Maryland girls exposed

Maryland girls exposed

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Any Kelsie B from 410?

Any pic to go off of?

Kik spreaddatbutt for Frederick county

Val b

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this is valuable

nsa are not

again, fragile x syndrome is a 1:1 inheritable mental disease for intellectual mental retardation, it doesnt show itself as "strongly" with the females yet 100% of all their children will also be carriers, worse then aids. murder america

u had ur chance.


any moar?

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Julie T

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Tessa S.

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fuck yeah moar?

Moar?! Yes please.

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nice legs!

Wow. Sauce? Where she from?

user ever drop her gangbang video?


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Anyone know the 3 Warner sisters?

post what you got, luv this slut!

Where from?

Any Baltimore, or Harford county?

Or Dundalk for that matter,


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saw a bunch of her back on anonib, sexy slut, though she a coal burner

She is from Wv but lives in frederick


Any Dana Wilson? Used to live in Fredric now lives in SC

Mmm more

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Name? Area

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Vendula v.

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>Name? Area
Recognize her?

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Harford County checking in

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Maryland threads are fucking shit. It's always some washed up roastie from "dundalk" or some yokel place.

Either girls in Maryland are the biggest prudes or guys are the most futile betas out there.

I think it's a combination of a few things. Maryland has a revenge porn law that they actually uphold from time to time. It's also a small state which makes it far easier for girls to be recognized. Also, maryland girls are fairly prudish with other girls from the north east (I guess because it's almost the south)

>It's also a small state which makes it far easier for girls to be recognized.
It's not though, it's above average population. I went to college in Maine and recognized 4 or 5 girls from threads there, yet I've lived in Maryland my whole life and never recognized a girl here.

... did knowingly distribute a visual representation of _______(name), that displays said [person’s intimate parts exposed/ person engaged in an act of sexual activity], with the intent to [harm/harass/intimidate/threaten/coerce] said person, [under circumstances in which he or she knew said person did not consent to the distribution/with reckless disregard as to whether said person consented to the distribution] and under circumstances in which the other person had a reasonable expectation that the image would remain private.
NOTE: “Intimate parts” include naked genitals, pubic area, buttocks, or female nipple.
“Sexual Activity” means 1. sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, oral-anal, whether between persons of the same or opposite sex. 2. Sodomy under CR 3-321 or an unnatural or perverted sexual practice under CR 3-322. 3. Masturbation; or 4. Sadomasochistic abuse.
NOTE: This charge does not apply to:
1. lawful and common practices of law enforcement, the
reporting of unlawful conduct, or legal proceedings.
2. situations involving voluntary exposure in public


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more please

it's got some densely populated areas which is where most of the nudes posted comer from (Annapolis and Baltimore area) but that's a small chunk of the state. If a salisbury girl were poste, anyone from salisbury would recognize it because like 100 people live there. That's why most of the maryland nudes don't show face. Chances are you've seen someone you know, you just can't tell.

I ain't happy about any of this either but I've thought about it because I'm always disappointed in these threads.

I wouldn't kick her out of bed. Have her face?

>more please
>I wouldn't kick her out of bed. Have her face?
This one and the previous one shows half her face...that's as much as I'm willing to share.

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more ass? love it

>more ass? love it

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keep going please

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Post names

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more please
is there a story? how did you meet and how did you get this going

thats hot, keep em coming

Was this one day or is it an on going thing between you two?

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>more please
>is there a story? how did you meet and how did you get this going
My wife>thats hot, keep em coming

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wow look at you! still doing the damn thing. how old are you guys? and of course, more please

Finally a good MD thread

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>wow look at you! still doing the damn thing. how old are you guys? and of course, more please
Both in our 60s.

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Is it though? Only one guy is posting.

that's already better than the average MD thread

A couple ppl are posting and I just got here

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>Is it though? Only one guy is posting.
This will be my last one for now. If I see her pop up in other threads I'll contribute more. A video or two maybe.

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Wow! Very nice! She's sexy

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post those vids, shes a dream

>Wow! Very nice! She's sexy
Glad there's still an audience for us old people.

do you have butt spread?

There's way better, btards just dont pull sexy women

Fuck out of here

Don't share any, you're fucking gross af

Go on kik with your nasty ass fetish

Small ass dick, get your granny porn outta here

Ok virgin.
I’m 30 and the 50+ women I’ve pulled have been my best lays.

Does she know you're showing her off? How long have you been married?

zero chance your wife is under 200 lbs when she's this age. And zero chance you'll have had sex in decades. Good luck to you.

samefag is obvious


do you have kik?

We're both on our second marriage. Together 10 years. And she doesn't know. So don't fucking tell her.

Lmfao GOOD ONE boomer

Not trying to hide it, sorry you two have grandma fetishes, enjoy those 9-5s

Lmfao virgin....classic internet insult bro, you fuck 50+ women because no one your age wants you. Keep grinding those wrinkled pussies

Does anyone have Melanie or her sister?

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This is a MD 50+ nudes chat, only old md dudes and fat 30 somethings lying about fucking. Nobody here knows anyone attractive in Maryland so unless you like 60 year old tiny dick or leathery old woman, nothing to see here

My finance is 26 so....

That's unfortunate


mad. super hot milf got posted why are you crying

You really are bizarrely triggered. Tell us what the older woman did to you..

gg / dH7Htj

>invite more members to see content
Ya no


Stop with these worthless discords

Dubs of truth