How do you socialize with people?

How do you socialize with people?
when Im abound others i become so quiet and introvert. Kind of shy but if someone talking to me i talk back, but i don't know how to start a conversation.
What do people talk about ith each others? i really don't care about work

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No one cares, man. Just don't be a retarded creep and you'll be all right.

Don't force yourself to talk to others!
Just be yourself
It's ok to be yourself

so how do i *not* be a retarded creep?
but i guess that 'no one cares'' is true, but i hate being so shy and neevr know what to say

But i want to talk with people I just really don't know what to say. Eevery one seems to talk with strangers so easy but me

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It's overrated!
Just talk to yourself if u want to.
That's what I do :/
You're not missing out really


At best, u end up in a party

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shut up faggot. just grow a pair of balls or die


I was at a party yesterday and I did not talk to anyone more than some words, i ended up going home early because i did not know what to do

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It's ok to be a faggot as well
I'm afraid, you're afraid.

That's ok!
They want to lower your confidence so they can hit it.
Capitalism SMH...
It was a shitty party then

A real party in America=everyone is high as fuck. That's the standard. Weed should be that available there.

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Before you start concerning yourself with the opinion of others be sure in who you are yourself. Be comfotable with your own self take time and discover who you are don't worry about not talking to this person or that other person. Find what you like put yourself first and find yourself and be comfortable with yourself know that you don't always have to talk to Evryone. If you want to talk to someone forget all the walls you have put up for yourself and go out and do it. It might come out sloppy or it might feel wrong but remember in those times of uncomfortableness who you are be sure with yourself remind yourself that when youre talking to someone and you'll feel better. Talk about random shit you like maybe something funny you like share yourself with others talk about stuff outside of work maybe some funny videos or memes if your a racist no one likes that so re access who you are because all that shit of yourself being untruthful about your self will eat you up. Best advice share who you are with other people without being fearful of being judged if the conversation goes no where or ends quickly so what that's all that had to be said. Even if you feel awakrd the more you try to talk to someone the easier it'll get. You're shyneso isn't a problem if you see as a problem then try to work on it. You're the master of you're own world this life is your trip you can decide how you want it to go. I'm just on here for the porn tho I'm not even white so if you are closet racist then try fixing that cuz thqts not okay and that might also be effexting your social skills the only reason I'm here is cuz tho is cuz Cred Forums has the best porn lmao

I don't like drugs that much, but should i strt with drugs? do i have to?

I'll sell you some magical fire water that'll make you a social champ friend, 20$ a quart.

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damn, thanks bro that advice is more than i expected

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No you don't have to!
Can't you think for urself?

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cum n givve me

Pop a pill, smoke a J
It kills the brain

no why do u think im aking for helt on Cred Forums lol

I'll have my people meet your people, I always use a third party.

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is it yellow? if so im sold

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Because you're a fagit

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This is the ultimate state of beer drinkers
Don't drink beer

I mean, I can color it and add flavors if ya want I guess, but that'll cost extra.

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just speak your mind. the more you think, the more you fuck up. fuck all this "be yourself" bullshit. just be someone that doesnt sound like a timid faggot

Yeah. Basic stuff

Idk, Superbowl party I went to recently had plenty of people making racist jokes. Don't think anyone there truly hated blacks or whatever, just sometimes a joke is funny. If you can't handle words, you've got some work to do on yourself.

what you say isn't that important, socializing is more like an emotional exchange

people want to feel good feelings

some people have high emotional intelligence and social acuity and can pick up on situations and inject feelings better than others...

some people are depressed and start to lose confidence in themselves and don't understand social ques and put out a needy vibe where they just desperately want people to like them and only put out sad or negative vibes

you basically get what you put out there, if you can feel someone is genuinely in a good mood and feels good about themselves and is actively trying to make you feel good, it's socially attractive and that person will inevitably become popular and people will want to talk to them

the opposite is true for people that are needy and insecure, because they are not trying to make others feel good they are unaware of this dichotomy and feel like they need something from other people to fix themselves instead of trying to fix other people emotionally with their own emotions imposing feelings on them

it's basically an issue of confidence and the people with the highest level of emotional intelligence and confidence tend to become the ''coolest''

introverts can do it too, they can be good at socializing they just tend to be better at listening and 1 on 1 socializing than big groups

Maybe try to be less of a simp who faps to egirls all day long.

It becomes evident from the way people behave that they do some weird shit at home, especially when they act all gay and submissive

Not true man. I do degenerate shit all the time and no one in my social circle is none the wiser.

Find people who have a shared interest so you can talk about that. Or if you are really desperate, learn what other people are interested in and then research it so you know it at a conversational level and then talk to them about it pretending like you actually care about whatever it is.

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