Actual You YLYL you lose

Actual You YLYL you lose

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or better yet, just talk on your phone and then if you get pulled over you just put your phone away and take out the cookies.
driving around with a cookie in your hand is not a smart idea.

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I recognise that gay blowjob.

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kek beat me to it

Funny, because you'll get arrested for a nigger or a faggot word or something like that. Freedum of speech my ass

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Fuck the kikes.

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at least the other three can go to school knowing they wont get shot and never come back home

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I don't like german nazis, you must live in fear, they could easily say that you are a jew and you're fucked.


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nowdays Berlin is just a total shithole. It makes me sad.

Don't tell me what to do. That green tractor in the back is hawt.

Bacon on a Jamaican?

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Cartoon on a coon?

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It makes me sad that I'm one of those people who actually gets it.

Well you get what you pay for.

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weird joke for people who have never actually had to deal with swine

realistically the pigs will just invent some bullshit and proceed to fuck with you

probably pretty severely since they get upset when you use big words, let alone going out of your way to "disrespect" them

pig on a black kid?

And who the hell do you think instituted all the polluting, wasteful changes? That's right, it was boomers. It was already fucked by the time most millenials were born.

who cares. either way the cops got epically trolled.


piglet on a niglet

piglet on a retarded idiot ape subhuman scum

it's a pink hog on a nig nog, retard


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> get ready for

Jules rules.

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Trying really hard to push a meme uh? This shit is even less funny than logposting
Cant even tell if ironic or just retarded

>you you laugh you lose you lose

Back then they also predicted that we would work only 25 hours per weak because of automation and growing wealth. Instead people still work 40h per week or more and the capitalist bourgeois takes all the surplus. Nice

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the lost supper

Putin actually brought his dog with him after hearing she has a phobia of dogs.

Trans people seeing that article: *eye rolling* *hits joint and scrolls*

piggy on a niggy

>one of those people
You mean literally everyone? You're so special. I guess this is news to you, but everyone knows what is being implied, even if they don't find it funny. I do, but I enjoy everyone being shit on equally.

My captcha from a couple days ago. Can't get over it lol

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>new york
kek. Though it probably sounds like "kee-kay" or "kee-kee"

I mean, technically he's riding a quad

Its actually more about nazism, in polish constitution it is written, that openly showing nazism and communism is prohibited.

So yeah cant be nazi or communist there :/

I mean, Poland was fucked by both for years, not suprised its prohibited now.


well it was also a total shithole in the last 20's

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Go back to sleep mudslime

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How is that evil? Are we supposed to laugh at the clinical fucking retardation of whoever made that meme?

If I was meeting Putin I would start a rumor I was scared of dog them play with that good doggo.

Too soon.

Poor doge is freezing to death in Stalingrad

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That doesn't even need editing to fit in a ylyl thread

Go to the oven shlomo

The fuck is the deal with the egghead?
Melon collie and the infinite forehead.

How does "the" describes me?

Premium quality man. Is that thing going on export?

Jesus Christ

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Thats fake. Nobody look like that

>pro oxygen
>destroys and rolls back environment protections and laws

Wat m8?

Too soon

Literally what's happening right now. Fucking insane.

Mega companies who wanted to save a penny, typically through the efforts of product packaging engineers.

fake nigger dick

Who the fuck is this and why do I keep seeing her everywhere

>tfw dwhfx

I like this a lot

kek lost hard

At first I looked at the shit show in Wuhan as a morbid kind of entertaining spectacle, like a car wreck you can’t look away from. Now I just want the situation to stop getting worse, before people around me start dropping like flies.
Pic related, what do you think of my hazmat suit?

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this is disgust

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camels, ships of desert. full of arab semen.
enough said

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>piss yellow "whiskey" in a plastic container
>expiration date
God I'm glad I have no reason to go to africa

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I recognize this gay blowjob

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>things newfags say

and in fruudumland you get arrested if you fuck a 17 year old fully developed woman, get fired when mispronouncing made up pronouns, get randomly jumped by niggers or rogue cops, 1800's backwards mentality, tipping is justified, zero healthcare and abysmal public schooling (when they don't get shot up by incels), high sugar diet and huge obesity epidemic, laughable justice system where MUHFEELINGS prevail over law, affirmative action, widespread cuck fetish


I admire the casual way you flaunt your homosexuality

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it's a trap!

too soon

We need to come up with a new word.

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>How gravity wood work

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"Daddy loves u!"
Baby says:"cringe"

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bait and you fell for it

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Too soon bro


Yeah, go get excited for another 15 year old image macro, dumb fuck

wouldn't expect a newfag like yourself to get it anyway

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you mad ? you seem mad ?

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You need to get off Cred Forums every once in a while m8
Also, tipping isn't bad as long as you're already paid a normal wage, not below min wage. As someone who has worked warehouse/labor and basic cashier/service jobs, I'll take the tipped position all day long. Easiest and least physically demanding money you can make besides sucking cock. I worked a basic 8 hour graveyard shift in a cafe, made a 8.25/hr wage, but expected at least the equivalent to 12-16/hour after tips. I never pushed for tips, I just did my job and bs'd with some of the cooler regulars. Also always treat stoners and drunks well, they are big tippers. It's when tipped positions are abused by business owners to "justify" wages below min wage that problems start happening for both the employees and the customers.

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>we need to fuck and we need to fuck 17 years old
Sure you know how to live

>shoot up
>now we call them incels, why not
you deserve a place like that. I bet you're one of those who want to legalize drugs.

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Jonathan was kicking ass while this lady was around

Just go a few miles south until you cross the border into the US, problems solved. The majority of states is 16, and most have no other stipulations.

you want people flee away YLYL
And maybe you're getting paid for it

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p-police bad!! I've heard pure rumour and rare articles of police being bad so police bad! That's what you sound like. Now, whether you're a nigger or an illegal, you need to get your shit together.

Boomer bad

Too soon

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Her, later that night.

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This picture just makes me sad.

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It's still "distracted driving" where I am

Well said tbh

Bitch looks like a Psychlo.

The trips don't lie

too soon

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Like fuck. I know a shit ton of mussie dude and they fuckin char durries as though theyre lives depend on it.

too soon man... too soon

No. I have an extremely dark sense of humor, maybe even kind of a sick one. I’ve only posted things itt that I find at least somewhat funny. Do you think
turned people off? That wasn’t my intention.

I don't know, fuck her

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he's got a check, in fact

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You bond burger my sister?

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I am wax

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>people dropping like flies
>2% death rate

Imagine being this salty about how fucking gay your generation is

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>not sticking your dick in big red

I bet he kisses girls too.

Too soon man, not cool

>i never saw it happen
>therefore it never happened

Time to take your medicine and check for charlies on your bed gramps.

Not even posting the story? Shameful

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no fisting in germany? wut

Have you seen the footage coming out of China? The CCP’s numbers are bullshit. They can’t be trusted. But let’s posit it actually is a 2% fatality rate—that’s 15 times the fatality rate of the flu, hardly a benign illness.

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I have been feeling pretty LJTL lately.

Here is an image that has just as much humor in it as everything else in this shit thread.

This thread fucking sucks.

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>people dropping like flies

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Why's there a dozer? Niggers don't shovel.

except eating while driving is also prohibited, dumbass

These actually aren't bad tbh, maybe consider trying stuff instead of throwing a shitfit all the time.
Who the hell am I kidding, none of you manchildren garden. You probably won't ever see a tomato hornworm in your entire lives

Oi, you ghot a loicence foar thaet foood?

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i know this gay hookup

Toon on a maroon

You can save the planet eating bugs without us. I believe in you user.

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kek what a madlad

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Piglet on a niglet

I nearly managed to scam them into sending me a crate of the stuff
You can find their WhatsApp quite easily


Would you fuck this?

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seriously explain wtf was funny about that post?!

i've probably posted a dozen quality memes ITT and I haven't got so much as a "lol" or a "lost". i fucking hate this place

Always funny how trumptards always compare the USA to 3rd world countries instead of other developed nations.

Or this? White people are funny, ITT ylyl funny white people

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protip: putting in obvious spelling errors makes in your ironic meme makes it less believable that someone made it unironically, making the ironic meme less funny.

please point me to a few so i can fucking cringe at your shit memes


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It’s a play on “Don’t tread on me”
I’m a sucker for silly shit like that

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You bitches can't even drink a bottle of beer in public, kek

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I'm OP

people are actively made bad YLYL threads on purpose, since fun stuff is the catalyst of people aggregation and (((they))) don't want so. But i still have to see really good stuff tho, you can't hate people for not like your stuff

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Its Javel dumbfucks

German cop: yeah you are arrested for pretending a crime.

still the paper attached claim wiskey and claim an expiration date. What difference it makes if its really Javel?

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>not knowing that unfunny posts funnier than actual funny posts

I saw gay first...and second...


The game was rigged from the start, (You) never had a chance.

Woah woah dude come on

yeah, and if my Grandmother had wheels she would have been a bike

you ass

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Stop being racist

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yeah and if you sucked less dicks you wouldn't be such a faggot.

you cuck

almost rage'd but not a yryl so pls see yourself out

Spanish name pronounced Kee-Kay

has noone seen that bear just vibin'

Short for Enrique

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>the same answers as

you know

Even in other imageboards

Soon your race should hide

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Ok then, jidf have a lot of telegram channles

Attached: 1429283558596.jpg (480x360, 23K)

This is the creation of jews.

Infogram ignored.

may be. Third point seems suspect

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Attached: 1578670456630.webm (720x812, 408K)

You have been checked

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Stop making the niggers look good.

Of course global health organisations want to disinform, thank God we have Twitter.

cry harder

How did you get Admiral Akbaar's baby pictures?

Had to look up what shithole made that a law. Literally "eating while driving", and the first result explains how while it's not a law in California, police may still issue a ticket for driving while distracted.
>Explicitly mentions California
>Not illegal but police will arrest you anyway using open interpretation of a vague law
Why the fuck am I not surprised?
tl;dr: user lives in cali and is making dumb claims about law based on the semi-legal actions of local police officers

Classic, top kek

Stupid propaganda, it's not like a country as any choice about taking refugees. If someone is not safe in their land because of war, every nation is obliged to help.
Human rights are for all they protect us they protect them as well.

okay chang

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i haven't any debt and an house. What's your excuse?

a girl that got rape-fucked to death

>umbrella organization

and that's why people do stupid and useless wars. Then, 100 years from now, next generations will not have the same opportunity

Attached: 1408689205211.png (550x920, 793K)

You you laugh you lose you lose?

Attached: 1575458955763.png (717x576, 310K)

Pissing? Why is pissing so common?

Get a load of this corporate shill.

Attached: F2BEFD18-41C6-41BF-9A0A-815F74C0BBFF.jpg (694x1024, 49K)

No you won't dumbfuck. Go up to an officer right now and say nigger.

Kek seen this before unedited, but who turned Balding Beatrice into 3rd form Frieza?

Attached: 54816B25-82D7-4FCD-AF11-AC4A31569E33.jpg (1936x2443, 1.43M)

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Attached: 5030344.jpg (960x863, 174K)

>opinion piece about a virus that wasn't an issue until the recent outbreak
I'd bet that the flu will kill more than most new viral outbreaks, weird how that works.
>thinks edgy teenagers making jokes online is the same as people in the adult world having legitimate concerns about import and travel contamination. The best thing we can do in the states is wash our hands regularly, but this racism narrative needs to end. Actual, unironic racism is less widespread than Corona-chan's legs. I bet you're the same kind of person to say a temporary travel ban until the outbreak is contained would be "racism". If you show up to work sick, your boss will tell you to go home to keep others from getting sick.

my nigga, saw this last night in a rekt thread

Yeah productivity raised like 40% while the worked man hours are essentially the same. All the extra profit goes to managers, not the guy who actually are productive.
Or in other words the guys who shouldn't vote for trump loose their money to the guys that profit from trumps politics.

how expensive was your last hospital trip?

Yeah, a "child" refugee here in Sweden turned out to be 43 years old and another was 32.
Who knew that children don't have beards and that they like to rape?

nobody was talking about ideology, stop being a tool

so what type of rekt is that?

Attached: 1409659032056.jpg (720x340, 26K)

Attached: 4507.jpg (788x1166, 144K)

I am pretty jovial, so I can understand why i saw "Ha" first.

Good old Wonder Showzen.

i feel bad for sweden and france. people still living good there then no one have the will to oppose.

Attached: photo_2017-05-21_22-12-46.jpg (460x586, 51K)

so youve seen that cooking video too with the dumb bitch comparing 2 dishes

I feel kinda they safe. Hopefully we can turn this around but if all fails at least we can be an example.
Do not let Muslims and Niggers into your country, not now not ever and don't let your politicians work with George Soros!!

In italy it's a common way of saying "no shit, retard" when somebody uses a conditional too losely

idfk, just saw it one. stfu.

newfag spotted

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Attached: 94DD5B6B-F6B6-40DB-8A63-E13543A554B3.jpg (720x960, 96K)

Literally no one has gone to jail in America for misgendering


there's nothing evil on it
just silly
the guy could be arrested for making the officer waste the time

I don't understand the gist of this cartoon.

Attached: 1580910795536.png (516x526, 41K)

iv'e seen people losing precious time believing to post unfunny stuff here, this is shit

you are an example already, since is like sweden is like an european country 10 years ahead

you watch rekt thread just for see people getting hurt or dying?

Attached: 1438160983373.jpg (552x475, 33K)


You not pro independence?

he said fired, not busted

By far the funniest thing is the thread

stop that shit.

Attached: 1414016921810.png (491x450, 179K)

does anyone have the video of her getting dicked down? I see the sexy grandma photos of her all the time but i really want to see the deed done so i can beat my dick lime it owes me money to it

>And who the hell do you think instituted all the polluting, wasteful changes?

Hippies, after they quit getting high and graduated from college.

Stay mad, kid...

>"""member state"""

Writing "Europe" over a picture doesn't make it Europe. It's still is a North Korean Building with niggers shopped in it. Also a tiny reminder that most niggers live in Africa and the US.

wasting a cops time is the best thing ever to me now. being almost 2 years sober now on friday and saturday nights i go driving around between 130-3 AM and whenever I see a cop i swerve a little bit to try and get their attention and pull me over. once pulled over i slur my words and act fucked up. since they dont smell alcohol they assume im just on something. always pass the sobriety tests and love it when they get all pissed off and act like a little school girl who got told no she cant have that hellokitty backpack because they were so positive they were gonna be taking someone in lol.

Attached: 1555883805979.gif (320x240, 1.78M)

Attached: africa.jpg (499x573, 293K)

>.t brainlet

and now you learned what is propaganda.

Attached: 1412230750673.jpg (425x426, 35K)

i didnt post anything i just assumed he had seen the video because he precisely quoted what the guy in the video said to the woman about the 2 dishes.

Attached: fce7c3a61d36e1f35916ccda10c62c6c.jpg (600x472, 56K)

Dutertard spotted. Fuck off u chink hoohah ass licking slanty eyed cock sucker

Nice fucking digits. Czech'd.

Attached: 1567953390758.jpg (480x552, 22K)

How sad and devoid of sanity does one have to be to pretend to be drunk driving on late weekend nights? I hope your life gets better and you see how much of a waste of time and how immature you're being. I can't honestly imagine what kind of person you'd have to be to think this was somehow funny or clever.

yep, but it is a quite common catchprase along
>If my Grandfather had three balls he would have been a pinball

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Thank you for this.

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This is so stupid. So this guy compares 2020 with 1970. No problem with that. But who brought all that changes 90's? Youngsters that where born in 2000 or this boomer that was an adult all this time?

Why does he have white hands?

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keep lickin those boots. fuck cops

You're thinking of one city in West California. It's a fine not an arrest, and no one considers West California a part of the USA except for West California.

The first 3 points where valid. But using a virus to make your point against racism... damn... that's very creative.

>if you don't see the entertainment value in me wasting not just cops time but my own so i can pretend to have some kind of victory over people that don't negatively affect me personally then you're a boot licker!
The cope. Grow up user you look pathetic

This is probably the funniest thing I've seen on this website today.

Willem DaFamily

Everyone gets it, that's the real joke. You thought you were special but you're just special Ed.

i dont see it as wasting my time when im enjoying every second of it.