Self defense thread

Self defense thread.
I do these often so surely you get it by now.
You're attacked by a 6' 80KG guy on the street, what's your plan?
I'll critique/praise your answer /10.
Add any and all adjustments or modifications to the scenario and I'll rate accordingly.
(Many years of security work, BJJ, Muay Thai, CQC weapons training)

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Not a strategy so I can't help sorry.

>6' 80KG

So he's my size, lmao. If he's average composition for his size, I'm more fit than him.

I don't leave the house without a SOG belt knife and a 9mm in the car. I pull my knife and thrust at him while backing away. If he lets me break, I turn and run to my car. Lock myself in my car, retrieve my gun. If he attempts to break in my car, I shoot him dead. CZ P-09 with 19+1 capacity. He's fucking toast.

Womens self defense but I'm a dude

Once I set my eyes on my target, nobody can help

Well I always carry two pistols, a keltek p11 and a beretta 418 as a back up.
My plan is to shoot him until he stops trying to attack me.
If that fails, I plan on vomiting on him or pulling down my pants and trying to shit on him, no one is gonna fuck with that kind of mess.

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punch him in the throat.

Shut up retard.

Tito ortiz. You fucking faggot.

Depending on your state this is a major over escalation, if having a weapon is normal, it's odd to have a knife exclusively as a deterrent. You give plenty of space which is smart and you have a goal in mind. 7/10

Your attacker knows all of these and has them just as available, dirty fighting is kinda dumb because it assumes you'll be attacked with some other magical skilset. If you can incapacitate at the right time it's strong, but opening with dick attacks ain't great 4/10

>Depending on your state this is a major over escalation, if having a weapon is normal, it's odd to have a knife exclusively as a deterrent.

I live in Texas. You can legally carry a fucking claymore and an AK on the street here. I practice a significant amount of restraint by keeping my claymore and AK at home.

i whip my flaccid cock out, put two fingers on either side of its base, and begin spinning it like a helicopter. if he comes close i whack him w my pp

10/10 flawless defense

Why 2?
Why would you carry 2 guns and still have a failure plan?

Nothing statements, hard to rate.

I run.

Victory loves preparation.
Also, if my gun jams and I don't have time to try the next magazine. Or maybe there's someone with me that I can arm to help our odds if something happens.

>i'm a mall cop i'm qualified to judge you
trying to plan self defense is proof you don't know shit about it

Dual wielding obviously.

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Well I played droppies(you gotta throw each other)nwith a 6' guy im high school and german suplexed him but he didn't know how to wrestle.
So I'd be in a side stance, throw a jab, step back throw a feint jab and go for the take down. Then once I'm on top elbow his head or bite his ear, stomp him or some shit.

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Throw sand at his face. Aiming at his eyes. Run away.

violating the flag code

lock him up

As a law abiding Canadian citizen I don't want to get charged with excessive self defence, unnecessary violence, etc
So I would pull my pockets inside out to show him I am a poor Walmart employee with no money to spare
I cannot even afford a cellphone
I offer to suck his penis but only if he agrees to sign a consent form so I am not charged with rape

I miss Dugan

I choose flight. I'm decent runner due my passive race ability, so I'm confident I can outrun whoever this person is. I'd run to a well lit area and hope that deters them. If not, I suppose I could hide. I have a small pocket knife I mostly use for opening boxes and cutting zip ties at work. If he finds me or whatever, I'll sucker-stab him. The combination of being startled and the pain of being stabbed should buy me enough time to finish him off.

Run faster than him.

I admit it's not a solution for everybody, but it's worked for me.

If I’m being attacked, that must mean he is already very close to me. If he is armed with a knife, I would try and get as much distance I possibly can before grabbing mine. Assuming I managed to succeed, I would then close the gap between us as soon as possible by going in low, using my lower height as an advantage. After that, I would attempt to stab him as many times it takes for him to stop moving.
Now, if he was unarmed, I would immediately attempt to grapple him and get him to the floor as fast as I possibly can, using my weight (83.9KG) to my advantage. The moment I have him on the ground I would attempt to pin his arms with my knees and just wail into his face until he stops moving.
Now if he’s armed with a gun.

I’m 6’2” and 90kg.
In good shape, not fat.
Dudes like me don’t get attacked on the street...

just go for a vulnerable spot, kick or punch him in the testicles, the throat, gouge his eyes out with a finger or thumb, smash his skull with a brick or rock if you see one handy,

there are no rules for what you can or can not do in a fight, just try to win

Kick him in the balls and run. Legitimately one of the most effective moves.

I'll yell "THAT'S MY PURSE" and kick him in the balls.
Next, I'll yell "I DON'T KNOW YOU" and run away.

Haha 80kg fucking lightweight. Also such a faggot question, people who know how to fight won't explain shit coz real life isn't a movie.