Risk thread. No underage

Risk thread. No underage.

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needs more people

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What the fuck is risk?

he doesnt know

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i agree, what is a risk thread? been here for years and this is honestly the first time im seeing this

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bruh u kiddin me u dont know wat risk is?

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You share your gf. You hope she is not distributed.


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under the age of 18

oh ok


New room up

not it was not retard


Of course no underage.
Don't be silly.

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just another degenerate 'should not share' thread

gg / rjWdSw

gg / rjWdSw .

Any better rooms?

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Why post discord links and not the type of link the OP began with?

Whats up with all those invite based discords? Like yall quadruple protect for no reason. Meanwhile i can score what you guys mega post easily through hispanic Cred Forums

this is an interesting thread.never seen one before but I'd post something if i had a gf.

imig dot es/c/fRKcBXX

Get in here and post you cucks

Jesus Boogies teeth disturb me

Good room, needs more cucks tho


Come on u cucks, get in and post / save


Czech teen Laura C.

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Hey guys let's have a risk thread but please don't post anything risky I'm too scared guys.

it's Cred Forums, do you really think any of us have a gf