Are you racist or a supremacist? If racist, who do you hate?

Are you racist or a supremacist? If racist, who do you hate?

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Racist I fucken hate Chinese people

Neither it’s just a meme. It’s always been a meme. Just be more creative with your memes user

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Poor sad fucks are still trying to cook the pizza

God bless the south

Are there billions of chinks and sandniggers stupid? Is everyone white half Mexican and native American?

Are they still fucking talking about California and walt Disney world? Is it a fucking miracle the British commonwealth exists?

There are no nice white families and homes. Fucking kill yourselves.

I want to eat at bennigan's not tolerate your nigger ass

Crazy rich asians!

>Schizoid has entered the chat

Neither, I simply acknowledge that cultural differences are real and that niggers are incompatible with western culture.

Sounds like racism with mental gymnastics

I hate racism. That's why I hate Jews and most Asian people.

Sure, I'm a bit racist.

Fuck white people.

Maybe they'd integrate better if you'd stop pushing them into ghettos and treating them like they're a different species

The bad thing about Blacks is that based on their actions it's kinda hard to respect most of them. But there are exceptions, we all know that. The best thing about Blacks is that unlike Jews or Asians they don't have any underlying ideology (spare for ludicrous shit like black panthers etc).

I wouldn't say I'm racist against blacks, but I am more critical of them, because I'm also black. It pisses me off when members of my own race decide to degrade themselves by acting like the caricature that society wants them to without even trying to better themselves in the slightest. I hate being associated with them by something as trivial as my fucking skin color.

I get you, but that's honestly more of a poor people thing. The ghettos will just always have worse people. It's a tough issue that the rest of America doesn't really care to try fix. After all it's easier to just say it's because of the color of their skin, and not look into the million factors that go into how their life ends up that way

I hate 1st and 2nd generation asian immigrants. They are the mos selfish people on the planet.

lead the way.. bridge the racial divide..

Muslims. In the UK they refuse to integrate into society like every other type of immigrant minority. Indians, Chinese, sikhs, easter europeans, all of them are fine and live as anyone else would here. But these fucking sandniggers create their own little slums and completely ruin the place, kidnap youing girls etc. Then they'll turn around and claim they're being oppressed. God I'd erase every single one of them this second if i could.

White countries belong to white men. If that makes me any of your kike buzzwords, fuck your feelings.


>If racist, who do you hate?
I don't label myself a "racist" and I hate all anti-whites.

I'm a little racist, I'd rather not be around black people, the statistical chances of them doing something horrible or stupid are too fucking high. Ebonics also give me a headache.
Not really a supremacist, although I'd probably support eugenics because some people are too retarded or malformed to breed.

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I hate all white people.


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Is that so?

"To introduce the list, Forward editor Jane Eisner describes the immense influence Jews have over American political and cultural life, essentially admitting in the process that Jews are the leading proponents of homosexual marriage, gay rights, and the disgusting, entirely degenerate and insane movement supporting transgenderism"

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>I hate all white people
Whilst posting using technology Whites invented and probably lives in a White country. Are you liberals being to see how supporting these ingrates is foolish and downright self-destructive?

whenever people are racist, they are because of stereotypes and clichees.
honestly this is just an expression of a narrow minded worldview, a sign that your mental horizon isn´t too big.

>narrow minded worldview, a sign that your mental horizon isn´t too big.
Ghey 1960's lib platitude.

why do humans hate humans

exactly, racism is the byproduct of half-wittedness

The only thing I hate more than niggers is jews. Why you ask? Because you're too retarded to think for yourself.

In order of how much i hate them
1. the jews, not all jews but most
2. the chinese (all)
3. spics (all)
4. muslims (most)
5. african immigrants to europe
6. some blacks in america
7. pajeet immigrants in europe
7. the british

I can agree with this list, but give reasons. Don't let us hang. They need to be called out and I'm too tired to come up with the whole list. If I were smarter I would just save my reasons into a text file and paste it, but alah...

1. People who are intolerant of other peoples cultures

2. The Dutch

People need to learn how fucking evil the kikes are, fuck them and their nigger pets. White men who feel bad for being white though are hilarious, it gives me hope for future comedy because I can't stop laughing at how moronic they are. Go fuck some niggers you dumb bitches, or better yet adopt, ADOPT AND ADOPT, the world for you will end in -12 years anyway you dumb fucks.

They are not a race, you silly fuck.

the jews because theyre always stirring shit and pulling strings, the chinks because they are soulless bugs and americas top enemy, spics because ive hated every one ive ever worked with and i dont want them in america, muslims because of their all encompassing religion and their refusal to integrate, african immigrants in europe because they are way too stupid and primitive to be in western society. some american blacks when i see something kind of jungle behavior triggers me, however i have gotten along well with pretty much every black person ive had to work with, including hoodrat ones. the none hoodrat ones are pretty much white people with extra pizzazz i dont hate the pajeets i guess but they are disgusting and the most autistic race on the planet by far. the british because despite having the largest empire of all time, they are now a bunch of soft fags waiting to keel over and die so muhammad can replace them. i could go on a rant about the jews for the next 2 hours but i wont. to make things short, theres nothing that makes me angrier than reading some sort of subversive article and seeing a jew as the author.

Two 7's?????. Well,

FUCK NIGGERS! Don't forgot to pick your cottons before your white owner comes

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You read, listen or watch some really bad news services if you believe the shit you have written. I bet you think there are no go areas in the UK due to muslamics cuz uncle Donnie said so.

Fuck Jews and niggers, people like you are sub-human.

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So what about Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, and Canada?

The only reason you or I have ever gotten along with blacks is because we tip toe around them and you know it. The moment you anger them they chimp out, doesn't matter if they are standup citizens, it's in their nature. They are a different animal and genetics proves it.

Why does it matter if some people are gender dysphoric? Why not just let them cope with it the way their psychiatrists think is best?

the british and european pajeets are essentially the same thing user

Keep on thinking other people know what is best for you. It seems to have worked out great so far.


no go areas? maybe at night sure. during the day, no. there are areas where youd be more likely to be attacked and those are immigrant neighborhoods. im also a male so i dont have to worry about being raped

i havent tip toed around any blacks. i dont call them niggers but thats out of courtesy. the last job i worked at had 2 black people, and they were some of my favorite folks to be around. 0 problems or conflicts

Pretty sure the psychiatrists are just on the same page as their gender dysphoric clients.. but that’s right. We’re all supposed to subscribe to however you feel about it, even though you’re not the one with gender dysphoria or spent thousands of hours studying psychology.

I guess I’m racist. I’m never surprised when the guy infront of me not indicating on a turn is a fucking Indian. Got a couple indian friends (like actual dudes from India not second or third gen) and I recognise how ingorant and rude they are. Indians are a very argumentative people and generally I don’t like them. Also they fucking stink.

I also dislike the chinese because they’re not fucking people they’re animals.

Muslims suck too.