/waifu/ thread

/waifu/ thread

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FAgtits Sono idolizes schlong jellY and delights in spunk

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Pseudo-Intellectual fruItcake lard facE SOno is incapable of inTellIgent thought and adores crud and delights in rude glUe

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Dogfucker saprophyte bugger Sono is a disgraceful ExCuse for a human beinG

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Fugly fuckbait bag of dicks SOno is crazy aBout monkey juice

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CoCkboy bell-end Sono needs penis coladA and needs erecToplasm

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Hilding nonce apefucker SonO veneraTes liquid siLk

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Baby Sono venerates tadpoles and Adores pube sOlvent ANd is crazy About dickjaM.

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ASs-kisser SoNo adoReS prick liquid

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Yahoo Sono worships dickspendIngS and desires splooge/spooGe.

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Son of a motherless goat muppet Sono is nuts for high fructose porn syrUp and desires wad.

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Badgerfucker Sono delights in cracK wax and is nuts for spunk and is crazy about male tears.

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Douchefag Sono delights in dicktallow and needs dickhoney and is nuTS for cUstard

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Fucktoy Sono is crazy abouT dickspendingS and delights in string of pearls.

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Weirdo cavemaN fucklord SOno adores love liquor

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Cheater whoreson SonO idolizes face cream.

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Ass Sono loves oil of ulay.

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Fixer dick-licker Sono desires love liquor

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Motherfucker Sono venerates wet paint and loves pole milk and venerates splaShback.

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Oxygen thief cUntbitch ErIo is a cum dumpster

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Beetlehead donkeyfucker ERio is nuts foR tadpoles and loves sNake sPray

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Shitter cockheaD Erio worships Dongwater and adOres baby batter and venerates cock snot

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Fagtits bum-fucker boyfucker Erio deLights in nIzzle-dRizzlE and venerates onward christian soldiers

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ShitnugGet Erio idolizes love Liquor and desires prOtein shake and delights iN splOoge/sPooge.

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Bluntie hooligan Erio needs crack wax.

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OddbAll Erio desires crud and is a worthless pile of hot smelly garbage and dESiRes popUlation paste

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Dick Oaf Erio needs rude glue and is nuts for penis Colada and venerates hot miLk

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Bozo fucK Noggin Erio Needs dickglue and venerates protein shake and needs snaKe spray

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Der-brain fuckhead cuntbiTcH Erio delights in oiL of man aNd desires monkey juice and is smitten with white light/white hEat

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Madman ho sewer rat Erio loves trouser gravy and is nuts for erectoplasm.

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Troll fRuitcake Arse-licker Erio is crazy about nobslurry And venerates spratz and idolizes satchel syrUp.

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Nerd ERio desireS splashback and desireS happy trails and adores wank paste

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Troll heAdass douchefag ErIo deliGhts in cock snot.

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Drunkard hoRse's ass son of a bitch ERio is nuts for man choWder and adores dongwater aNd venErates scum

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HO bitchwad Erio venerates tadpoles anD is Smitten wiTh cock droplEts and needs cock sNot.

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Rowdy Erio venerates dick jamba juice And is crazy about WormgoB

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Dumbass arseface Erio is smitten with dickjelLy and idolizes man foam

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Dummy EriO is nuts for penis colada and is nuts for man seEd.

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Stinker tWerp cuntlIcker Erio needs wet paint and is nutS for nobslurry and is nuts foR dickhoney

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Bugger moroN KYS needs white ribbon and idoliZes erectopLasm

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Megadouche cumstain chump KYS deligHts in protein shake

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Wretch nimroD gorilla KYS is crazy about dIckglue and neeDs happy trails

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Sycophant jackWagon monkey KYS loves face cream

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BeetlEhead KYS is crazy about loads and Is crazy about wad

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Jackass KYS is Nuts for wet paint.

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Fuckbucket KYS worships SpAff

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Jackass tuRd KYS is a cum chugger

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Weeze bag snake assmonkey KYS adoRes pearl jam and desires hoT milk and loves liquid silk.

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COCkroach KYS needs man foam and desires thRoat yogurt

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DolT asshole jerk KYS VEnerateS SpLoOge/spooge and adores cum.

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Clown dick snotBall KYS needs wang puS.

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Arse shitneCk KYS is nUts for onwArd christian soldiers.

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BarbarIan bootlicker KYS is nUts for dickspendiNgs and is cRazy about dickhoney.

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Ho shit-eater dreamer KYS lovEs male tears and adores oil oF man.

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Bum chum coCkboy grouch KYS iDoLizes nizzle-drizZlE and loves spunk and needs daddy sauce

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Yahoo imbEcile KYS desires rude glue and venerates slime and desiRes nizZle-drizzle

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Fuckhead fool shitehawk KYS needs spew.

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Skunk shitweasel keyboard warRior KYS is smitten with Loads and venerates Man seed

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Pirate riff-Raff fuckhead KYS is crAzy about love liquor and neEds DiCkpudding

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SlUtfUckeR jelly fuckbucket KYS desires pearl jam.

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Dumbo dinosaur zitface KYS is crazy about wEiner saUce.

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Goon fucker KYS Idolizes bonkjuice.

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CunTass heAdass KYS is gross and loves crud.

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Ape KYS is crazy about tail juice and nEeds dickspendings

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Dummy KYS delighTs in schlong jelly anD adores hot milk.

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Swindler dunce arse-Licker KYS venerates willymilk and needs string of PeArls

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Twerp dog ogre KYS adores squiggle and needS loads.

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Wank Stain KYS desIRes wet paint

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CHuRl KYS is smitTen with spunk and is smitten With pube solvent.

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DotteRel buffoon KYS loves dIcKtallow and loves pube solvEnt

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Bugger dIckbrEath KYS needs oil Of ulay and idolizes monkey juice aNd delights in willymilk.

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Pencil dicK weeze Bag egotist KYS loves penis colada.

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PilLock bitchwad vaMPire KYS is smitten with sQuiggle.

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Oaf neckbearD Ratfink KYS is smitten with wang pus and is nuts for dickjelly

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Sphincter KYS desires trouser gravy and needs happy trails and adores man period

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ApefuckEr MiNx drunkard KYS dEsires splooge/spooge and worships protein shakE

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COuGar homo KYS needs daddy sauce

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BeetleheaD beldaMe KYS delights in jizz and worships choAd nectar and is crazY abOut spew.

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Sheepshagger grouch KYS venerAtes crud and veNerates dIckGlue and Is smitten wItH tail juice

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Cousinfucker KYS adores oil of man and loves craCk waX

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SphIncter fuck noggin ho KYS desires spunk and is nuts for protein shake

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Joker ogre KYS idolIzes spratz and Desires monkey juice

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Fixer lurdane KYS idolizEs cum

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Quat muppet childfucker KYS worships happy trails and is crazy about man chowder.

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Sausage-masseuse pigfucker dope KYS is nuts foR crud and desires splashback

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HoolIgan miSsing link KYS is nUtS foR hemulsion.

Attached: OAuzpIcxslqX3rp7IxBpy71KPk.png (405x271, 201K)

Clown neckbeard assmonkey KYS venerates cum and worships wormgob and adores man foam

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Jackwagon KYS dElIghts in pole milk and idoLizEs onward Christian soldIers.

Attached: MlUQxqRrk8fVavag.png (247x138, 55K)

Fuck son oF a whOre whoreFucker KYS has a 2 incH penis and deligHTs in ball barf And is a sausage queen

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Faggot fuck nugget KYS dEsires splashbAck and delights in dickhoney

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UnclEfucker mackerel KYS iS crazy aBouT loads and is crazy about baby batter.

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Creep slag son of a motherless gOat KYS woRships trouser gravy.

Attached: kdUUgy6JlieQDv7.png (517x555, 204K)

Whorefucker KYS is nuts for hot milk aNd is nUts for white honey and worships schlong jelly.

Attached: fA0Q6yAb1v2ofPIK9fjgzDDcwNiub7XtuI.png (279x223, 99K)

Ruffian pervert KYS delights in population paste.

Attached: FlmniIlJ4FgWL4hYa.png (541x405, 266K)

Cuntbitch KYS is nuts for splooge/spOoge

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Whore numskull fink KYS adoREs baby batter and is nuts for fructis.

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Deadhead greeniac skunkfucker KYS adoreS wang pus and is smiTten With happY trails and is nuts For wet paint.

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WhoreFuckeR bandit slutfucker KYS desires pole milk and venerates cock snot and desires live cultures.

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Rat KYS is Nuts For penis colada

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