50's, 60's and 70's Celebrity Edition

50's, 60's and 70's Celebrity Edition

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Her nips are incredible.

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Can I love that hip-to-waist ratio?

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I fell in love with her instantly.

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Nice thread

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I tried posting an old Jodie foster pic I got from here, but keeps saying upload failed.
Wondering if they added some sort of stupid filter?

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She was amazing back in the day.

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Try open it with an editing software and save it with a different name

Thanks. It's fun to look back once in awhile.

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Hanoi Jane. Bad person

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i did rename it, but no dice. Bummer.

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Underrated Pam. My nigga.
I always thought Mrs. Crocodile Hunter kind of looked like her.

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>I always thought Mrs. Crocodile Hunter kind of looked like her.

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Maybe slightly change the resolution? I think that worked for me once

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Looks familiar.

Arlene Sax/Martel


Arlene Martel.

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Love her feet so much

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i'm to young to have a collection from these eras..

You missed by a whole decade

Tay looks like she could've been from back when..

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If only there was a machine in your house that let you find things that happened in the past.

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my nigga

I was going to add 80's but I didn't want the thread name to be a mile long.

fapped to her hundreds of times. Ahhh, memories


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not from then but, boobs...

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Heather Thomas was in a few 1970's TV series, so at least she counts. Check on imdb.

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Holy shit, those tits almost poked my eyes out right through a computer screen!

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Linda was so fine back in the day. Plus an amazing voice. So sad she can't sing anymore.

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damn she was hot

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Who is that beauty?

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I'll need another thread if I go down the vintage playmate path.

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how about some Catherine in colour?

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Best thread on b by far right now

From one Bach to another.

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both hot

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Fapped to this show.

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Emma Samms.

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i completely agree

The King's wife.

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gene tierney

let those puppies out

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Suzanne Pleshette

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I loved Phyllis when she wore short shorts

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Great thread.

I always thought Audrey Hepburn was an all time favorite smokeshow, but classic Raquel Welch...just dayuuum.

who is this?

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sexy sexy!

Jackel Lynn Smythe

Jaclyn Smith

She was really incredible.

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Good gawt, that hair. We in the 80's now.

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She was so hot and fun. Shame she smoked like a chimney.

She took it in the ass. A lot. #1 cause of rectal cancer in nonsmokers.

>This whole fucking thread...
>No Helen Mirren

god dammit Cred Forums why do you suck so much?

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I meant to post her then got side tracked.

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I'm watching Buck Rogers right now. It's so bad, but the women are so hot.

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Diamonds for me!

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i usually don’t fall to old celebs, feels weird
only ones ive don’t are the blonde from abba and Marilyn Monroe, pretty easy to see why

holy shit autocorrect
*fap to old celebs
*only ones I’ve done

Catherine Schell from Space:1999

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goof grief she was cute

after Audrey it has all been downhill

I'll bet you guys forgot this one

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Nancy Wilson

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How is that?

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aka Batgirl

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So cute

Jane Seymour was that too but got killed off after a few episodes.

back before these filthy kikes replaced beautiful European women with hiddious kikes and then even uglier mud monkeys to make the kikes look relatively good.

Jane played a reporter. Athena was the commander's daughter.

Don't you belong in Cred Forums

Imagine being like this and people having to put up with you on a daily basis.

I know, I'm just commenting since I posted a Jane Seymour picture a few posts earlier.

Ok, I thought you meant Jane played the same character.

Does Monica count?

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Thanks everyone. I'm home for a week after shoulder surgery, this was I nice break.

Yeah, good thread, long lasting for /b, nearly 7 hours.

hope you have a speedy recovery

Get well soon user