry.

I would try to radicalize Greta. I would warn her that young people trying to shame the wealthy into salvaging the global ecosystem for future generations is a failed tactic that goes back to the 1992 Rio Summit.
I would advise her to advocate disrupting the fossil fuel infrastructure until it becomes more expensive to extract, refine, and transport hydrocarbons than to build non-hydrocarbon energy systems. I would also advise her on publicizing the practice of jury nullification so environmentalists have a decent chance of being acquitted if they go to trial.

She's pretty cute. I assume we are in a 17-legal state, so I would start with some sweet whispering and a kiss.

Look her im the eyes as I crush a cardboard box and throw it in the garbage can instead of the recycling bin.

who's that your transitioning brother?

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turn 360° and walk away

Good job walking into her again. Go back to math class you dumbass.

Tell her she shouldn't be up here

if she's the only one around, i guess i'd smash idk...

>Is that supposed to be something bad?
I’m sorry that the leftist curriculum has never taught you that George Soros is the dark lord himself and plans to rule the world under communist rule. Soros is unironically the reason why you hate Trump so much. He controls the media and filters out conservative values so that he can brainwash people into being liberal NPCs. Sadly, it’s actually working

911, I would like to report a truant child...

> Put glass in the organic waste's bin over and over, just to make her suffer
>*suffering screeching*
> Nice

Warm her climate

being this new


Keep walking, I want to get home to see my tiny human

yeet her out the closed window

I'd like to create a hole in her ozone layer...

start recycling her butthole

I came.

teach her why carbon dioxide is good for the environment and that there's other places outside of america that produce more pollution, as well as, what are some things she could actually do to help the environment rather than cry about it in a speech, convince her why doing higher education is very beneficial to her, etc, etc.

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Brain the cunt with a fucking mallet and bury her in my basement like the other home invaders

Call the authorities to put her on a psychiatric hold.

Where does this come from?

Fuck her until she will not care about climate anymore.

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Post more of the hot one

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Start a fire in my wood stove and offer her some coffee in a Styrofoam cup.

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It's buttfucking time, all the time, from now on.

Rub her tummy for 6 hours straight. Then after 6 hours. Pour milk on her and say cookie cookie.

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tötet es bevor es Eier legt !!!

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Practice castle doctrine

call the police and have her arrested for trespassing

naked as a jay bird

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die arme Kleine

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Truth be told, this is the only pic I've ever seen where she looks cute.

I'd fuck the FAS outta' her.

both of these

ask her why she's here instead of with her handlers on that soapbox of hers.
maybe she escaped the abuse.
unfortunately there's little i can do for her, her being known around the globe and shit.
i might give her some money and a jacket or something and wish her good luck. she's going to need it.

turn 360 degrees and return to where i came from

Take her anyway, because she needs it.

Rip out all her teeth so she can't bite my cock and throat fuck her mercilessly till she bleeds out from her mouth

>till she bleeds out from her mouth
but her mouth would already be bleeding since you ripped out here teeth retard

Grab her by the childhood and toss her out the front door.

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Fuck that, hit that shit raw dog and bail.

Pat her on the back and give her the Nobel peace prize. Because that will trigger all the fags, and quite honestly, she deserves it

lustig, danke


how the FUCK did she get out of the rape basement? I'd drag her back there ASAP before she can finish escaping my house.

raycist psycho white bitch shoots black gentlemen without reason youtube.com/watch?v=thVhVjn59mg

I think by "bleeds out" he meant bleed to death. Personally I would thank her and give her a nobel peace prize then ask for a free boat ride.

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I live in a school. Checkmate!

fancy her up and go to pound town. I show her how clamite change has really affected the legalness of that pussy in the U.S.

Smack the libtard out of her

Bury her in my backyard with the rest of the useless whores.

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where the fuck did all the greta rule34 go, it's like there was a purge