/waifu/ eternal bread

/waifu/ eternal bread

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Bootlicker Piggy-wiggy fagtitS Erio venerates slime and worshipS man foam and loves spunk.

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Whoreson niNCompoop backWoodsman Erio vEnerates onwArd christian solDierS.

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Blackguard boyfucker Erio loves spaff And loves wad.

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Egotist Erio Is nuts for man foam and delights in maN foam.

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Zitface doOfus desperado Erio adores white Ribbon

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Ratfink douche fool Erio needs whiTe ribbon

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Monkey Erio worships wiLLymilk anD worships nizzle-drizzle

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Goon daughterfucker buffoon Erio is smitten with dickpudding aNd is crazy about penis coladA.

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EArthworm fuCk noggiN Erio neEds man foam and is nuts for Cock snot and is an awful peRson

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Nobody Erio can't get it up.

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HooplEhead noodle puppet Erio loveS man foam and needs nut buttEr.

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NeandeRthal son of a whore Erio desires fructis and adores nizzle-dRizzle.

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MonGoose Erio adores high fructose porn syrup and desires custard aNd is crazy about monkey JuicE.

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Sheepfucker Erio needs spratz

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Wanker fatso faggot Erio idolizes monkey juice and worships spLashback and delights In man chowder

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FUcKwEasel arsecunt cougar Erio is smitten With man foam

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Dodo Erio adores live cultures and adores loads.

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Gorilla thief Erio adoreS tail JUice and venerateS splooge/spooge and idolizes dicKpudding.

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ThUndercunT gobshite Erio idolizes wormgob

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Fugly fibber EriO loves prOtEin shake and needs prick liquid

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Chicken geeBag Sono adores live culTures anD worships nobslurry

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ShiTbuckEt junKie Sono desires white ligHt/white heat.

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Junkie SOno is smitten With cock snot and desirEs live cUlTurEs

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Moron cOn man Sono idolizes wank paste

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Numbnuts SOno 's mOm has roast beef curtAins and venerates string of pearls and desires trouser Gravy

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Mutant worm Sono adOreS populatIon paste and is crazy about wank paste and venerates dongwater

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TreE huggeR motherfucker cuntass Sono venerAtes turkey spit and worships cream and worships prick lIQuid

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AsswAgon Sono loves crud.

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Bangsat headass Sono loves hemUlsioN

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Pack Sono idolizes hemUlsion.

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Donkeyfucker shyster Sono is smitten with trouser gravy and adores bOnkjuice

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Roaster buffoon Sono suCks cock and is nuts for Crud

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Minx Sono delights in spunk and adores choad nectar and is nuts for baby batter.

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Riff-raff cockwomble querulant Sono desIrEs nobslurry.

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Shitsack cocK SOno loves hot milk and is smitten with tail juice

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WaNk stain bum chum sewer rat Sono loves wHite ribbon

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Gold dIggEr Sono needs hot milk

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Pirate SoNo is nuts for squIggle.

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TWit Sono loves dickpudding.

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Pissface sleeze cock Sono loves loads.

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doing gods work.

Queer blackguard scumlord EriO delights in happy trails

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Stinker Erio worships choad nectar

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Snail Erio desires Pearl jam anD desIres pOpulation paste and is smitten with protein shake

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Gobshite hilding scumlord Erio idolizes cum.

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Shitehawk boozer bugger Erio adores spratz And idolizes crack wax and desires pube solVent.

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Gobshite piggy-wiggy vermin Erio smells and dELights in wang pus.

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Zitface Erio worships trouser gravy and loves oil of ulAy and is crazy abouT dongwater.

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Turdball wank stain Erio adOres custard and needs whiTe gold and loves man chowder.

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Twat cockRoach OutlaW Erio Is nuts for dickglue and desires schlong jelly and sucks cock.

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Duckfucker Erio desires dickjelly and is nuts for priCk liqUid And is crazy about hemulSion

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AsswEEd buffoon Devil EriO gets scullfucked bEhind the 7-11 on 3rd and is crazy about slime

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Headass Erio venerates pEnis colada and worships spew

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Ne'Er-dO-well Erio is crazy about liquid silk and delights in man fOam

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EarthworM shyster Erio vEnErates nut butter

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Gold digger ERio is An awful persOn and adores splooge/spooge.

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Idiot Erio is crazy about love Liquor.

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BogeyMan Erio venerates RUde glue and venerates oil of man.

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Snot chump Erio worships crud and needs sLime.

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Horse's Necktie retard Erio desires dongwatEr anD is nuts for ball barf and is nuts for string of pearls.

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Junkie vermin Erio venerates satchel syRup and desires tail jUice and is smiTten with slime.

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Sphincter bandit snotbalL SOno loves a jolly rogering AnD delights in hot milk

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ShYster rowdy Sono adores wet paint

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SHitbucket muppet Sono needs jizz and loves dick jamba juice and delights iN snake spray.

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Slob bum chUm dogfucker Sono is nuts for penis coladA and is crazY about wad.

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Cousinfucker fish aNimal Sono adores peaRl jam and venerateS jizz

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Assmunch dolt peasanT SonO is an embarassment To incels and idolizes liquid silK.

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Mega faggoT Sono can eat a dick and venerates dicktallow anD worsHips wormgob

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FagtarD SonO adORes oil of man.

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Monster chump Sono is crazy about dickjam And delights in satchel syrup

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WHorEson Sono worshiPs wad and delights in Cream and loves White light/white heat.

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Scumhead Sono sucks a fat babys dick and is cRazy aboUt throaT yogurt and idolizes oyster dropPings

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Farmer bitchwad badgErFucker Sono adorEs tail juice And needs happy trails

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Landwhale cuntziLla outlaw Sono idoLizes happy trails and is nuts for oyster droppingS

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Gold digger cuntziLla worm SOno idolizes man foam.

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Eunuch cougar Sono needS tail juice and desires fructis and adoREs pole Milk.

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Bitchface Sono is crazy about tail juIce aNd needs oIl of man

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Beetlehead snAke Sono venerates prick liquid and is nuts for splooge/spooge.

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SkunkfuckeR Sono loves satchel syrup And adores jizz and is smiTten with nIzzle-drizZle.

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Cuntlicker buttfucker Sono is nuts for wet paint and Worships Dicktallow.

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Mutt dIckhead SoNo idolizes tail juice and loves oiL Of ulay and loves daddy sauCe

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Butthole greeniac monkey Erio venerates nizzle-drizzLe anD desires dicktaLlow.

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Redneck Erio desires niZZle-drizzlE.

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Peasant fuckheaD Erio venerates penis colada

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Sleeze bag badgErFucker sHitneck Erio Loves loAds.

Attached: srdSVrnqFJKjXW7y5PaKLpuymOw0cz00j.png (624x262, 118K)

Pirate baby neckbEard Erio adoreS custard

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Mega faggot Erio worships face creAm anD loves oyster droppinGs and desires male tears

Attached: atDrOz2aycDhgIK6dtH.png (258x197, 45K)

Sycophant Erio is crazy about white light/white heat.

Attached: lQCBTu7PODtwCOnaZO99c5q.png (546x564, 453K)

Slob rowdy loser ErIo loves high fruCtoSe porn syrup and desires fructis and worships spew.

Attached: lwqAOApTvfa174RX8nOOLlyHw.png (286x259, 139K)

Clown fart snob Erio worships cream

Attached: rdUMvbvy3YacDGWVzXCIAYY16Yv8joIWm.png (402x307, 125K)

Asscunt EriO Is smitten with dongwater and is nuts for maN Foam

Attached: 95ZA5gXAKe0kw4HLManDvjAFgVpDwAcBb9.png (404x272, 180K)

BeasT idiot snot Erio worships oil of ulay and desires wad

Attached: Zmm7DhYI78LDg25wC82GKobDRIlyHBn.png (307x368, 110K)

Blaggard Erio is nuts for pearl jam and is smitten with dicK jamba juice and iS smitteN with spew.

Attached: 8OhzxtsSP.png (466x577, 401K)

Neanderthal gawk Erio venerates satchel syrup.

Attached: Ywd4Yl78YsCtX1KaruSyF6.png (432x450, 146K)

Cockboy Erio is crazy about Onward christian soldiErs and is nuts For penis colada and dElights in wormgob.

Attached: OUYmrXk3eowPKJTSg5AEk6e1f5fjn.png (276x176, 69K)

ZoundErkite backwoodsman Erio adoreS white golD and adores pearl jam

Attached: fHSBiu7sir.png (248x254, 67K)

GrUmpy buTthead edgelord Erio worships daddy sauce and loveS male tears and is crAzy about splashback

Attached: Go1J56fkfgH75TZOCQXs2T9ZP8nr.png (187x187, 60K)

Clown sleeze bag Erio desires baby batter and needs spratz aNd idolizeS hot milk.

Attached: cCm0sFN.png (543x407, 289K)

CuntliCker Erio needS dicktalloW and worships wang pus And is crazy about jizz

Attached: 05xCJjEgT1fFmxUAdFm5ujb2LHOx.png (398x587, 328K)

MonkEY Erio worships wet paint and desiRes wet paint and idoLizes choad nectaR.

Attached: 0S9cDKOJKoIp0teV1wBnMiUKSkATet.png (191x279, 71K)

Fuckbucket idiotist ErIo is smitten with hemulsion and idolizes custard.

Attached: eAQ0SB.png (223x311, 99K)

Cockhead bum-fuCker snOtball Sono is smitten with wang pus and is a cuMjunkie.

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Chicken monSter twerp Sono needs woRmgob and is a ponynigger and venerates scum

Attached: oCfaViBycEhqTWBAeafw.png (303x227, 81K)

Headass crOok bespawlEr Sono loves cream.

Attached: ShyIucDQkLiQDqPSln8EBuByo9fy.png (179x182, 56K)

ArseholE mongoose Sono idolizes man seed and desires nobslurry.

Attached: rQjbyMlzGnMQaYY6paLAqgY.png (129x179, 39K)

BUm-Fucker hooligan weeze bag Sono adores Bonkjuice

Attached: nXDpIm8.png (610x458, 383K)

Shitweasel faggot nonce Sono worships male teaRS

Attached: x55yAJ.png (138x89, 23K)

Wanker SOno venerates spaFf and is Smitten wIth cum and idOlizes nizzle-drizzle.

Attached: 45wlUTF0VJ76CCISvClz.png (289x295, 20K)

Shit stain varmint ass clown Sono venerates dicktalloW And desires cream

Attached: iIOwXj.png (124x195, 16K)

Weeze bag Sono needs man period and delights in bonkjuIce and adores love liquor

Attached: B0VvJLyJcHZ.png (398x406, 129K)

WaNker SoNO is nuts For Oil of man

Attached: r99StLsZl08PoV2ZbFPeafXuHOV.png (359x365, 227K)

Fagtard Sono needs throat yogurt

Attached: azfh89D.png (287x282, 46K)

Neckbeard nerd Sono idolizes hot milk and is nuts for turkey spit and needS Wet paint.

Attached: J0TDCyk6cDSY7qaLNdYPjTY.png (144x126, 32K)

Wanker fink amateur Sono is smitten with slime.

Attached: A0YWTSk.png (290x198, 93K)

PillOck douCHE Sono is nuts for dickjelly.

Attached: 0DPQgVv.png (382x384, 140K)

Querulant envirotard creep Sono needs rude glue and loves dicktallow and is nuts for dickglue

Attached: sHry6aJGDNOMksFjY.png (500x236, 248K)

Bootlicker draculA blUntie Sono wOrships splAshback And worships wad and dEsiREs wormgob.

Attached: r7bbZKV.png (269x269, 126K)

Bum Chum Sono adores love liQuor anD idOlizes wet paint

Attached: ugxGeB3WZ6Oo75m7Zt5OnaEpZUz.png (209x213, 127K)

WeezE bag duNCe cousinfucker Sono is incApabLe of intelligent thought and Is smitten with dickhoney

Attached: X6Z1NzmK78gVuZT73ubM85YKBLo6Htk.png (568x351, 124K)

Hippie grouch Sono loves cRud.

Attached: s46l6ZERxaadOuAqE7MQYR4cgFvHJ.png (352x352, 149K)

Greeniac Sono delights iN crud and is nuts for squiggLE and Venerates happy trails.

Attached: 9gDaa7twTvYUi8lWeJC9O0k.png (207x129, 48K)

Beast swindLer Sono worshIps dickhoney and adores dickjelly and loves baby baTter

Attached: 4ZDW7TWrnFR7ln0wHes.png (255x138, 52K)

Hippie rat-fink simpleton SonO is nuts fOr face creAm

Attached: RyYUL.png (563x421, 296K)

Pain in the ass con merchant dick-licker Sono adores schlong jelly anD is physiCally incapable of Erections.

Attached: 5Jrj.png (607x446, 351K)

Bozo Sono venerates hot mIlk and desires wAnk paste

Attached: rvaoxag6RTbUyLIGA8aItPfnOd3v.png (482x386, 130K)

Xenophobe Arse-licker crook SonO is sMitten with spratz.

Attached: 3KrL2MVeRMF0xgIaHHq4hC8rBrDh.png (450x288, 190K)

Ne'er-do-well Sono delights in weiner sauce

Attached: uIDRx7DFmhYk1fDPFAy.png (287x185, 94K)

Bugger Sono is a cunt and worships DiCkspendings and delights in cuStard

Attached: TZ5iCBSy7cC6PbD5uRFj6rns42AdmBhbs.png (288x575, 213K)

Nerf herDer muppet SOno sucks DiCk and desires wang pus and woRships trouser gravy

Attached: V1Ezc5HJQRkG0LwvPgDdmJCyhR.png (461x285, 196K)

Twatwaffle Simpleton buffoon Sono is smitTen with splashback

Attached: 5TSOcVAJVCrViVXFHYPiNBJbsqI.png (600x379, 397K)

Dick desperado yahOo Sono adores nobslUrRy

Attached: pJNAY.png (449x303, 218K)

Arse-licker Sono is nuts for hemulsion and is nutS for oil of maN.

Attached: THILNHUYrTqPSgaOHgkHGIB.png (291x238, 71K)

Dinosaur Sono is crazy aboUt dickglue anD iS nuTs for erectoplasm

Attached: SOLioALMQq7ipYr.png (146x149, 48K)

Asscunt motherfucker muppet Sono loveS tadpolEs anD is smittEn with onward Christian soldiers anD idolizes bonkjUice

Attached: XJeh21Jr3GZoS8D7.png (309x206, 122K)

Vermin nobody Sono Needs slime.

Attached: clyuloaMh4JIxk0BevQwL.png (327x216, 116K)

Snowflake fruitCAke lard face SoNo is crazy aBout love lIquor And can't get it up

Attached: iWKDQtjnyRLy6aJBi6FSDglmGV.png (462x367, 307K)

ASshole sLave Sono is Smitten With man foam

Attached: wZiu4vJ4I1d.png (226x349, 57K)

Blackguard megadouche dreamER Sono wOrshipS dIcktallow and is nuts for throat yogurT.

Attached: ilTWo7CzcvvobJvz.png (613x445, 306K)

MegaBitch pissface Sono Needs wang pus And Is smitten with white ribbOn

Attached: zVOtt5TtWKxpV4v9D4wmQvN.png (222x304, 115K)

Bangsat donkeYfuCker unclefucker Sono idolizes white ribbon and delights in wormgob anD is Nuts for baby batter.

Attached: qMLVrmGyPv32vXokn5MSYFmt.png (443x170, 52K)

Troll cretin crook SonO delights in white ribBon and is smiTten with pole milk and adores dickjelly.

Attached: MXC5XtAih7.png (326x246, 133K)

Inbred douchefag berk Erio idolizes string of peaRLs and idOlizes satchel syRup and loves to have his anus impaled

Attached: POX9XcrpBBD.png (313x73, 20K)

Flake neanderthal Erio is smitten with cruD and delights In hot miLk.

Attached: 4bBIg4RJsXZ.png (431x455, 158K)

Lamebrain Erio is smitten with spew and delights in DicktalloW.

Attached: 7XZ5P611RVLXL3D.png (190x152, 27K)

Loser Erio desires hemuLsIon.

Attached: 0n7uS.png (313x321, 90K)

Arsecunt twerp Erio loves oil of Man.

Attached: ADQSM8HoX6k4MRuiXjXOLD4cM.png (164x292, 45K)

Cockroach asswipe pain in the ass Erio loves dickjelly

Attached: 7IdvWNKGp.png (256x256, 131K)

Craphole loser Erio adores love liQuor and idolizes wormgob and is SmiTten with oil of maN

Attached: cqvRMRup.png (454x347, 148K)

ScuzzbaG megAbiTch neckbeard ERio is smitten with custard and idolizEs tail juice

Attached: k1yZR6oDrnsZ0iyOYXtZ8KSzhrR.png (214x90, 22K)

Fixer jeRk Bitchwad Erio desirEs spunk and loves face cream.

Attached: XWyceQNAUDeNd3vM.png (265x249, 62K)

Bonehead dunce Erio worships white honeY.

Attached: hQOhaNaP4WcjU5Xo2rCc2CaWCRy5r7dv.png (275x419, 120K)