Why are so many unsocialized freaks here?

Why are so many unsocialized freaks here?

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this is where we congregate

You know exactly why we're here.

Why are you here?

This is Arkham. Get used to it or GTFO!!!!!

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To see how many degenerates live in the earth

I don't know why I'm still here, mostly browse other boards because Cred Forums is just 99% porn and boring as fuck
>image related

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Well fuckoff then and dont come back. Trust me you wont be missed.

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I can't understand why in random board I see more porn content than in pornhub

It's a no-risk place if you want to be as unpleasant as you can imagine.
It's also a place where those without social skills can feel a sense of belonging.
The psychopathically inclined can roll out their powertrips without risk.
The spergs can do their repeated posts/threads over and over without any real consequence.
The haters can vent their spleen, without getting their faces smashed in.
The frustrated can vent, without feeling they may jeopardize their social standing.
The desperate can ask for help, without danger of "looking weak" (whatever that means).

Plenty of reasons why those on the fringes of society would come here.

And there's porn in droves if you wanna have a wank and have no imagination.

Pic unrelated

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go post in another fb/ig fap thread
fucking niggers coming to this site years back ruined Cred Forums, wtf is the point of porn boards when you just post it on Cred Forums? you're so autistic

I have no issues talking to people, and can make friends rather easily, but I dont like people, and most people befriend always end up leaving, so I rather spend my time on here, and bitch about all the LARPers on the incest threads. Fuck you LARPers.

Obvious yellow-poster is obvious

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Yeah your right there is a lot more porn than there should be.

Hey hey watch who your talking too boyo otherwise you will get a smacked bottom !!

Why? U never had a gf and u must to expose ur sexual fantasy here?


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just another cuck spotted
what a faggot

It's interesting that he never saw pussy or boobs in his real life

Just another self-entitled child, who wants the world to conform to HIS wishes, and his alone.

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It's interesting how you suck dead farts from animal kids and wank to pictures of your mum as the only way you can off.

If u do that it doesn't mean that someone other does the same

I'm sorry your parents fucked you up the arse with rusty hammers. It doesn't mean you have to become a shrill internet dictator though.

You can just hide the threads you don't like.
Y'know, like a mature person would.

U already have two other porn related boards on Cred Forums...I hate to see any porn everytime I come here

Some also just like to hang around and observe aberant behavior as a passtime.

I don't have anything, I'm not here for the porn, but I'm also not a self-entitled cunt who need to impose my personal preferences on the word in order not to sperg out.
I have the mental acuity to focus on the things that interest me, and ignore the things I don't like.


7/10 b8, but I'll bite.

Once upon a time, the edge was held by &TOTSE. They got v& after some sperglord made himself a bomb.

Around that time, some faggot calling himself Moot put up an imageboard reminiscent of Futaba Channel.

The edge moved into this new space, 4channel, or Cred Forums. Most people here knew their shit, could CSI the actual fuck out of a picture, down to the last detail, even if exif had been scrubbed. They were hackers and crackers with two goals in mind:

Luls and chaos.

Oh, and tons of Cheese Pizza, which got speglord asshat W.T.Snacks b& because Moot had to talk to Congress about all the edge being taken up here, shit like Pool's Closed, IRL protests at Church of Scientology...

Well, we got famous, and the edge became a tourist spot.

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Look in the mirror for the answer NiggerOP

that's all it is now jizz junkie a tourist locale for pedos and fags.

the fame KILLED IT you ball snot eater.

yEAH ITS only getting worse but we must push back

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>hide threads you don't like
so basically only 2 threads would exist on Cred Forums at any given time if that was the case
plus nobody replies to these threads, because faggots too busy posting in degenerate porn threads

I bet you're a faggot who gives whores money

Didn't actually know about TOTSE, huh thanks

How is it other people's fault that you don't like anything? If a thread that you like doesn't exist then make it. Is it that hard? No, you all just want to complain.