Why can’t I be good enough?
Also AMA

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How do I improve?

>Why can’t I be good enough?
Because you are a nigger!

How do you feel about Millie Bobby Brown?

She’s a talented actress.

How big is ur pp?

9.2 inches. Not posting though.


But I’m educated, I have a very good major that’ll secure me a 160k+ salary in the next 4 years, and I have a father that I love and respect very much.

what does vagina smell like?

Fair enough. :/

Heat from the back of a PS4

ever stole something? how many times have you been arrested? have you molested/raped anyone?

What’s your major

No, N/A, No


you sound boring. no wonder you can't success in life :/


if you're a six foot something buff guy and you cant find the self confidence to get with a girl then idk what to tell ya bud. Try harder I guess, or maybe dont try as hard.

It’s probably because I try too hard honestly. But it’s not just that, I feel like I’m not social enough too.

There’s your problem. You’re a fuckin nerd.

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u gay?


product diversifcaiton
over population
negative eugenics
rothbard agb pdf mises
silver bullet silver shield chris duanne
greatest truth never told chris duanne
jim wendler 5/3/1 pdf
buy silver bullion

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Nah. Why?

ignore that faggot google those things and fuck off and dont be oppositional defiance disorder about it you anosognosiad worm zoomer

Google what things?

murder all ai