Drawthread: Snake Vore Edition

Drawthread: Snake Vore Edition

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Requesting this girl, entirely nude and hypnotized, coerced into getting fucked and eaten alive by a giant snake.
>She's riding the snake's dick cowgirl style, the snake cumming inside her
>The snake is coils up around her legs; its mouth open ready to swallow her head first
>Her head is inside the snake's mouth as the snake continues to swallow her
>The majority of her body is now inside the snake, only her feet are sticking out of his mouth
>The snake now has a bulging belly from where he swallowed her
>Same as last pic, except it's an x-ray view that shows her inside the stomach
>A 2-day later pic showing the snake with a slightly less bulging belly
>A week later pic showing the snake back to normal, no bulging belly, and with her remains shit out

Snake v0re references: imgbox.com/g/QMi1dnPYlz

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Requesting these 3 women from The Fairly Odd Parents with cookies inside their pussies as in the picture.

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just requesting art of her she’s a lizard

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boomer time

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Hyp's ability is to put people to sleep, so requesting him using his ability to put Reimu asleep and then fuck and impregnate her.

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Requesting the female busty feral Dolphin Bomber on a human in the Cowgirl position. Don't confuse it with the reverse ciwgirl position.

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Requesting her giving birth

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Oh sh-

stinky poopoo haha

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Requesting Ronal and Alibert from the danish animated movie "Ronal the Barbarian" wearing those loincloths/ jockstraps like the ones in the movie. Keep it safe, please.

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Requesting an unwashed musky Luong.

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Fly up.

And this is why we need dedicated snake vore threads.

if there really was a need for it they would exist

so glad this wasn't another dorse

Snake vore is getting more popular on Cred Forums, but it's taking time.


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so dead...

oh boy since youve mention it
ill pass my negro

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Fuck off

Guess I'll dump

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speaking of snake vore, snake mawshots are pretty hot.

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Fetishfag thread no thank you

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This is the hottest kind of snake vore, where it's done with stealth.

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I do love a good hard constriction.

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>Attempting to eat the cute bird thing/biting too hard

Flag on the play. Unnecessary roughness. Ten yard penalty.


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When you think about it, a snake doing human vore has to have perfect form and timing. Because it would take so long, the snake is wide open to attack from other animals.

Lot of stealth.

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Sage this desperation

Explain what you mean by desperation

It's also why snake vore would make for a good video game. You have to use stealth to eat progressively harder meals, without being detected.

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Requesting some thick Pony Tsunotori forgetting to wear pants/ panties

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