Wwyd? Brutal

Wwyd? Brutal

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I'd buy her an icecream

I'd eat her ice cream

Dude that's brutal

Vote Bernie


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uhh plz more? hows ass

smash face with a sledgehammer ----> put face in bucket ------> fuck the bucket

punch fist both holes until they prolapse

force fuck her throat while holding her hands behind her back until she passes out. then spank her to wake her up and go again.

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go for a swim

requesting more pussy good sir

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Id wait until she goes through puberty

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I would take her out to a nice seafood dinner. And never call her again

This just in, that user is correct.

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Looks like I’d drug her near the end of our date, drag her home and use her like I want


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wwyd user

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I would off myself.

That's my sister... WTF! please take this down

Your sister the whore

Are you fucking idiots blind? This is so obviously a "deepfake", and like the rest of them it looks goddamn awful.

SHe looks nice