This walks in and slaps your girl on her ass

this walks in and slaps your girl on her ass
wat do

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sell it to a sausage factory

Take her to the fucking hospital

accute trauma to the brain until its knocked out

Push to tip him over cause he can't actually move hes legs.

Pop his synthol

whats he weigh, 160? looks pretty low centre of gravity with that descended..

Jealous of his natty abs.

Poke him with a pin and watch him pop like a balloon.

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give him my seat on the bus because he's clearly a pregnant woman

Fucking femur fracture

considering how many pin pricks he has taken himself that would do nothing and ur a retard

the point of attention whores is to give them physical violence

natural market mechanics

I can't believe that monster is even allowed to participate whatever fucking contest he is at.

Ask her what month of pregnancy is she on at the moment, is it a boy or a girl, is this your first child and so on... and then probably cut right down to the middle and ask if the baby is a niggerbaby or not.

I really don't feel like explaining sarcasm to you friend.

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just dont ever stop talking to me even when im not k m?x

... Are you having a stroke or something?

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Offer fellatio in exchange for my life

Dry gultch him and blame it on a nigger

use a pin and watch him deflate

ur a schizophrenic whos been following me around saying that for years

insane psychosis corpse victim

Don't make me unplug you from the 'machine' friend, I'll do it, don't tempt me. I'll butter your toast and make you coffee like a french poodle.

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Put a sticker on his back so he won’t be able to reach it muhahahahaha

What level of autism is this?

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stab him so he deflates

you projecting autism thinking it covers ur psychosic schizophrenia is a poor strawman failed false flag you schizo fucking loser

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oof sold xx, but i want ur lunch money for that day too xx

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poke his belly with a needle and watch him fly off like in the cartoons

You may take my freedom, you may take my life, but you'll never take my lunch money. Unless you pet my shark, because he's my accountants cousin and he likes a good tickle.

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if u poke me in the belly im going to giggle laugh and recoil like the muffin man but DO NOT STOP AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

WTF, worst case of palumboism

get a needle..

pic very related

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Autismo the Great strikes again

same schizophrenic following me around
u realise u dont have personhood right?
just a schizophrenic animal on the fringes of Civilisation trying to mimic such

ur going to get beat in the head murdered and die

ur a murdered schizoprhenic with permenent psychosis

violence comes ur way

Are you the autist now? I went to school with an autist like you. He'd say random shit like this because he thought he was clever and cute. He ended up having the piss beat out of him one night at a bar because he said some stupid shit like this. He thought he was clever and funny; the other patrons thought he was not. I took great pleasure in watching them beat him senseless for about 60 seconds straight.

Calm yourself, Autismo. T'was only a joke. Don't get into one of your autistic fits. It's not like I touched your ear... damn.

you autists actually think people are made of balloons?

is he preggo

Most people aren't born horrible, you should go talk to a therapist and see where you went wrong in life.

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Is he still alive, he was part of some youtube series a few years ago and I know he had some kidney problems, yellow eyes etc

gonna break each one of ur fingers backwards then take the battery out of ur phone then throw them to u n let u put it back together to call the medics

autists don't say weird things because they think they're clever, you utter retard, they have brain chemicals imbalance, they are sick

yellow eyes indicate liver problems

You two should hang out sometime. Couple of autists, beating thre piss out of each other, could be entertaining.

You mean retarded?

You, a fellow autist:

leave sandnigger..

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Please don't kill me, Autismo. Really!

I was only kidding

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His polumbo is so bad. Body builders nightmare

>doesn't understand metaphors
>calls other people autists
Good trolling sir.

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he looks so fucking swole that if he fell over he wouldn't be able to wbend his limbs in order to get up properly, so i'd probably tip him over

this is /b, there are no metaphors here, only a bunch of really stupid incels

Open the door, with no body fat he will freeze to death.

> "... wat do " ?
kick in󠘁 ̶b̶o̶l̶l̶o̶c̶k̶s̶ 󠘁 vagene

why do you think it's female?

because there is no dick...

put something in between his shoulders .