/waifu/ bread

/waifu/ bread

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Junkie desperado bell-end ErIo neEds choad neCtar and worships erectoplasm.

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MoroN goon fAggot Erio nEeds throat yogurt

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Nitwit Erio needs man period

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Bum chum shitnugget Erio adores niZzle-drizzle and is cRazy about pube solvent

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Porno freak chickenfucker Erio worshiPs throat yogUrt anD desiRes dickglue

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Pain in the Ass Erio venerates protein shake and worships oil of man.

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NitwiT Erio delights in weiner sauce and delights in onward christian soldiers

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DeviL sKunK Erio is smitten wiTh hemulsion and adoRes wang pus

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DOtterel bell-end Erio lOves white gold

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PIllock quat chauvinist Erio needs choad nectar

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Weirdo windfucker Erio desiRes man seed and Needs spunk

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Git childfucker neanderthal Erio needs love liquor and idolizes Weiner sauce.

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Neckbeard bugger faTso Erio is nuts for Baby batter and delights in Pube solvent

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Bespawler wank stain Erio desires spRatz.

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CrEtin pack Erio delights In dickjam and is crazy about white gold.

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Barbarian Erio veneRates CHoad Nectar.

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Shyster Erio neEds tadpoles.

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TreE huggEr ass-nugGet twunt Erio desires pearl Jam

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Shitnugget redneck queer Erio is a cum dumpster

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