Breakfast In Bed With Your Favorite Celebs

Breakfast In Bed With Your Favorite Celebs

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Fuck breakfast in bed. Crumbs all in the sheets. I hate breakfast in bed.

I was told threads please almond

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who records this shit

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emily blunt

Close your mouth when chewing you animal.

tried to make mum breakfest in bed for mothers day one year. she called the fucking cops zz

murder america

but it is an easy way to fall to sleep

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I haven't see this picture

True it is. I have trouble getting up these days cause my bed is too comfy

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alcohol fetal syndrome

literally deformed downy


The severity of fetal alcohol syndrome symptoms varies, with some children experiencing them to a far greater degree than others. Signs and symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome may include any mix of physical defects, intellectual or cognitive disabilities, and problems functioning and coping with daily life.
Physical defects

Physical defects may include:

Distinctive facial features, including small eyes, an exceptionally thin upper lip, a short, upturned nose, and a smooth skin surface between the nose and upper lip
Deformities of joints, limbs and fingers
Slow physical growth before and after birth
Vision difficulties or hearing problems
Small head circumference and brain size
Heart defects and problems with kidneys and bones

Brain and central nervous system problems

Problems with the brain and central nervous system may include:

Poor coordination or balance
Intellectual disability, learning disorders and delayed development
Poor memory
Trouble with attention and with processing information
Difficulty with reasoning and problem-solving
Difficulty identifying consequences of choices
Poor judgment skills
Jitteriness or hyperactivity
Rapidly changing moods

Social and behavioral issues

Problems in functioning, coping and interacting with others may include:

Difficulty in school
Trouble getting along with others
Poor social skills
Trouble adapting to change or switching from one task to another
Problems with behavior and impulse control
Poor concept of time
Problems staying on task
Difficulty planning or working toward a goal

When to see a doctor

If you're pregnant and can't stop drinking, ask your obstetrician, primary care doctor or mental health professional for help.

u = pay me

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oof emmy xxxxxxxx XD

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Maybe this weirdo who claims to be my dad didn‘t lie this tiem.

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hahahaha shes putting on makeup "like" an adult hahaha SO CUTE XD :XXXXXX :3cx

holy fuckin slapmeat xx

stop being so cute

*gets dementia*


literally like mother like son the only thing that changes is Good Men in between but still u can only do so much and u do what u can with what u got to work with.

She’s a mommy

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my bedroom has a door to the outside which is not sealed, so the room is extra cold. it makes it so difficult to get out from the covers in the mornings

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you meant to say
shes a meowy*:3xxxxxxxxxXXXXXXX


dont know if has enough energy or not to undress and fuck me and herself

Stop is da... I mean jeffrey!

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I just wanted to say that ugly people are fucking degenerate

she was the first be cast in Baywatch due to her be to close the rock

Fuck I forgot about that
Hot as fuck

theres a reason these down syndrome drunko tards are meant to be bred at 13 years old. the genetics for that season are ruined, better to skip through to the next

imagine saying this without having done copious psychadelic drugs, reading, and labour


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My waifu

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Me on the right, slap in progress.

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Lets' make one thing clear
Nothing is clear


repulsive settings

what is this outfit

wait other men have unironically touched her = discounts everything

literal retard

look at these downy syndrome eyes

My husbando
Alice is a boy

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wrong. jfk was clear. so was jackson, darwin, and leonidis

Oh that sounds just awful :(

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u wish u were that innocent u cunt.. and i beleive it too. look at where u went from october to november just from me.. cause thats real.. and ur not, see?

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Don't look.

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It doesn't matter

Wonderful... Got an topless where her tits aren't covered?


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it makes it nice for sleeping. just difficult to rise from bed.

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Fugg I looked, stahp it!
Das cute
*boop boop*

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wow those eyes are nice in private, inversely repuslive as public

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My ace of spades
You're a waste of aids
Can we just not play
A hoe that don't pay
birb :3


Not if it's freezing outside tho...

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But I said don't.

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who? retard fucking cunt

god xx


The blankest always feel the best when the air is coldest.

I want to be her slave.

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*holds ur pony tail and rides u*


oof mummy xx

hey babe x

10/10 perfect womb



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it is not so cold as outside, but definitely some degrees colder than the rest of the apartment
it is true, which is the problem

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I shall enter your bed and coup you

I‘m too slow, the second I read I already looked at her for 10 seconds. It‘s like those pics with boobies and a dinosaur in the background. But a smol one, not the one from my dream.

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Who is your assfu anons?

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cope u retarded spoiled cunt brat downy

Jj ofc

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if it aint the girl that tucks u in with cuddles at night with her arms u in the wrong building

this ass is eatable but thats a dog

see jordan etc

man bravo on emma reaching out btw. i know reality. rest aint. she tried. but physical in my arms is what counts

ur being murdered fxs nsa usa etc

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damn very nice ass

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Pull my tail and I just might give u a kik ^_^

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is that MRE steve? nice

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birb trap :3
Can you make like a doll?
*Kite blowing in the air*

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Glad someone finally said something, he looks just like him

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I think we have different meanings for this word

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nice fuck

mate i had a 5 year relationship with an asian female mma cage fighter there aint nothin u could do to me thatd be worse after that goddess hah

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Coup d'etat. I will remove you from power and become the one in bed.

>multiple times daily autistic circlejerk

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Digging the corpses out of the graveyard
Someone was buried alive

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That's ass!
Facesittingready ass

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Buy me I cost 0$

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holy FUCKK

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Ayy true it does
Usually 5°C less than the living room

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God I'm so horny...
I better bully corly online and she will asked me what my name is

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this shit shouldnt be on camera without this being understood as slut whore ass for money exchange of exposure. schizo trash public humanity. thanks usa-

Fuck I came in one second
I am such a man in comparison



un coup de grâce
not so much for me I think

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Has anyone seen my nuts?

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Dommy mommy

At the risk of accidentally being here I feel like I should say I haven't killed myself. I'm sure nobody actually believed it anyway but seeing it made me sad. My own fault for reading it anyway I guess but whatevs. That is all.

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if u want me to do stuff like: "say gm back to me when i do to u"

u gotta say that to me, train me, i work like that, but only irl so i can smile and c urs while we learn what we want

else, no. n ull stay autistic. its for ur own good.


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Holy Moly!
Deliver more

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Happy you're doing well. Best of luck in uni.
>inb4 no u

Holly Molly


I want my mouth on those tits
Her accent would be so sexy in my ear

Holly molly
"It's real I promise"

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I kkkant combeet

thank you

I am a gay bully that bullies himself

*braps farts and shits into mic/cam*
*deposit made*
*receipt issued*
*transaction complete*

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Fuck I love those pale British tits
I really need to pay her more attention

i all thought Nathalie Emmanuel didn't like her

This makes the germs hungry

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Too old

Did someone say overrated Hollywood whore?

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she should get more work

I didn't say I was doing well lol. Just that I wasn't dead. Shits fucked tbh. But thanks

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Maybe wishful thinking on my part. If there is anything I can do to help you know where to find me, you could never be a burden.

I bet she has nudes. where I can find the video of this.

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*10m running start jump pounces*XXXXXXX
*bed dissintergrates*
*fuck on the ashes of our own empire XXXX*

That's still pretty warm then

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thank you

>you know where to find me
dont think I do

I was referring to here since I saw your disc was gone.

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Did you know that celebrities lurk Cred Forums and can see your identity through the IP address?
Then they check your Facebook with your last name
They won't admit!
People have killed themselves because of this.

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Chester Bennington, Keith Flint and Juice WRLD and other celebs are all dead because of this.

made a temp disc real quick dont wanna soapbox another thread with my dumb problems lol

Their consciousness got the best of them...

yw but like.. come pick me up from school? why are we waiting? no i didnt get the memo. u stopped contacting me.. im so bored lonely and confused? :s

how much longer? or not at all? ur just some weird thing i helped out? thats fine, but u cant take from my future now, enjoy what u got.

u actually have no right to concreteness of stolen subvocalisation or thought crime over me

thats schizophrenia and wrong in 3 different ways and not my issue

u can die this distorted, its not on me. the rest of us will have a good life and not think about you (beyond u and ur delusion thinking we meant u)

not on me hey

im folding this

rest is just my enjoyment for this moment not dependent on u and sure as fuck not dependent on what u think is an intermediary between us

u have to sort urself out or rot with the retards trying to create a fake unneeded middleman at ur expense cause they are weak but had mistaken capital given to them and u were vulnerable yet here i am giving u no excuse telling u clear as day answer which is first hand medium communication with me with a name attatched to the account or face to face

rest is on u and ur pitiful small world

girls actually like me

we dont need to wait

u just need to fold the retardation in u

like a drug addict. i told u how to cure. u run today? u were up to running twice. what happened.. activities.. diet... mind set... future goals. write them down.. show me... too embarressed? think its cute to hide that i might think ur a failure? yeah sure, but what after that? try to help u.. always lift u up, not bring u down

u bringing urself down is another issue again not on me

i can take ALL this and go 1:1 on someone else who will actually give return

have u read books 2-6 of earths children yet?

waste time here yet wont do that? insane... better urself or come spend time with me so i can help u do it
third party is nothing please someone show her.. stupid problem humanity history.. embarressing and make her dumb

Look. Soon they won't post the hand wash post because of this.

No way!

Ok, time to show my assfu.
Here is

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They are anonymous because of a reason. No?


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a thread died for this u make good or take her place either way +scaled interest of literality of ur dipshitness u corpse


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Attached: Jessica_Biel_16100706090006.jpg (1900x1425, 372K)

Looks like yours is Brooks. I've got you now.

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So the celebs can see the posters on Cred Forums? What the fuck!!!


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Attached: Milky Brie.jpg (683x1024, 163K)

I don't believe it!
Blood is on their hands!

it is not so bad

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You make me want to suck tiddies

Attached: Caylee-Cowan-Pokies-in-Wet-Tshirt-6.jpg (804x1206, 70K)

i need u to clean my body including 100% of my erect dick with ur pussy lips/inside suction like a fleshlight xxx

Sorry btw. Had lunch

Attached: 2019-01-23 23.53.29 1963471047023845339_1536269020_1536269020.webm (640x1136, 1.36M)

stupid cunt being filmed doing this voluntarily no less

they expose themselfes as subhumans then try to aggressively force doublespeak of the opposite

murder all americans


no need for sorrys. I have to go back to work now anyways. talk to you some other time dfu

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That’s natural

: ' - (

go git em

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Alright. Try to have fun

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u can cry while u do it idc

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Attached: 70229498-47BF-4917-91A8-69E87D387902.jpg (429x799, 42K)

im not outright sexually attracted to you, im repulsed by ur public presence, but u said u love me, i want to protect u because of that, if u want to play ODD schizo about it i dont care, u do that, im going over here now..

I'm not going to look at u pissing yourself

Attached: 76651_2006_Letterman_Show_Jessica_Biel_497_122_581lo.jpg (1512x3000, 464K)

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JLaws got a fat butt

more cushion for the pushin'

Qtiest of all

Attached: 2018-11-11 20.58.31 1910467672884075879_1536269020_1536269020.webm (640x360, 1.17M)

Hi Dua user

then ill find someone who will ontop of that sit in my lap while i take a shit and piss and have her shit and piss all over my dick between my legs then go clean us both off in the shower straight after

thats what i want

thats what i need in life

done way to much impossible to settle for less

stupid schizophrenic ant nothing ur type is worth zero

Love the shot in that scene where it’s all pushed up against the desk.
Shows how much cushion there really is

Hi, are you always here?:)

Attached: DUA-LIPA-624879.jpg (620x500, 45K)

I agree
I am nothing
I Ain't shit
My problem was that you thought that I thought that I wasn't worth zero

Attached: AvrilLavigne.jpg (2448x3264, 1.4M)


shut the fuck up schizo. ur banned from words



imagine Avril breeding black

silly cutee. sigh c


Attached: BOW, YA SHITS !.jpg (1920x1080, 158K)

I’ll bend the knee to bury my face in that ass

i think something's straightening

Attached: 1525366454695.webm (740x1000, 745K)

Attached: 1568875202952.jpg (1280x1920, 263K)

damn Avril has a great body


It‘s wednesday my dudes

Attached: 97C92E18-7ECD-4CFA-8B89-63264F1E1401.jpg (1080x1080, 417K)

not a celebrity deadshit

Shush with you

best celeb gooch

Attached: ca8176d.jpg (835x1237, 103K)

Attached: 46b64e303440508.jpg (2938x4415, 1.82M)

Possibly, show blank.

Attached: 3BA0A1E3-0B31-4B3C-912C-23D384500964.jpg (960x540, 105K)

Attached: 1523059968796.jpg (1138x1513, 410K)

kid ill throw u off a building



Attached: 1552365852365.jpg (1229x819, 313K)

Her friend is hotter tho.

Attached: vanessa-hudgens-om-boat-ischia-03.jpg (1222x918, 155K)

I've never seen her asshole, and that makes me sad

Attached: vanessa-hudgens-1374455601969b.jpg (840x841, 133K) retard

just asking, glad to say hello to you

Attached: (m=e-yaaGqaa)(mh=0I_Z0t9Au5NiSYUW)original_522241361.jpg (575x323, 38K)

her friend doesn't have the gooch


Attached: Camila Morrone 26.jpg (917x917, 136K)

last sound ur body ever made as the head cracked on the pavement

a gooch?

Attached: vanessa-hudgens-om-boat-ischia-16.jpg (1222x901, 177K)

Too cute.

Attached: Jordyn Jones 1167.jpg (1080x1080, 1.44M)

Shush shush


Attached: 1580901799708.webm (1920x1080, 1.27M)


Attached: REEP.png (300x301, 30K)

I want to coom on dem glasses

Attached: emma-watson-cleavage-candids-in-shorts-and-at-glastonbury-music-festival-11.jpg (2373x3608, 982K)

what were we thinking this day hunny in terms of outfit+company ???

Attached: 1125x2436.jpg (1125x2436, 677K)

No u!

Attached: F75EC1AA-B016-482E-9ACA-513AD51B84B3.jpg (1080x1080, 217K)

Attached: 3d1.png (746x541, 203K)

way too damn cute for me anyway

what if she needs something????

Attached: take my all the things.png (300x289, 16K)

Attached: 0bl5bks252u31.jpg (900x1348, 158K)

Oh miranda

Attached: bryce 1570046762210.jpg (1080x720, 134K)

Did she catch your eye?

Attached: 740full-miranda-kerr (7).jpg (740x896, 89K)

she close to the rock

She did, just like she did yesterday when she deeply drained me.


Attached: 5aa97a0278d5b.jpg (620x620, 33K)

I remember that

Attached: 18j9jh67qee31.jpg (640x845, 113K)



her hot wing interview was interesing


Attached: 3629cQwpUAU.jpg (560x700, 54K)

My cock remembers too, it immediately started bothering me the second I saw her.

she got fat ass

Almost a pavlovian respone

Attached: 700full-miranda-kerr.jpg (700x913, 90K)

*flips over*

She could barely resist

Attached: 1080full-miranda-kerr (1).jpg (1080x809, 38K) dallas howard

no Camila Mendes

Lol, well if you post her every day I will get there, or maybe I am already.
Connecting hot celebs with a warm gushing feeling happens very fast.

that really her or body double


she got no say and im in pain so im really not down for anything that isnt her trying to heal me hey

New objective : Pavloving people for celebs
Why are you in pain

Attached: 700full-miranda-kerr (2).jpg (700x1050, 108K)

I like that objective
Any chance I can have your disc/kik?
I feel like I need much more miranda in my life.

fxs usa nsa nap dro


wow, let hope she has leaks


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Attached: Untitled.png (908x460, 774K)

my fart smell like the poop AND i havent done the poo poop shit farty fart yet