Why do you wanna keep your foreskin, Cred Forums?

Why do you wanna keep your foreskin, Cred Forums?

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don't see the point in removing it bruh

My dick is big enough that the full head sticks out comfortably. Looks nice and tbh cut dicks look ugly.

Yeah, but what if you can't peel it back?

I can tho

But what if you can't?

I'll just chop my balls off then, they get in the way

Where the hell are your testis in relation to the shaft?

Oh you know, just hanging off at the tip

because its fun to play with

Phimosis is a medical condition (which can be treated, not always with success though) and not religious retarded body mutilation on babies (who would certainly not agree with that shit)

Because it keeps the sensation of the most sensitive part of my dick at 100%. I like the fact that I don't need lube and my dick doesn't look like a dried piece of jerky.
Also, you keep a sword in a sheath, you don't just keep that shit wagging out in the open like a fucking retard.

So jew females can stop making face creams out of them.

because it keeps my dick from becoming a dry piece of shit that cant feel anything.
i can do dry faps.
it would hurt a lot to get it removed.
it might go wrong.
there are no benefits.

God put it there

Didn't God tell Abraham to cut it off in the first place?

no thats what the bible says, but who the fuck believes the bible was written by a god or is accurate in the least?

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Fuckin touche

im not jew

The God guy from that book? He sure had a weird fascination with demanding its removal after putting it there. The gates of Heaven are probably foreskin reinforced.


No one in the EU has this?

kinda just resent that i didnt have a say in the matter


The pain of circumcision in adulthood paired with the fact there are literally no benefits, just a medical bill and a worse looking dick make this a no brainer.

99.9% of circumcised guys did not have a choice. Somebody else made that choice for them when they we just children. USA are the only country circumcising children without a religious dictate. Israel and all Muslim countries obviously do it. Rest of the world only for medical reasons like phimosis. It is what it is no biggie.


I protects my glans, and it's a practical sleeve for smooth insertion.
Also, it makes wanking fun.
I can wank pretty much 24/7 without any abrasions at all.
Also, I've had it all my life, like my earlobes and tastebuds - so I'll keep it.
Thanks for asking, OP.