Be me

>be me
>8/10 on a good day
>problem: dick is around 4.5 or 5 inches hard
>think it is too short for anyone to want
>beta virgin bc I'm too conscious about my pants snake

how can I overcome my fear of being dick shamed Cred Forumsros?

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you mean 8 out of 10 cm on a good day?

8/10 in physical attractiveness.

Won't post my face for various reasons. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Girls who became FtM trans have literally no penis. Lots of them have straight gf.

about 12cm for non retards

if he's saying "4.5 to 5", he's more likely somewhere between 4 and 4.5 so it's more likely 10 to 11 cm

Isn't 12cm the global average?

the average man doesn't get laid. No girl settle for what she perceive to be "average".

Still not that small, stop being self conscious. Girls feel pleasure from 6+ cm. Anything below that and you'd have areason to be self conscious.

Thats why your personality has to be above average, not your dick

If you want a gf, create a relationship and work on intimacy. It's proven that women in healthy/intimate relationships have better sex.
If you want a slut, just buy em shit. They'll suck and fuck you for whatever you throw at em

Not that small. If you're afraid to fail you have a d to pleasure yourself and fingers to finish the job for her. As long as you're not a moron an finish the job it will be fine

>mommy always told me i have more personality than the other kids

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>Why wont women fuck me and my huge pp when i flash it

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not gona give you the answer, just a clue
>dick too smol
>never actually tried it
u wot m8?¿

they feel pleasure without having to actually penetrate them.

still, Op has a small dick. it's better to not have a small dick.

it's a flaw, not a quality.

You have to be able to overcome your defect, but for that you have to be self conscious.

wonderful words of wisdom, Shakespeare

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Your dick is fine, if her pussy wasn't so blown out.


Just don't try to fuck her from the side.
Contrary to popular belief, it really isn't about the size of the boat.

Unless it's a pencil micro penis.

i think you confuse cm for inch.

If you stop being a faggot and can carry a reasonably interesting conversation, then you have nothing to worry about. When you manage to get a whore back to your place, do you honestly believe she will turn you down because you have a baby hogg? No. Women are to sympathetic, they will fuck you and not say a word about your Vienna sausage. Not until they leave and call their bff to tell them how tiny your trouser snake was. So if you are an incredibly boring person with a shit personality, you will never be allowed to put your skin rope back in that flesh cave. So gl!

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Short skin rope*

Are you retarded?

u wish