Infographic thread

Infographic thread.
Sick of all the various porn and pol bait shit.

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Did you know Einstein was a fraud?
He was a Jew who worked in a patent office and stole ideas from German scientists
Look it up!

This sounds like a tard parent coping argument
>”I know my little tummy eats glue and tried to have inappropriate relations with the cat, but did you know that Einstein had autism too? He’s just a tortured genius”

It literally is

I suggest you don't get your history lessons from Family Guy cutaways. Besides, Lorenz already published many of the same ideas - he didn't need to steal them from a patent obvious you fucking moron.

Okay OP I'll bite

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the ellipsis of various celestial bodies as seen from the Earth

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What on earth is this??
Could be 100% bs or 100% hard fact, I have literally no idea!

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yall want some exxxxtra old shit

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looks right to me, but I know shit all about statistics

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Not OP, but hell yeah I do, as long as it's useful

i saved these pics from like a good 8 years ago

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Thanks this is actually useful day to day, have saved to try a couple: )

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anyone here

yeah I am... will post random what I got

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Haha I glanced at that and thought it was evolution or tree religion.
I need to go to bed...

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kek, and right after you got dub dubs too. Sleep well sweet Prince.

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Out of date now, but here's up to '16 the history of Formula One engine manufacturers

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How do I read this, am dumb

Wanted to understand why there's so much trap posting now?

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Thanks user, goodnight

Fuck knows, there’s just so much straight up shit. I swear it’s getting worse.

What part are you having difficulty understanding?

damn u gonna do kernighan & ritchie like that

You're meant to read the graphic and see a possibel answer some anons have posed.
I have no idea what that means, I save 'em and I post 'em, I don't make 'em

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I’m on my iPad and can’t get it big enough to read... happens sometimes, not sure why. Because iPad I guess.

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wow, i'd never thought i'd actually find some useful info. thanks user!

As someone with ADHD, can we stop this patronizing shit? Literally just poorly down-regulated dopamine or some shit, not that exciting or an excuse for anything if you're an adult. You have to kind of manually learn proper response because the feel good signals aren't regulated normally, but that should only affect someone as they're mostly still developing. Poor behavior as an adult is just poor self-dicipline regardless of ADHD.

is this real??? fuck thats cool

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I also got this badboy for you then

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and hard to read, but this

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