Conspiracy theory. China deliberately spread coronavirus as a means of doing a controlled burn on its elderly...

Conspiracy theory. China deliberately spread coronavirus as a means of doing a controlled burn on its elderly. China faces the biggest threat to its economy from it's own aging population. Nothing and solve that problem better than a virus that spares most of the young, healthy, working age people. This is the same country that starved 60 million people, harvests people's organs, amd has a million muslims in concentration camps. Speaking of which, the modular hospitals they've constructed in Wuhan look eerily similar to the prisons in xinjiang. Pic related (xinjiang prison camps)

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Hospitals they just built in wuhan for reference.

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curious bump

It's killed around 500 people so far. The flu kills around half a million every year, so who cares.

Wake up and smell the coffee, then breath in the thick choking dark air in Wuhan filled with the ashes of thousands of incinerated corpses.

Corona virus was made to drive another fear factory of a fake next plague. It was made to ensure people get whatever vaccination and turn off their brains while political scandals happen. People who are afraid are easier to control as they are in a panic state. SARS, bird flu, swine flu, that Ebola thing...all tactics to scare people into a panic state while nefarious plans happen. Open your eyes faggots.

>as a means of doing a controlled burn on its protests*

if anyone spread that virus was the USA to hit china economically in a desperate attemp to remain relevant in the 21st century. desperate and pathetic.

You guys know there’s also 3 different strains of bird flu around the world right?
China, Vietnam, Saudi. Plus Africa’s still busy with Ebola.

Except less than one percent of people who get the flu are hospitalized. A full 2 percent of those infected in wuhan are literally dying. Take the deaths of a flu and multiply them by a hundred. This virus has the capacity to spread as rapidly as the flue and kill 10s or hundreds of millions.

There's no such thing as smallpox huh? I'm not getting my flu shot, never have never will, and I see the points anti vaccers try and make, but I can't accept them. I do not believe evil Satanists run the government but I don't disbelieve it either, what's this weeks nefarious plan?

Assuming the virus wasnt constructed to evolve at a certain point and reach 100% fatality
Then we could really see some 28 days later scenarios happening

Go on...

The plan is here >>> 820024055

The flu’s mortality rate this year is right around 6.8% in the US.

Oops >

Fuck really?? That’s huge

It is usually a bit higher but the current strain isn’t hitting the elderly as hard.

>speculates without any evidence
>reaches conclusion and passes judgment based on unproven assumption
Stinky Chicom logic for ya.

You're a fucking retard. The flu isnt anywhere near than. It's like one in a thousand. 5 percent get hospitalized with the flu in the US. Way less than that die.

No shit? That’s miles higher than I thought. I knew it could kill but I though 1-2% max

0.13% just googled it

I like the idea that corona was stolen by Chinese secret service from a canadian reserch facility and militarised in China as a biological weapon.

get over it. america is done. fucking declining shithole.

He's a thousand percent wrong about his numbers. Coronavirus is at least ten times deadlier than the flu by current stats. The flu infects tens of millions and kills tens of thousands or around .001. Coronavirus has infected 24k and killed 500 or about .02. Only 990 people have been discharged healthy this far.

China is gonna nuke wuhan and say the USA did it to stop the virus. Starting a nuke war.

Corona is H5N8 (?). Check the numbers for its meaning

I'd look into getting a new psychological defense mechanism. I don't think this one's working out very well for you.

ok trumptard

Dumb theory is dumb

Who the fuck is trumpt?

Lag time my friend. The people dying now were diagnosed almost 2 weeks ago and were exposed nearly a month prior. We won't have a clue about mortality at all for at least a month. They are declaring 990 recovered out of 24k infected. Almost 500 dead.

It won't be 2% for sure, probably wont be above 10% either

Idiot. It kills kids too. Cancer would be a better option for old people. Flu would be just as damaging for the younger population.

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Kids are a non issue economically and a much, much smaller portion of the population. Kids can be replaced, but the overweight aging population caused by the one child policy will wreak economic havoc. Chicoms care nothing for the suffering of the individual.

You think the Chinese numbers are true? What a useful idiot you are. The entire city is covered in smog from all the bodies they are cremating 24/7.

The US did that. Doubt? oh come on now. A only targeting chinese ethnics hybrid virus conveniently spreading in central china at the mass immigration of CNY in a time the US economic bubble was about to pop?

100% US op

I heard 6 million.
But it seems a lot for the timeframe.

>China deliberately spread coronavirus as a means of doing a controlled burn on its elderly. China faces the biggest threat to its economy from it's own aging population.
This is an extremely popular opinion. China is a communist state, and communists are the modeled after jews/judaism; the most dishonest and disingenuous thing that ever was. Its adherents actively reject reality in favor of their jewish brainwashing. Jews are the common denominator here

>one month

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I meant extremely UNpopular opionion. Damn typos

hardly a benign illness.

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no one gives a shit, the polluted air form factories kill millions every year, no one is talking about that lol.

omg new cases in many major US cities just from today? This is spreading rapidly

What a stupid comment


Nope. Scientist and their publishings got swiped off the internet. Its a man made bio engineered hybrid virus. Planted by the US to wreck China

solid theory OP. Check liveleak and you’ll see a video of inside the “hospitals”. Certainly not a place for medical treatment. People are going there to die. Classic communist move..

China’s already trying to shift the blame for their colossal fuck up? No surprise there.

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and where do you think all those products from those factories go? all over the world. stop blaming them if you and your countrymen are part of the problem

United States: US$479.7 billion (19.2% of total Chinese exports)
Hong Kong: $303 billion (12.1%)
Japan: $147.2 billion (5.9%)
South Korea: $109 billion (4.4%)
Vietnam: $84 billion (3.4%)
Germany: $77.9 billion (3.1%)
India: $76.9 billion (3.1%)
Netherlands: $73.1 billion (2.9%)
United Kingdom: $57 billion (2.3%)
Singapore: $49.8 billion (2%)
Taiwan: $48.7 billion (2%)
Russia: $48 billion (1.9%)
Australia: $47.5 billion (1.9%)
Malaysia: $45.8 billion (1.8%)
Mexico: $44.1 billion (1.8%)

Tell me how worried should i be?

Yea they spill a virus which targets only asians. This will show hongkong!!!

Make sense. The US did it no doubt

I fucking wish. In the oncoming weeks, we’ll see people dropping all over the world. China fucked up and released their toy, so they’re dying before anybody else.

All the chink shills here saying that it was a US plant are making me realize just how fucking inept and useless China is if they let the US penetrate a state miles away from any coastline with a disease from batmeat and failed to contain it, and instead intimidated doctors who spoke about it. It just makes the Chinese not look like this hivemind with a single goal and no respect for human life, but a ragtag group of fingerpointers and jobsworths who will do anything and everything to avoid personal responsibility even if it means embarrassing the very same Communist Party they're meant to protect.

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my bet is a certain nation state hit with economic sanctions/woes, hit with kinetic weapons directly/indirectly or has something to gain with a global slowdown and possibly increased value mineral indexes would likely be behind this

That's of people hospitalized with it, when you get the flu does the CDC know?

Sure this is what they would say in their situation

The US did it

You sir are a fucking moron.

Girl I went to school with is 40 miles from ground zero and she has seen mountains of dead.


>what is an exponential progression?
literally 90 IQ posting

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btw pic related demonstrates that official chink numbers are bogus: they follow the curve way too exactly

study: 2019-nCoV R0 = 4.08

officially the R0 is around 2
R0 is the critical figure in epidemics: how many people does a carrier infect on average

also china is creating bodies in secret: without even counting them as victims
they have a bomb on their hands, the only question is how bad it will explode in other countries as well

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Damn the pictures actually peak my interest.

Pandemic is also a massive natural risk in China due to it’s outrageous population centers. American biologists and ecologists have been keeping an eye on China expecting this to happen for some time now.

I like the theory though and it’s probably worth further investigation.

>no one gives a shit, the polluted air form factories kill millions every year, no one is talking about that lol.
the wrong pandemic could kill billions
the black plague wiped 30% of the christian kingdoms' population in the 1300s

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well pics or it didnt happen

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>An actual retard
You obviously know nothing

It makes more sense that it was going to be used in hong kong but I do agree that this isn't a natural virus

Viruses evolve to be less and less fatal so that their host doesn’t die. It is much more advantageous for a parasite to have something to be parasitic on. The virus that debilitates it pray the slowest has the most time to replicate and spread and therefor becomes a more prominent strain.

>A full 2 percent of those infected in wuhan are literally dying.
that's a politically correct rock bottom minimum
the real figure is more likely 10% to 15%
the two factual figures we have are 2% and 50%
2% regards the ratio between the dead and the diagnosed (but even there we have an issue, as it's been said by many that the chinks having limited test kits, reserve these for acute symptom cases)
50% or higher is the ratio betweent he dead and the cleared: people whom are clean of symptoms after having developped them
BUT that thing is fishy
it is contagious before it is detectable, and also after recovery, pic related

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Check these.

i'll just leave this here....


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>breath in

Viruses get less potent over time. The flue killed 50 million people or about 10% of people who got it the first year it spread to human populations. So as of now corona is actually way less deadly then flu was.

There's no way 12.1% of China's exports are going into Hong Kong. There isn't enough SPACE there. 99.99% of what's marked as "Hong Kong" goes directly elsewhere.