You all know this is fucked up right?

You all know this is fucked up right?

Aside from the fact that this guy has basically no policy whatsoever..

He ass-fucks men.

I'm no homophobe, but for some reason I literally can't think of anything else when he talks.

And the fact that his mouth has sucked multiple cocks.

Our country can't POSSIBLY be ready for a gay president.

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>I'm no homophobe

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If this guy goes up against trump, be ready for another four years of dem tears

you sound pretty gay yourself, if all you envision when u see a mans mouth is the dicks he's had inside of it.

>I'm no homophobe, but for some reason I literally can't think of anything else when he talks.

You know what that means?

It means that you're a homophobe.

And, you know what THAT means, don't you?

That you have a deep, repressed desire to, as you say, "ass-fuck men", which means that you are exactly the same as he is.

If you'd mentally get Pete's dick out of your ass long enough for your head to clear, you would see that he articulates a wide range of policy, including many from which you might actually benefit.

But all you can think of is dicks and asses.

Which makes you, well ..., I think I've made my point.

I have the same problem additional with people who flippantly speak of shitting. George Clooney. Chris Pratt. And most tragically Jennifer Lawrence.

Pretty fucking funny there is a slight chance a faggot will be president before a woman.

who is he?

I swear to you. I'm not gay. I just don't feel comfortable having a fag president. Surely you must understand.

wait, so what you're saying is that if an actor or famous person, at any point in time, has ever talked about shitting. You can't stop thinking about them shitting?

Deep down you know you is.

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So the best candidates from the liberals are a crazy old man communist and a gay

nigga u gay

pick one

Pete has the personality of a piece of cardboard. At least Bernie gets fired up about his talking points.

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Maybe you need to explore this imagery you're projecting and get back with us.

I say it's time we had a gay president. I mean the message it will send to women out there "We didn't want to be ruled by a woman... we would rather have bucket boy Pete here as our president than letting a woman take the wheel".

I'm sure everything will turn out alright.

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Rigged. I refuse to believe people unironically support this faggot.


did you watch Young Turks special coverage yesterday?

mid-show, Anna discovered some news story about how Buttigieg's campaign paid for the faulty app.

>watch Young Turks
fuck no

"no policy"? have you looked at his platform on his webpage? I think he's the only candidate that has actually thought about things at all.

I'm not even a Republican but seeing the Bernie cunts seething will be totally worth it.

>I'm sure everything will turn out alright.

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>he ass fucks men
implying hes not the one getting ass fucked. i dont really like gay people as a whole and a fag being president is pretty horrifying

But he's so fresh! Like the boy who takes your items for you to your car. Says thank you for that shiny quarter. Don't spend it all young man!

Like what?

A medicare for all option that no one will pay for and will make it even harder to get insurance?

The only people i can see beating Trump is

Bernie Sanders: 50/50 chance

Andrew Yang:
Orange Man = $0
Asian Man =$1000 GG EZ.

He didn't even win Iowa. Only 70% of the votes are in and they're all Bernie's biggest precincts. The DNC is trying to cuck him again by delaying the votes so it looks closer than it actually is because he dominated. It's an obvious ploy. No one actually believes Captain Buttfuck won anything.

This guy is rich elite. Doesn't stand for anything.

Will only make the presidency look good, but won't do jack shit for anyone.

communist jew user, thats twice as bad

Bernie beats Trump in every poll that's been done I would say it's like 60/40 in favor of Bernie.

oh shit... one of my fuck-buddies told me that the precincts that haven't voted AREN'T Bernie's biggest supporters...

Goes to show how much SHE knows.

Don't trust women to know jack shiiiiit. Here is a handy image 4 u user.

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sodomites should be exterminated

>Sending a faggot to go up against Trump
Gonna be so many butt hurt jokes

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For context that was when 69% of precincts were reporting (kek) we're at 71% meow.


looking at that, it just seems like the more densely populated areas are missing data.

it's likely because in the country people vote by ballot and shit...

it's likely WHEREVER that app is, it's not working...

but people in urban areas are more likely to use the app, so that makes sense.

but i bet urban people are more likely to vote for bernie too.

Take into account, Trump haven't fully attack Sanders with on debates with all those socialist crap and increase your taxes stuff.

If you still trust polls after 2016, GTFO
Hillary won every poll but she still lost

Do you think about everyone's sexuality that you see?

Like, when you look at your mom do you picture her getting plowed by your dad or giving him head?

Do you think about the fact that your mom probably lost her virginity in high school to some jerk who bragged about it to all of his buddies the next day?

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Can't wait to see the first lady once he's elected.

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Well... no... with my mom it's fucking different. She did what she was SUPPOSED TO DO. She fucked a man, not a woman.

Like, it's normal for a man to fuck a woman.

As opposed to this candidate who FUCKS MEN. What the fuck is the evolutionary purpose for him? Why does he care about other people's well being when he himself is fucking flawed and can't have kids? I have a feeling this is a corporatist tax cut candidate.

Correct, sir. Polling data shows that those are his strongest precincts and he's strongest with the younger voters, which statistically live in cities and not rural areas. It's just a ploy. Just watch in New Hampshire he's fucking shit up and the DNC (which is just as fucking corrupt as the GOP) is scared shitless. The Trump campaign thinks they can run easily and win against Bernie because he's a socialist, but they're underestimating how badly most of us just want to fucking burn both parties to the ground because this just a whole new level of bullshit.

The name is unfortunate. Reminds me of Mitch Gaylord, and words such as puissance, puccinella, etc. I'm thinking of tripping as Gerhard van der Koch. It's not going to happen, but I'm thinking about it.

God... what the fuck would they even call that?

The first man?

The first husband?

The first sire? The first sir?


Well thank god it's not Warren.

Holy fuck. I cannot listen to her voice or look at her face without cringing.

She's got one of the most punchable faces. I'd even prefer Hilary over her.

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What will be interesting is how parents would go about explaining to their children why the new president has a husband.

Obama was a faggot with a tranny wife

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>And the fact that his mouth has sucked multiple cocks.
Doesn't seen to stop you from talking either, yet here we are.

did you know a study was done that showed that anal sex was far more prevalent among hetero couples than homosexual?

Straight people are more likely to buttfuck than gays.

Get over yourself, buttpirate.

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But hes a white male and not jewish so doesnt that blance out for you user?