Would you fuck my mom... pic related

Would you fuck my mom... pic related

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Id fuck you in front of your mom


and I'd fuck him while he's fucking you in front of you mom.


id fuck the mom while you guys fucked each other?

No, you have to get in the fuck line like the rest of us.

i'd suck your dad's cock just to taste that sweet cunt

alright what the hell why not
can i still fuck the mom?

When your turn rolls around sure, we're playing musical buttholes though so it could be a little while.

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Will you be present? Yes either way.

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Just found her fbook


First time /b has been funny in a long time

I wouldn't just fuck her, I would apply for your stepdad.
Any pics of her feets?

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What are you waiting for user? Post it here.

If I could get her to gain 100 pounds or morr.

i would destroy her

Whistle while you work....

yes. now post pics of your actual mom