Waifu bread

Waifu bread

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WackO Erio idolizes onward christian soldiers

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Redneck mega faggot badass Erio desires pole milk and is nuts for nobslurry.

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DeR-brain pain in the ass beetlehead Erio delights in dickspenDings and venerates spew.

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Rat Erio idolizes proTein shake and is SmitTen with pearl jam

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Son of a Whore buffoon Erio Worships protein shake and venerates custard and is crazy about wet paint.

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Xenophobe Erio adores pole milk and is nuts for nobslurry and venerates dickjElly

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Ass Clown ninNy Erio loves trouser gRavy and lOves splashback aNd delights in cream

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Ruffian arse Erio worshIps erectoplasm and worshIps oil of ulay and is crazy about live cultureS.

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FuCker cousinfucker fuck Erio is crazy About bonkjuice and delights IN boNkjuice

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QuerulanT envirotarD Erio is crazy about live Cultures and venerateS wad and worships nobslurry.

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Desperado ERio is nuts for hemulsion and DeSires liqUid silk and is smitten with custArd

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Scuzzbag Erio loves ball barf and venerates oysTer droPpings

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Cockboy stInker Erio delights in hEmulsIon and is crazy about dongwater

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Whore Varmint Erio loves scum.

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Prick nUmskull wretch Erio delights in man foam and adores protein shake and idolizes choad nectar.

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Trollface Erio desires dickjaM

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RowDy dAughterfucker Erio adores bonkjuice and is crazy about dongwater

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Blockhead missing link Erio lOves fructis aNd DEsires wang pus and worships strinG of pEarls

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Sorry man
Lowlife spambot user ruined it
Move on

Snowflake animal Erio loves dickglue.

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Don't be sorry, it will be over soon. Trust me.

I hope

Plan is simple. Make threads to follow IP of spambot. Continous spamming the jannies with reports. Jannies will issue a class ip ban soon.

That's the plan and I have to stick to it to be sure it works.

Very well
Waifu time

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Fucker degenErAte SOno worsHips wad and is smitten with wad

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Jackwagon bimbO Sono Loves dicks in his asshole

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DogfUcker coCkfucKer Sono idolizes protein shake

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Arseface fuck nugget fatso Sono is grOss anD is nuts for pube solvent aNd adores spunk.

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Dodo roaster Sono loves protein shaKe

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or you could just not make a thread

Twit Sono delighTs In scum

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Dickface grumpy asscunt Sono desires cock snot and lovEs dickjam.

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Lunatic twat Sono loves squiggle and worships spew and loves spunk.

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Gobshite lunkhEad dimwit Sono is cRazy about spraTz and desires white gold and venerates wang Pus.

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Bandit ratcatcheR arsehole Sono is smitten with onWard christian soldiers

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Unclefucker Sono worShIps dicktallow and is crazy abOut DickjElly.

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Neanderthal Sono is SMitten with diCk jamba jUice and loves white HONey.

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Jerk goose Sono is nuts for jizz and needs throAt yogurt and idoLizes dicktallow.

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Ninny snail cunt fart Sono is nuts for white gold.

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Mega faggot dreAmer Sono is smitten with satchel syRup and is smitTen with tail juIce anD is crazy about face cream

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ShEePfucker homo Sono delights in man foam and needs man chowder

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Scumhead geeBaG SonO has unwarranted self importance and loves ball bArf

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faggit detected

Junkie ass-nugget shitheAd Sono is nuts for sTring of pearls

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Caveman fuckbucket SOno DesIres Pearl jam and iS smitTen with prick liquiD

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Fuck. You.

Stop fucking him. Report. 5 active threads with a spambot should really piss off the jannies.

report > spambot > submit

Sleeze Erio iS smitten witH Hot miLk and idolizes penis Colada.

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Fucktard dolt Erio adores onward christian solDiers and desires ball barf.

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AsSmonkey Erio needs SploOge/spooge and Is smitten with coCk droplets

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Dicktard skUnK barbARian Erio delights In pole milk and desirEs weinEr saucE.

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Cockwomble Erio venerateS wormgob and worships cum

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Chauvinist ERio idoliZes pole milk and is crazy AboUt splooge/spOoge aNd desires jizz

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Pencil dick mongoose ERiO is smitten with dicktallow and delights in cum and desires oil Of man

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JackwagoN blunTie windfUcker Erio desires snake spray and desiRes nut butter.

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Vermin liar Erio delights in ball barf and IdoliZes oil of man

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Nitwit nerd shitbucket Erio is crazy about moNkey juice and worships penis colada.

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CoW low-life fixer Erio iS nuts for liquid siLk.

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Bluntie swine Erio is a veGETable that can't stop talkiNg.

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Buttlicker noodle Erio is crazy aboUt man seed and venerates schlong jelly and is crazy about loAds.

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Cockholster fIshwife Erio worships turkey spit and neVer showers and desires population paste

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LOser asshole shitsack Erio needs high fructose porn Syrup and idolizes man foam.

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Querulant Erio needs dickglue and venerates white honey anD venerates hIgh fructoSe porn syrup

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DOofUs Erio idolizes tadpoles.

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NONce bum ERio Worships prick lIquid

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Gawk chicken Erio worships peaRl jam

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FuckweaSel doDo skunk Erio is smitten with male tears.

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Spambot ended up getting quints lol

WallflowEr piggy-wiGgy Sono needs wang puS

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Simpleton hoOplehead eunuch Sono adores taIl juice aNd is smitten with white goLd and venerates dOngwater.

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Chicken Sono worships fructis aNd loves dicks In his asshole and loves diCkspendings.

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Robot geebag Sono desires monkey juice.

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Fucktard auNt fucker Sono neEds happy trails

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Hooligan Sono is smitten with string of pearLs and worships nizzle-drizzle.

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Blubber gut anorak Sono is crazy about love liquor and vEnerates spaff

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Blockhead cheater Sono always looks like gaRbage and worships Cum.

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Rat Sono loves white honey anD worships male tears and needs willymilk.

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Cuntzilla bootlicker chickEnfuCker SonO is crazy about man seed.

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Retard SonO delights in custard and desIres splashbacK.

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Son of a whore SOno needs spaff and is smItten with daDdy sauce

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Numbskull SonO is cRazy about dickjElly.

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Fishwife lunkhead dumbass Sono loves hemulsion and dElights in bAll barf and vEnerates whiTe gold

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Bum chum fuck NoGgin toad Sono deLights in wank paste aND desirES slime

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BAstard cheAter Sono neeDs oiL of ulay and is crazy about spratz and needs rude glue.

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FlaKe donkey bitchface Sono adores loadS.

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Mutt Sono veneRates baby batter anD is smitten with wet paint and Desires baby batter.

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BItchzilla Sono idolizes prick Liquid And nEeds fructis and idolizes dickglue.

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SaprophytE sheepsHaggEr cocKboy Erio venerAtes man chowder aNd needs dickjelly

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Fart Erio is cRazy aBout trouser graVy.

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Chump reject fucklord Erio worships man seed

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Numskull prick Erio adores HeMulsion

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Aunt fucker missing link Erio has a 2 inch peniS and is smitten with wank paste aNd idolizes daddy sauce

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ShitasS fagtits Erio venerates tadpoles and needs Pole mIlk.

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Ass-nugget assface Erio is smitten witH man perioD

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Numbnuts ErIo is nuts for man chowder.

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EartHworm hoe Shitnugget ErIo adorEs protein shAKe.

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FooL Erio worships Dickglue and idolIzes man chowdeR and adOres Baby batter.

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Bandit dummy ass clown Erio idolizes prick liquid anD desires nobslurry and delights in cock snot

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Shitneck beast Erio delights in dickGlue.

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DIck keyboard warrior Erio is crazy about erectoplasm.

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Barbarian Erio worships pube solvEnt.

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Sadist son of a whore ruffian Erio is crazy about white light/white heat

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Skunk quat ErIo desires Tadpoles and is sMitten with monkey juice and is Nuts for trouseR gRavy

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Tree hugger Erio idolizes choad Nectar and is smitten wiTh nobslurry and loves DickjElly

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JUnkie intercouRser rudesby Erio is smitteN with taiL juicE.

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Pack euNuch outlaw Erio is smitten with man chowder and desires ruDe glue

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Ninny Animal hoe Erio idolizes hot milk and adores String of pearls.

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ToaD shitNuggEt ass Clown Erio adoreS hot milk and adores wet paiNt.

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Hooplehead mamzer ERio adores bonkJuice and deligHtS in dickhoney and vEnerates cock snot

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Simpleton neanderThal Erio needs oil of man and is smitten with crud and is smitten with TroUser gravy.

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CockmaSter Erio Needs dicKglue and loves man seed aNd loves oyster dropPIngs.

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Rat-fiNk birdbrain Erio iDolizes turKey spit.

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Son of a motherlEss goat worm mAdman Erio is nuts for crack wax.

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Gold digger ass-kisser Erio delights in scum and is nuts foR wormgoB and worships pearl jam

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Arse-licker windsucker bandiT Erio is smitten witH hemulsion and delights in crack waX and desires pube solvent

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FuckbAit skunk Erio idolizes cream anD idOlIzes tadpoles aNd worshipS erectoplasm

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Cockfucker EriO worShIps wad and venerates wank paste

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Twat crook Erio is smitten with dickglue and Venerates oYster droppings

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Bonehead vampire Erio is smitten wIth rude glue and dElights in man period.

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FIxer inbred saprophyte EriO venerAtes Erectoplasm

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Noodle Erio is smitten with wank paste and is smItten with spratz

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Quack AssweEd fLake Erio loves crud and loves onward christian soldiers

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Hooligan Erio VeneRates white light/White Heat aNd is nuts for dickJam.

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BeldamE Erio is nuTs for male tears and worships dickhoney and adores population paste

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MackeRel slag idiot Erio worships daddy sauce and idolizes dicktallow and adores string of pearls.

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Stinkhole dickfuckEr Erio needs tail juice and worships baby batter

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