Would you date cute but edgy emo girl user?

Would you date cute but edgy emo girl user?

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Well considering that was my childhood, and scene girls, yeah, yeah I would.

Have done, and would again.

Depends on how edgy.

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have done, was not worth the trouble

What do you mean edgy? Like sense of humor? Sure. Mentally unstable? Nah.

Some emo babe who
>Kind of shy and antisocial
>Likes horror movies
>listens to cool rock bands
>plays R rated videos games
would be the perfect girl for me :-D

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It depends on if you mean emo style exclusively or style and self harms.

On second thought, no it doesn't, because I would either way.

I don't see why not.

I am desperate to lose the v card so yeah
but no, I wouldn't even bother for a propper relationship with any sub 120 IQ attention slut

No. They're over opinionated, socially validated, narcissistic retards with an appetite for cheating on men they need to marry because they can't comprehend security and love. Fuck em and move on.

if she had a feminine penis, sure.

>never worked a day in her life
>lives with her parents
>lowballer in general
>obsessed with social media

I'm okay

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Only if drug free virgin that doesn't smoke, no tainted roasties allowed

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Are you asking this because you are one and want validation, or because you are considering the prospect?

she got som ass I am in for it


considering the prospect

>drug free virgin
Pick one.


Oh the irony in that statement... Do I even need to point it out?

Give me some details about her personality and such.

depends, the stereotype is that they're all attention seeking whores, and i'm sure plenty are, but i'd rather filter out the bad ones and if i end up with someone nice great, i have no issues with someone painting their hair, getting a tattoo, piercings, etc as long as they don't exagerate and look fucking disgusting as a result

I've dated a couple. They're hit and miss, sometimes they just like the look and the community and are relatively normal girls. Sometimes they've gotta do a bunch of edgy shit and be different and angsty at every possible opportunity which gets old real fast unless you're the same.

One thing is certain, they're always great in bed.

I want to fuck her mouth so bad

They are mostly upper middle class girls that don't have a worry in the world but somehow find a way to be sad because the new car daddy bought them wasn't the right color.

More blue hair imo

I have dated one. She was hot as fuck, sex was great (note: only sex I've had), and I really was head over heels in love with her. Intended to marry her eventually, we were together a bit over 2 years.

Eventually dumped me during an alcohol, acid, and depression fueled self destructive spiral, dated around for a bit, and eventually wound up with my former best friend. I intentionally have no contact with either of them, no idea how that turned out. But man, did that fuck up my life for a long time. Socially, still haven't recovered, she took most of my friends with her.


They don’t exist anymore

>cool rock bands
No they don't

It sucks but this is true, they got bullied out of existence by the normies

Fuck no you think its cute being with a girl who acts like this but in the end you realize she is fucked in the head and her family is fucked up. It's embarrassing to even be around a girl like this and her family and try to introduce you to your family.

Anyone who enjoys this is either a young little faggot or the same fucked up retard as she is.

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She would have to have daddy issues.
Hell they most do.

anons i just want a girlfriend, is that too much?
i dont care if shes an emo or not

>antisocial af
>mmorpg games
dream girl

I'm almost 30 years old so I'd date one short term but after awhile her edginess would get on my nerves and feel incredibly immature

I think the internet ruined groups forming in schools

She's not edgy her ig is boring af, although there is some braless pics

Not really anymore there like other girls they dont give a shit I asked one out and she lied she had boyfriend that was just fboy that used her for then she still misses him after her ghosted her after fucking twice

I have never understood how men can side with the woman after a relationship. Sounds like a bunch of lames anyway user. The couples that i hang out with know if they go south im hanging out with my friend (the male) and not the woman.

Girls that are edgy and emo today are just sluts. If you were to date them you would be a cuck hold. So fuck yes. date nope

How about this edgy?

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Tbh, it sounds like they just plain wanted to fuck her. At least in the case of the best friend. That, or they decided that the happy ex-girlfriend who was a cunt to me, but not to them, was just more fun to have as a friend than the depressed sad sack who was always coming to them for a shoulder to cry on. I don't know. That whole wave of bullshit took like four months to settle into the state of "well fuck, looks like I'm alone in this, time to go find some friends on Cred Forums" that it wound up as.

I never got that ether, people who do this just want to fuck the chick so they sided with her. These people are not friends

If she's not crazy then this is ayy ok reminds me of a girl i knew that would trip with friends. Her spider tat is fucking cool!

>more cuts than a Micheal Bay film
>not crazy

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back to tafe

RAWR XD but in short no.

Jzuz fuccck if she looks like this then he'll yes I'll suck up all her shit shit and drink her piss and slice myself even in return she must just love me forever!!!

Only if she let's me help her slit her wrists.


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She'll be lovin muh dick more than you, faggot.

date cute but edgy emo girl

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YES, and I would love to cum in her mouth.

I don't think it gets any more crazy than this.

Never be surprised by how stupid people can be

Damn I'd love to rape her and make her cry and jizz on that spider tat.

Motherfucking bismuth nigger


You are 12?

I love emos.

yeah, It's the hottest "look" in my opinion. shit, some emo boys are even cute enough for me. lol

Well personally i took a route that i probably wont recommend but i did it and im happy with the results. I stopped talking about my issues with friends altogether and might talk with my mom or dad here and there but that is it. I know it sounds fucked up but people dont like being around men or women that are stuck in a funk like that and i just had to swallow it. Shit gets better in time as well but im not trying to defend your ex friends. Just a bit of advice incase a next time is to happen

Agreed, and geeky girls.

i am

Fuck yes. I've been wanting to crush this emo pussy for years

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>ayy ok

As a guy who just got out of a relationship with a similar type..

A. You're not the type she'd ever be looking for

B. You have no fucking clue

Post more edgy emo girls.

i would not date any 3D girls

Long as she ain't psychotic and going to try n kill me (outside of being sacrificed to the dark lord) I'll dick her down, long dick style. Wouldn't mind cumming on that spider tat. Would make great target practice

Fucking too right I would

people like this tend to be the most obnoxious fuckers ever, and the people who date them are worse. so no.

The fact you said R rated videogames, fucking how old are you you fucking weeb

Yeah she would have to be clever, I mean one of you had better be

worthless trash

Don't do it if they're a self-harmer. Sex might be amazing. Self-esteem so low they'll do ANYTHING. But they're bat shit fucking crazy.

Post emo girls.

Sceemo girls were the shit back in the mid 2000s.
>loved drugs and alcohol
Zoomers don't know what they're missing out on.

This all day everyday.

we know what kind of posers we're avoiding, oldfag.

If I get to lick her arm scars.

It’s been my dream since middle school. Too bad the only ones still around are usually trashy.

Zoomers are literally trash and don't know shit.


Emos and goths are usually x10 slaggier

They look cute.
But their leftist commie scum....
Nah il pass

Any uk alt girls lets trade

DaddyDaniel85 on kik

abolutely not. These girls are trash

Ok Boomer.

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Do these girls even exist outside of high school? All the ones I knew grew out of it and I haven’t seen any new ones since graduating

Yes, and they're not sellouts.


true, but the mental illness is probably going to be a problem for anyone who would actually date them.

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fuck yes

Depends if they're actually mentally ill or are just into that fashion style though.

Never ever

unless she's also 15, yeah, she's mentalillness.jpg. Anyone who clings that hard to an aesthetic cultivated in high school has been badly affected by their baggage/

>self-cutting marks
No, i hate shia muslims

Or I've just retained my sense of self and don't give a shit about what others think of my appearance.

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Lmao, faggot.

>implying I'm older than 18

You look like a junky

Go back to 2009 boomer

The way a girl acts is dependent on the man she is with.
So yes.
And I have done it multiple times.

Join up

What was worth/not worth doing it again?
Please elaborate. I was always curious about the goth/emo/scene girls but never knew how to approach them. Does it differ what thse kinda gals like in a guy? It always seemed to me that they would hangout with eyeliner bois. (I'm not an eyeliner boi)

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Great in bed, like really into it you mean?


This person is kinda cute to me. Do i have bad taste ? uwu