What do you guys live for...

What do you guys live for? I've currently lost the will to live and I'm tempted to just kill myself within the next few hours

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Is the next few hours enough time to make it to the local mosque with your AR? God speed OP.

Lol, if only I had one. Or if there was even a mosque anywhere near me. And if I had a car.

I live for my cars and firearms. How you gonna kill yourself, do you even own a sturdy belt?

Maybe focus on getting hold of the means to end yourself, then don't because you now have some nice shit to pass the time with.

I just like to fantasize. I even fantasize about killing myself. I never actually do anything

I have about 260 mg of Lexapro and more than enough ibuprofen

as dumb as it sounds, I just live because im not allowed to kill myself

Creature comfort and family
I have fucked up pretty badly and been institutionalized a few times
Never tried to end my life directly but I did stop eating and sleeping for a week trying to ascend this existence
But ultimately it's the fear of the afterlife or lack there of
I am not suffering horribly currently and I find it far more satisfying existing as a human and not something stupid like a tree or a dog or burning in hell or a headless ghost or all the other horrible things that happen to you in the afterlife if you kill yourself. Of course there's always a chance you end up in Heaven. But I'm guessing you get a lower score on your report card or the leaderboards of this new Roy game we are playing (rick and mortt referance sorry)
But also I reallt don't want to fuck up my family any worse than it already had been. I want to do good, whatever that is. I don't know if using my intelligence is better than using my experience. Your experience can cloud your judgement but faulty reasoning could rationalize almost any evil.


If you currently lost the will to live, and out of being a bitch in a week wanting to kill yourself, probably shouldn’t. A year or so goes by and you still don’t feel like you want to live, no one can blame you.

I used to own a hamster when I was a kid and in hindsight I unintentionally treated it pretty badly. I decided I was gonna do one last thing right before ending it all and got a hamster. And let me tell ya, this hamster is fucking precious. It loves attention and always licks my palm before climbing on. Always runs to its door in the morning to greet me before work. Always comes to me even if I accidentally woke it up. I live for my hamster.


Eat nutritious food
Fall asleep and wake up at a set time every. single day.
Drink water
Do something very physical at least 3 out of 7 days a week

Do this for a month, nah, a week and a half and you'll feel a lot better.

Something I've discovered about feeling low is two things.

1: Negative thoughts are like a bad habit, you've run through the field so many times that you've walked a footpath into the ground. It's easier to walk the footpath, no grass or roots or rocks. But it always leads to the same place and you end up feeling like shit.

2: The mind responds to the body. If you're tired you get grumpy, if you're hungry you get pissy. If you're stationary for a longtime you get antsy. So what are you neglecting? You drinking enough water? sleeping well, eating well, exercising? These things are way high on the priority list for your body so it gives you a carrot/stick equation to move you to meet those needs.

Right now you're getting the stick.

Sleep well
Eat well
Be physically active

Do these things and your body and mind will cut you some slack. Wont fix all your problems but who wants to hear that their dog died after pulling an all-nighter?

Pills are boring. If I take myself out I'm leaving a shopping list as a note then hanging myself with a belt, pants at ankles, boxers still buttoned. Suicide or sex game gone wrong?

Ask the forgetful family member to pick up cleaning patches. After they don't deliver for the third time, tell them in front of witnesses "ll have to use my fucking tongue to clean the barrel now". Then BOOM, possible cleaning accident.

Become a bus driver.

Every time you think suicidal thoughts come up with 10 humorous/slapstick/unconventional ways to do it while it passes.

No advice is sufficient to inspire life out of one who has no will to live. The only antidote to a shattered will is desire. One who has no desire has only fear to keep them going. Be afraid of death. Fear eternal suffering if you must. Fear your own insignificance in dying without having made your mark on this world. Since it is pride (putting your own feelings and miseries before all else) that has lead you to indulge in despair, let your pride ravage you with fear of becoming nothing. Be afraid to die and thereby forced to live, for it is in this Hell that you will find desire - the desire to fight back. To rebel against your pain and sorrow, and against your apathy. To shake and pull your chains and cry out: "No! No more of this! I will find power in my soul and I will live a life worthy of envy!"

Or just lie down like a dog and let the rest of us experience that instead of you. Let your life be a tragic failure of love - a dying candle in the cold, dark wilderness.

How is that pride?

This exciting adventure called life yo, ya never know what's gonna happen next!
Also alcohol.

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Pride is putting yourself first. Thinking of your needs and wants above all else. You lose any sense of duty or responsibility, and life becomes about how YOU feel and what YOU can do to be happy. What about others who are suffering more than you? What about all the happiness you could bring to others? What about how you could triumph from your pitiful state and serve as a shining beacon of light for others who feel the way you do?


It's selfish and pathetic and it deserves to be condemned.

So we should just become coomers and spend all day fapping?

People have suffered far worse than you. People have bored far worse and far longer than you. People have lost more, had less, and been weaker and more apathetic than you. You don't have a valid excuse to give up and you never will.


how do you get from this
to this
are you retarded?

But other people DO have a valid excuse and always will? I could just be one of those other people


Actually people nowdays their laziness are magically converting in depression and anxiety

Or breeders or fucking monks i don't care just please don't kill yourself. It's one of the most selfish and unforgivable thing you can do.
Not the guy your replying to btw

No one hustles others and acts like more of a taskmaster than the lazy man. Take a good look in the mirror

>But other people DO have a valid excuse and always will?

No, that's my point. Countless people have had it far worse than you and triumphed regardless. You can't validate your choice to kill yourself because any reason you give has been felt by others who have seen through that bullshit and prevailed. Quit being a whiny, argumentative child and be worth something in this world.

I forgive others for killing themselves. If you put your mind to it and have some discipline, you could too

I have a cat to take care of. After she dies I have nothing to live for.

I could be an inspiration for others who want to kill themselves. I don't know where you get argumentative. I don't agree with you and you don't agree with me. You're argumentive

Cars that are fun to drive.

Bought a car this week. No reason. It was cheap, I enjoyed driving it so I bought it. Have not done something so financially irresponsible in about 8 years. Happier than I've been since about then too.

Probably related, partly because I like cars and partly because it signals a point of confidence in life where I can just choose to do something I enjoy and while financially irresponsible be still financially secure. Before I'd just lament not being able to because it would sink me. Sucks but I think a lot of that comes from also having worked myself to this point which is a point of pride. But it takes time and I had some dark hours.

Highs are relative, I had to go to the lowest points to feel like a POS car is a high.

>Point of pride
You shouldn't do that. Eliminate pride from your life

That's so much better than thinking of the moat gruesome way to do it. That's what i did... i ended up attempting to starve myself and die from sleep deprivation. But I didn't really want to die, I just wanted to escape this reality and the mistakes I've made.

You sound like a spoiled, spiteful little boy. "Let me show everyone why they're wrong because I'm so smart and clever tee hee! Nobody can out-wit me I'm one of the intelligent kids. Let me misinterpret your words and shit on you for trying to talk me out of pulling the trigger lol"

I'm not the one killing myself, you are. Where'd you get that?

You are giving weak, half-baked arguments to people who are trying to help you, just for the sake of doing so. You're considering killing yourself: you have no real point behind your arguments. They're scattered and snarky and people who've had time to mature can plainly see that you're that just a bitter, spiteful little brat who thinks he's clever. I was like that when I was a teenager. Are you a teenager?

Nah. It is, it always will be and it's still relative. Depends on how you reflect. None of the people from 5 years ago I knew are in my life; it's not comparative. It's just a statement of feeling for achievement.

Falling from that point and building to something lesser you can feel the same way, long as you recognize that progress made and the work put into it. So meh.

Develop hemorrhoids so that you are scratching your ass so hard that you can't be bothered to pull at the noose around your neck

>I'm not the one killing myself, you are.

no im not. im this guy

You're rarted. The lexapro will give you serotonin syndrome (maybe fatal, probs not)
The ibuprofen will destroy your organs and you'll be in a hospital bed. There are some (killer) drug combos that'll do it, but I aint tellin ya.

Teachers always told me I was smart but didn't apply myself.

>It's not comparative

To others is what I meant. Struggling with the whole keyboard, thought process. So be it.

I live fot science , i want to do anything in the actual society.
Killing yourself is not going to help yiu , you will just make other people unhappy .
Stay alive , stay alive for your family , friend , or even for Cred Forums :).

Clearly, but you're not as smart as you think you are. They always told me that too. I dropped out of hs in my senior year after knocking up a girl I couldn't get along with for more than a day or two. I continued thinking I was the smartest person in my city until I realized that this belief came from 1. a lack of familiarity with other people; 2. narcissism developed out of pride and shame; and 3. actually being surrounded by dumb people. You sound like you need to grow up. I'm starting to suspect you're not very serious about wanting to kill yourself and are just fishing for attention/something to do here because you're anonymous and there's no consequences. I hope I'm right about that, because you seem like you could be pretty cool after you grow up a lot more.

I love J chillin with the boys, and talking to this hmong girl I met Im gonna try to date her.

There is no healthy amount of pride?

She'll only date you if you steal your neighbor's car.

What are your faults? How can I be more like you? I'm still going to kill myself, hanging

In the colloquial sense of being "proud" of yourself or someone else for some wholesome achievement, sure, but that's more akin to joy than what is classically understood as pride. You are essentially a product of 2 things: your genetic composition and your environment. You did not ear your genes nor the situation you were born into. You did not earn how you were raised or how your brain developed before you made your first choices. All other choices you've made depend on those same unearned circumstances. If you do anything you can be "proud" of, you have circumstances totally beyond your control to thank, not your own small being. When you realize this, you'll think twice before patting yourself on the back and telling yourself how great and special you are.

Then you wouldn't have a choice about whether you feel proud or joyful. Then you wouldn't have a choice about shaming people for being proud.

I'm lazy, deceptive, quick to anger, perhaps overly-ambitious, lustful, and I'm sure I'm still not as smart as I think I am. To be more like me, crave freedom more than anything, then make poor decisions that force you into long-term servitude and struggle. This will, over time, generate a strong and burning passion to take control of your miserable life for the sake of achieving that freedom. This is something that is at the core of who I am.

I guess there's no convincing you then. I still hope you change your mind, but I may just have to accept that I'm talking to a dead man and that my words failed to make an impact. I hope you decide to let God save you, user. I really do.

Like Albert Einstein right? "If I have accomplished anything, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants"

I didn't say life was completely deterministic. I believe in a degree of free will, but only a degree of it. The degree of freedom of will you have relates directly to the knowledge you possess. For example: a being with no knowledge has no freedom of will, but a being with complete knowledge like God has complete freedom of will. You are able to make choices and those are truly yours - you earn guilt, joy, love, and even dignity "pride", but the degree to which those things are earned instead of given to you is very small. Tiny. Especially compared to what we'd like to think.

Exactly like that. Or by the grace of God.

I want to save the world forever and never die
At the very least pay it forward as much as I can

I think I've earned suicide. Life sucks enough so I want out. Fuck everything.

I live for putting doggy in coat

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I can't stop you, but I wish I could. If there is a Hell, expect eternal suffering for your selfishness. Your life is not yours to take.

So far I haven't really made much progress other than deciding this is really something that I want to do. As far as I can tell we are our dna so if we could develop a way to repair dna we could potentially live forever. There are consequences to people living forever though, but I definately want to save the world forever. This problem seems to be beyond my comprehension, however I am resigned that at some point in the future it will not be inconceivable for humans to actively prolong the life of the universe, or at least the window of time that life will be viable.

Good. It's already been suffering. Hopefully you'll be there too

Gr8 b8 m8

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Create a community of some sort. One bound by a set of principals, goals, a creed, etc. If you spend your life working on it and using it to do good in the world, it will outlive you. Your influence will carry on through the ages if you do it right. Look at Jesus, Buddha, etc.

That's really sad
Don't you have a child?

I don't intend to, user. It's so foolish to think Hell would be anything like your suffering on Earth. If you've ever experienced a moment of joy, fun, love, or relief, that is infinitely better than what Hell is. No joy, no fun, no love, no relief forever and ever. Billions of years would go by and it would just be getting started. Imagine the worst thing that's ever happened to you: now amplify that beyond your comprehension and extend it to infinity. That's what Hell is. The limit state of suffering. If you hate this life because it sucks, boy are you gonna hate Hell.

There's no hell, just eternal rest. I know because I believe. You are an non-believer, so you go to hell whether you believe that you're going to hell or not. You're going to hate that

I came to Cred Forums to try and find a community of like minded individuals and have actually found quite a few. Seems immortality is at the top of a few peoples list. But getting it to everyone is at the top of mine. I haven't actually made any progress on the immortality front but I now have a significantly greater understanding of the threats facing our planet and our species, although I am no closer to solving them. I thought an awareness campaign was the best way to start, and thus I started on Cred Forums for various reasons

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Hope you're comfortable gambling your eternal soul on that assumption. I at least have Pascal's Wager on my side. I don't even claim certainty in my beliefs, just faith. I could be wrong, but my chief motivation is not fear of Hell, but love of God. All you have is being snarky and reckless and thinking the ol' switcheroo is a compelling argument lol. Pls reconsider your choice, user.

The only way to earn it is by dying of old age, that's how you earn your death. Didn't the Quran teach you anything?

No, dude. Having a few people online who think similarly to you is no substitute for a real community of people who know and love each other and work together firsthand. That should be your aim. Fuck immortality in the material world: the universe will ultimately end in a cold, subatomic void, even if that takes trillions of trillions of years. Seek eternal life in Heaven instead, and to bring people there.

I have faith that there is no hell. I could be wrong. You want me to be wrong to have something to laugh at, but my faith will pull me through to no hell land

Kek, what makes you think you're worthy of eternal life? Or at least any worthier than anyone else? What are you doing that others aren't?

I live with the knowledge that I can kill myself whenever I feel like there's nothing left for me to do.

Not worth it. Almost killed myself with lithium/seroquel and was on life support for two days.

This user is right.

I'd also add maybe try some new hobbies that might be fulfilling. For me that's playing guitar and writing music/platt'ing games for the hell of it. Life can be hard sometimes, but there is a lot of shit to do and plenty to learn so that's always good to remember. Practicing mindfulness and meditation also helps a lot of people. God speed, user.

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You're just missing the point. Trying to make me seem dumb or hypocritical by pulling a reversal on what I say won't change anything. Whether I'm right or wrong. All you're doing is jerking off your fragile ego, trying to comfort yourself as you convince yourself that it's okay to go out like a little bitch. Maybe I am just a dumb Christian and you're like an uber smart atheist/agnostic who knows better. I'll still be alive and people like me will continue to inherit the Earth, but you'll be dead, and who honestly have no idea what will happen to you as a result. Maybe eternal rest, but maybe eternal hellfire the likes of which would make you infinitely regret your choice. Shit on me all you want, I'm not the one gambling my existence away on the hopes of not having to suffer anymore, you are.


Of course these people believe the in the heat death of the universe. But I would rather believe in the controversies (even though I do not fully comprehend then)

>A recent analysis of entropy states, "The entropy of a general gravitational field is still not known", and, "gravitational entropy is difficult to quantify". The analysis considers several possible assumptions that would be needed for estimates and suggests that the observable universe has more entropy than previously thought. This is because the analysis concludes that supermassive black holes are the largest contributor. Lee Smolin goes further: "It has long been known that gravity is important for keeping the universe out of thermal equilibrium. Gravitationally bound systems have negative specific heat—that is, the velocities of their components increase when energy is removed. ... Such a system does not evolve toward a homogeneous equilibrium state. Instead it becomes increasingly structured and heterogeneous as it fragments into subsystems."

I am very unworthy. According to my belief system, which I'm well-aware is not in vogue here, eternal life is a free gift from God that requires only faith in Jesus Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

As for what I'm doing that others aren't, I'm allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me to salvation. I'm not condemning non-believers or acting as judge for their salvation because I was once a non-believer and a very judgemental person and have learned that that life sucks bigly. Why the animosity, user?

Ultimately that is my goal. But I wish to visit heaven in my material body beforehand. Ok now you know too much.

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Sure, but any theories we come up with now are probably fleeting and incorrect. That includes my idea of the heat death and how long it would take, but I wouldn't put my faith in science to be sure of anything on that time scale, especially not enough to base my life on it.

Sounds like trying to storm the gates of Eden and will result in Hellfire.

My faith will make it happen.
You need there to exist some people to play the role of "guy you shake your head at, pity and laugh at". You hate not being able to pin someone down, it makes you feel so impotent that you have to pull out the old projection with the "jerking off the fragile ego" line.
I am not concerned about what happens to you or others.

I really don't understand this "boo hoo i lost the will to live!" bullshit, I really don't
I stare down the barrel of death every day because of cancer
I have officially got about a year to live
When I'm not keeping my mind occupied all I can think about is death and just how badly I don't want it, how unfair it is that we have to die. It all feels so short and when you're facing death, it feels like you wasted all your time. You think you have more time, but you don't.
Stop and think! Can you TRULY fathom nonexistence? Who could? We're not meant to consider a possibility in which we do not exist.

Pull your head out of your ass you fucking DOUBLE NIGGER

Careful with that pride, bro. There wasn't animosity, I think maybe you are projecting but who knows. How would you recognize someone who is doing the same as you in regards to accepting the free gift of salvation? What makes you decide to tell a person to seek this rather than you assuming they already are?
Do you think people would recognize you as a free gift receiver if you didn't explicitly tell them?

I really don't need to pin you down. I wish I could get you to see things my way, but Christianity is not about looking down on people or feeling morally or intellectually superior. I would rather not shake my head at people, and I try my best not to pity and laugh at them, despite failing over and over again to be that humble. If you're not concerned about what happens to me or others, which is something you've made clear throughout this whole thread, then I can think of no reason for you to sit there and argue smugly to me other than for you to jerk off your fragile ego. I don't feel superior to you, I feel like I have a duty to try to get you to reconsider your choice to die. Don't take all advice as a sign of condescension, user. I really just want you to live.

Going through life as a white person when the superior black race exists is just too much. We can't compete

three days without light will set you on your way, the 5th day of darkness will see you amongst the stars

When someone accuses me of thinking I "deserve" salvation, this comes across to me as someone who doesn't very well understand Christian theology. So I didn't believe you understood. Sorry if I was wrong, but there was a reason for my assumption even if incorrect. I go about my day withholding belief in whether or not someone is a Christian unless they give me some reason to believe they are or are not. Even with some reason, I try not to jump to conclusions, but I sometimes fail. I wouldn't expect someone to know I have accepted God's free gift of salvation just by looking at me. I'm not sure what your point is there.

What makes you call it fragile? Sounds like a womanly tactic. It's entertainment. I guess everyone's entertainment except your entertainment has to be characterized as stemming from "fragile ego" being "jacked off".
>Ahh, hit a sore spot.
Yeah you really did. It's sore.
I also don't think you realize how smugly you come across.

>What makes you call it fragile?
It seems to me that those who are secure/comfortable with themselves don't act as snarky as you are acting. I may seem smug, but I'm not the one making obviously insincere arguments just to "entertain" myself. If I hit a sore spot, that's only good if it makes you realize something about yourself and change for the better. I'm not trying to just put you down, I'm trying to convince you that you are foolish for wanting to kill yourself. That way, maybe you'll reconsider. Maybe not. Maybe I'm only making it worse, but I doubt that considering the steadfast conviction you've expressed already.

>I also don't think you realize how smugly you come across.
How bad is it?

its pretty bad when you know youre arguing with your SELF but you keep on arguing anyways

>What do you guys live for?
2D tomboys

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I have considered versions of this. I don't know if I will be accepted into heaven in any way. I don't have faith that Jesus was the son of God. It's a fascinating possibility that I still try to consider; but I feel as though there's still more to the story, or perhaps less.

It's worth it if I save a life. It's worth it just to try.

Using womanly as an insult and not checking quads
Utterly pathetic

My chihuahua

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If you're not accepted into Heaven, you're sure as Hell not getting in by force lol.

OP, you still there?

How should I suck a black cock? What am I in for?


I wasn't even suggesting that, what I may have been trying to suggest is that entry into or existence within heaven is determined by work and not faith, I usually believe in a loving God but when I am confronted with such unfathomable suffering I tend to believe in an apathetic God at best. But I do believe we are being tested. By God or some other unknown being. I believe we will never be equal to God but perhaps one day (before the end of the universe) we could understand him a little better.

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Livestream it faggot

our works are worthless in the eyes of God. Not because He doesn't care, but because we're so small and retarded. If you saw a puppy bleeding on the side of the road, you wouldn't make it do tricks to earn your help - but you might help it out of kindness.

Suffering is not necessarily a bad thing. It can lead people to personal growth. I am very grateful for the suffering I have received, despite it having felt unbearable at the time. Moreover, my suffering might be good for someone else. I get lung cancer, my children vow not to smoke. Further still, it is we who cause suffering in this world, or who fail to prevent it. God answers the prayers of those who pray for good things and believe He will answer them.

And the answer can be no. You seem to have a childish view of God, thinking he is there to grant wishes. All prayers are answered

He literally said if they are good

He is not "there to grant wished" in the sense that that's his purpose for being or something, but he does grant wishes if they are good. Good meaning both pure of intent and not in contradiction to any greater good. Yes MY view of God is childish but not yours - you're woke and I'm just a basic bitch.

For about 10 years a lived for free, playing video games all day.
I'm almost 30 now and I've found reason again. Not sure why but I just feel like proving myself alive and useful to my family.
I've gotten a job and currently working on my body and mental health. Later on, I hope to try my chance at a girl that i've been fond of for the past 5 years.
Seems she's in the same spot as I'm in. I've barely talked to her at all though, so I'm still trying to figure out the approach.

don't assume she'll be available forever, user. not saying you haven't considered that, just be careful not to wait too long if you really like her.

I'm planning on doing a little something for V-Day. I'm sure she'll notice who it's from.
And yeah I've had a bit of concern if she's been seeing anyone else, but all signs lead to no. She stays to herself after work.

Wow you got really hot under the collar there. God wouldn't like that. Better go pray for forgiveness

if your gonna kill yourself, have you tried meth?

lol you're so petty. grow up

>but all signs lead to no
that could change at any moment. she could run into chad on the street and decide "this is the best i'm gonna get". I hope your V-day plans work out, user.

I died long time ago... Aside of pain -- it's not much of a difference.

Live every day for tomorrow.

There is no tomorrow... All is just a never ending present in which only two are imprinted forever - you and your loneliness

Being good in my chosen craft. I work everyday for now 2 years on that. And having Kids. For them i want to be a Provider, so being good in my craft also helps there.

I struggled also a bit with seeing sense in life. Nothing compared to others, i was never suicidal or anything. But somewhere along the line my wishes in how to be as a person came true.

what would make you believe such a thing?

Mexican communists