Is my ass fat? Everyone says that but idk if they're just trying to be nice

Is my ass fat? Everyone says that but idk if they're just trying to be nice

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Please be a boy

Fuck off you sick gay.

It looks very squooshy

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I mean I was born a boy lol
On that estrogen diet now if you know what I mean
That's a good thing right

when did people start complimentary your ass?
I've been told i have a big ass but more recently my friend cant stop checking me out when we hang out together.

My fwb always seemed obsessed with it. I thought it was just foreplay or whatever. But then I asked him and he told me he just couldn't help it. If I go out with even slighty confirming pants I can expect stares. I sorta still feel uncomfortable as when I walk I away my hips. It just how my anatomy works but I can see how people may think it's me just flaunting.

I wish ppl would think im flaunting iffi just normally walk. I mean i generally dont wear tight pants so most people are surprised when they realize im decently thick.

Yes, is very nice floof

Of course

Looks good. Hard to tell without the pic in a standing position though.

It's sad we live in a time where a fat ass is considered good.
I mean when did we all become stupid niggers because they used to be the only retards that thought that stupid shit

You do realize in prehistoric times males would look for mates with extra fat on their bodies as this would signify higher chance of survival during times of famine from lack of game. Also having wide hips can accentuate the buttocks making it seem more shapely. This would also mean better odds of surviving childbirth. Fat is literally stored fuel, there is certainly a point of excess that is determined by arbitrary means -- however there is an abundance of liteature denoting such attraction. Some even believe evidence of this paradigm dates back to the Paleolithic era -- though it's not conclusive


Ass looks good. Show penis

Post more

you sound like insecure little faggot so yes, ill bet thats the case.

I get off on being demeaned so you don't really offend me lmao
Nice English btw

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Not gay, show me that fat ass.

Good shit, anything else? Wouldnt mind seeing that ass put to use

sorry if you took that as offense, just said what i think. also, od love to see you type in my native language, there is a wide world out there that aint burgerland, though i doubt you ever learned about that...

maybe another day i am bored and tired

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Why are your bits so dark? Latina? Asian?

Fair lol

Jewish and Egyptian