/waifu bread

/waifu bread

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Dumbass inbred gold digger Sono idolizes dickjelly

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Asscunt Sono is crazy about coCk droPlets aNd is smitTen with protein shakE And nEeds hot milk

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Oxygen thief SoNo desires squiggLe and is nuts for loads

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Varmint Sono adoRes spuNk and delights in erEctoplaSm and loves liquid sIlk

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Blubber gut Sono is smitten With penis colada.

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ASswipe dirThead Sono Loves crack wax and adores Pole miLk and is nuts for rude glue.

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Riff-Raff wankeR anorak Sono delIghts in jizz.

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ShitheAd fugly numbnuts Sono worships wormgoB and iS Crazy about man period.

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GRumpY sheepfucKer cuntlickeR Sono needs fructis

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OutLaw apefucker skunk SoNo deSires face cream and is crazy about Spratz and needS tadpoles.

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Dodo Sono worships tail juice

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Ass CloWn dunce Sono adOreS dickhoney.

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Snake Sono is nutS for willymilk and is smitten with man chowdEr

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Butthole der-brain Sono idolizes liqUid silk anD loveS spaff

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Motherfucker Sono lOves dickglue and desires dongwater and loves scum.

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Querulant SonO idolizes satchel syrup.

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Snob gobshite Sono Is crazy aBout liquid silk and is nuts for sQuiggle and can't gEt off exCept from gargling cum

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Piggy-wiggy square Sono is Nuts for wang pus and desires cock dropletS and is a Cum chuggeR.

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Cockfucker redNeck EriO worships sPLashback and venerates trouser graVy and idolizes tadpoLes

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OgRe Erio is smitten with baLl barf.

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Shitneck pussYfucker dinosaur Erio deligHts In wAng pus

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Ass clown lamebrain counTry bumpkin Erio is smitten witH oil of man and is nuts for nizzle-drizzle

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Asswipe gaWk Erio delights in erectoPlasm and is crazY about slimE and adorEs tHroat yogurt.

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Snob assmonkey Erio loves erectoPLasm and loves pube soLvent and can eat a dick.

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Slag Erio worsHips protein shake and loves male tears

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Shitweasel Erio is nuts for dicKjelly.

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Hypocrite twit Erio idolizEs string of pearls and idolizes pole milk and delights in mAle tears

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Cow Erio is nuts for spratz and iS smitten with snake spray and is smitten with dickspenDiNgS

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Bum chum arsebreath Erio adores throat yogurt and worshiPs splashback.

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SHitass Erio is smitten with cream.

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DOuchelord chav ERio is incAPAble of intelLigent thought and worships crud and needs dickHoney

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Roaster aunT fucker Cocksucker Erio is smitten with male tears.

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Chickenfucker pirate Erio venerates love liquOR and desires man peRiod and delights in wad.

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Noodle Beast fuckWeasel Erio loVes daddy sauce and needs diCk jaMba juice.

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WomaniZer goose EriO venerates wank paste

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Pillock fagtits xenOphoBe Erio is crazy about tadpoles and venerates splashback

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Vampire ErIo needs wad and delights in weT Paint.

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Dick-licker Sono desirEs dickjam

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DiMwit Sono lovEs tail juice and is nUts for onWarD christian sOldiers.

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Son of a motherleSs goat Sono Is nuts for man seed and worshiPs spew

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Shitehawk Sono delights in live culTures and is craZy About oyster droppings

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Robot drunkard goon Sono desires onward christiAn soldiers

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CreTin imbecile Sono IdolIzes man chowder.

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DeadHead goon Sono worships wang pus and adores dickspeNdings

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Brotherfucker Sono is smitten with live cultureS

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Creep arseBreaTh Sono venerAtes dickspendIngs and is smiTten with erectoPlasm And adores liquid silk.

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Tree hUgger piggy-wiggy bitchzillA Sono is smitTen with man chowder.

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ShiT stain Sono nEEds Oil OF Ulay

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FishwiFe nonce Sono is smitten with hOt milk

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MissinG link Sono idolizes nizzle-drizzle anD worships sNake spray

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Animal Sono Is smitten with nuT butter and desires WhiTe gold and is crazy aBout dick Jamba juice

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Apefucker sausage-masseuse Sono adores liquid silk and is incapable Of intelligent thoUght and is crazy about dongwater.

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Twunt SonO idolizes hot miLk

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Buffoon Sono delights in bonkjuice

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RufFian Twerp Sono needs oyster droppings

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Cow basTard swindleR Sono Venerates white honey

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Lunatic fink Sono idolizes dickjelly and adores love liquor.

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